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The crane removed my car in Salou

What if the crane takes my car in Salou - 1

  • How Much will my fine cost?
  • Salou´s Crane removed my car. Where must I go to pick it up?
  • How much will the towing service cost?
If the local police in Salou has put a fine for leaving your car parked illegally you should know that you face a minimum penalty of 60 euros, although the final amount will depend on the offense, the findings of the agent, etc. But, if you pay the fine instantly, you will get a 50% off. This will be the first impact. But not all ends here.

First, call the local police in Salou to confirm that indeed, the crane has removed your car. The phone of the local police in Salou is 977 309 212. Having confirmed that the crane is in Salou´s Municipal Impound Vehicles Depot, start counting up.

If the crane has removed your car in Salou, start preparing 124 euros. But if your car is a van, or an SUV, the cost of the crane is 155 euros. Therefore, the sum will be a minimum of 184 euros to which you must add the cost of the taxi if you do not walk or can not find or do not know anyone willing to accompany you to the Impound vehicles Deposit of Salou, located near the municipal cemetery in an area away from the center.

Salou´s Vehicle Depot operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. To get to th Impound Vehicles Depot from Salou, take a path that starts at a roundabout at the Vial de Cavet, a road connecting the towns of Salou and Cambrils.
Once in the vehicles depot of Salou, you know you can pay the towing service in cash or by credit card.

Finally, remember that for each day your car stays there, in the Impound Vehicles Depot of Salou, after the first 24 hours, you will be charged an additional fee of 3.80 euros.

Parking fine in Salou: Approx, 60 euros (50% discount for early payment)
Cost of towing service in Salou: 124 euros
Depot (per day or fraction): 3.80 euros

Where is my car if the crane has removed it in Salou?
  • Phone Salou Local Police: 977 309 212
  • Salou´s Municipal Impound Vehicles Depot: Camí del Cementiri, s/n - 43840 Salou

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