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Tortosa create a new tourism product inspired by role games

Tortosa. Delta de l´Ebre. October 10th, 2012. present in the form of secret societies as some legends indicate. This is the theme of a new tourism product has been launched in the city of Tortosa consisting of a fantasy action game where the participants have to play a role and objectives assigned to the character . The initiative's talk of a relational active leisure tourism product that combines the discovery of the main elements of the historical interpretation of Tortosa and a role in a plot in which no shortage of mysteries, hoaxes, legends and betrayals. The Councillor for Tourism, Alfredo Ferré and company director Fanac, Alex Gordillo, presented this project to be launched this October. The activity lasts a full day and goes into the city's landmarks such as the castle of La Suda, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Area Santo Domingo. The action is set in the twenty-first century but the plot arises from the process of electing a new Grand Master of the Knights Templar, including the last heir of the legendary warrior monks. From this line of argument developed a series of plots, intrigues and conspiracies that have starring tourists participants, among other things, will discover the great hidden treasure of the Knights Templar. The promoter of this initiative, the company Fanac Alex Gordillo, said the number of participants in each session must be a minimum of 10 and maximum of 22. The game starts at 10.30 in the castle of La Suda, which explains the role that each person must interpret. They made a tour of the stages of the plot, are the monuments of the city, and ending the day at 19.30. The cost is 75 euros per person and includes breakfast and lunch. Gordillo said that participants will test their ability to put themselves in the shoes of a character, whose profile just barely met, and move in a city that is also unknown to many. The Councillor for Tourism, Alfredo Ferré, said the new tourism product is supported by the Tourism Promotion Plan Tortosa, funded by the City Council and the Department of Tourism of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and aims to create a comprehensive tourist experience it helps to live in historic and architectural heritage of the city in a different way by establishing an emotional connection between the city and the tourist. FanAc Team - Creative Experiences is responsible for developing this new offer diversified range of supply of the city, expanding it to new fields field linking leisure and tourism based on rich historical and cultural city.

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