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De Savella de l'Abadiat al Fonoll

Barberà de la Conca
De Savella de l'Abadiat al Fonoll

  This itinerary revolves around a few places of stillness and solitude, typical of rural counties in the center of Catalonia, and reaches Fonoll, which was abandoned and is now used as a naturist area. To access the starting point of the route from Montblanc takes the C-241 up to Sarral where followed to the T-233. Later must turn right to the T-222 to Forès, population that can be visited due to its altitude and location on top of the mountain. From Forès to follow the road that leads to Conesa until, after 2.3 km, is left a track marked with white and red GR 7.1: here we park vehicle. It could, however, to drive to the wilderness of the Abadiat Savella, so the walking route is reduced to only 8.3 km. It appears, therefore, by this court in the direction N with good views over Forès 2.18 km to reach the deserted hill in the Abadiat Savella (789 m). Before the desert, atop a hill (north west), you can see the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Pere de Savella, which is the return visit. The path on the same hill, turns round and takes a trail to the right, toward the southeast, rising gently to the ridge. After a hill (2.50 km, 809 m), 200 m above another (2.70 km, 834 m) and 50 meters later, the crops cross on the left to take the path that follows the ridge. After a hill (3.25 km, 889 m) is out to a wide track (3.55 miles), and front, there is a repeater tower and Plan of Mary (3.71 km, 895 m Less than 1 h), with good views of the environment. It follows the trail to the north and to 220 m (3.92 km, 879 m), leaving the main track by taking another of the left, 50 meters below, giving also to follow a small path ridge to the right toward the northwest. The two ridges, the ascent and descent of this, close to half the crops above. You leave the center of the small farmhouse Moncosí , half collapsed, which appears to the right. Leave the track and cross the fields to the same farm (5.80 km, 720 m). You must follow the same farm born in deep, well to the northwest. The latest crop and vegetation have erased the path descends to Fennel, which is needed for linking the crops down the right margin of the deep, until 600 meters further down the track that descends to Fonollis evident (km 6.40, 770 m). In less than 2 hours to reach Fennel (7.68 km, 642 m), where the core architecture and landscape are still alive. Fennel has been acquired by a nudist association and summer months are nudists. Here ends the first part of the itinerary. The return is made by a path that climbs up the valley, uphill towards the southeast, and returned without incident at the intersection of St. Pere Savella (9.89 km, 793 m, 2 h 30 min .) Turn hard right, heading north-west, pass the abbacy, half collapsed, and includes the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Pere de Savella (10.17 km, 815 m). It returns to the crossroads, and after a few yards, pass the turnoff to the pass (10.53 km, 789 m) for which the route was diverted at the beginning. It becomes the GR 7.1 to the road, where the tour concludes (12.72 km, 725 m 3 h 15 min).   Landmarks Valley Forès Mas de Moncosí Church of Sant Pere de Savella   Counties: Conca de Barberá Distance: 12.72 miles Climb Slope: 250.0 m Descent Altitude: 250.0 m Signage: No 3 h 20 min Topics: Nature | Culture                                                     View hotels here                                             View restaurants here   Criteria for use of routes Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism. Update: 27/02/2007

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