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Salou, one of the happiest cities in Spain

Salou, the second happiest city in Catalonia (photo provided)

Salou. Costa Dorada. 26 March 2024.
Salou exudes happiness. And no, not only do we say it because we have the privilege of enjoying the city, its coasts and the activities that are organized in its streets throughout the year, but a study published on the International Day of Happiness affirms it. I'm sure you're left with a smile between your ears because you share this conclusion, yes!

And according to a study carried out by Azucarera and published by the consulting firm YouGov in November 2023, Salou is one of the happiest cities in Spain and takes second place in the Catalan ranking in terms of happiness. Isn't it great that your vacation destination is one of the happiest? This curious recognition was made public on March 20, coinciding with the International Day of Happiness established by the United Nations Assembly and coincides with the deployment of the “Salou always surprises” campaign. And we couldn't agree more!

Second happiest town in Catalonia

Salou has positioned itself as the second happiest destination in Catalonia, just behind Sitges and ahead of Cadaqués. Despite the differences between these three destinations, they all have that special something that makes them find fulfillment and promotes the well-being of their inhabitants and those who visit them. From a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, to the tranquility that is in the air, to quality local cuisine, without forgetting the fantastic natural landscapes that surround each of these three coastal towns.

Why Salou is a happy city

The survey of almost 1,100 adults from all over Spain was carried out in interview format, combining an open question with four closed questions. They asked participants to mention, regardless of whether they had been there or not, those towns and cities where they perceived people to be particularly happy.

According to the responses of those surveyed, Salou is a happy city thanks to factors such as its sunny climate, its fun festivals and activities, a natural environment that attracts attention, the warmth and cordiality of its people, a positive and happy philosophy of life, a top quality local gastronomy that delights the senses, the tranquility that is breathed in every corner of the city and a cultural heritage that transports you back in time.

In each of these categories to measure happiness, Salou has achieved the following percentages:
  • Privileged climatology: 50% of respondents
  • Parties and activities: 39%
  • Natural environment: 34%
  • Friendliness of its people: 30%
  • Life philosophy: 22%
  • Proximity and quality gastronomy: 21%
  • Tranquility: 18%
  • Cultural heritage: 17%
In summary, it is clear that Salou has earned a special place in the hearts of those who visit and live there, and we could not be more proud of this feeling of happiness of those who live and visit Salou.

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