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Start the Renaissance Festival of Tortosa

Start the Renaissance Festival of Tortosa

  Tortosa. Terres de l'Ebre. Start the Renaissance Festival of Tortosa, which this year celebrates its seventeenth edition loaded with cultural and overturning a city and set for the occasion. Until 22 July Tortosa live one of the most anticipated events in Terres de l'Ebre, festival that welcomes thousands of visitors every summer around the country and state. This iconic and traditional festival focuses on the downtown streets of the capital of Lower Ebro. One of the best weekends for exploring the south of Catalonia. The following is the opening speech of the Renaissance Festival by Mayor of Tortosa, Ferran Bel:   Our city already looks like it did five hundred years ago. The costumes, the streets, the colors and smells of the sixteenth century have taken Tortosa and have transformed into a party. During four intense days from today until Sunday, the city presents an image that dazzles you have not seen the never the same and that continues to surprise Tortosa. Market period, nearly 200 stations, five camps to set the city and bring us closer to the everyday life of the moment, eleven taverns on the route of the shad, restaurants with recipes created specifically to evoke the meals of the sixteenth century, or the hundreds people today, like last year and others have been re-dress period, ... All these people are the Renaissance Festival. I want this parliament began giving thanks. Because if the party Renaissance is now recognized everywhere as one of the best parties historical recreation is all thanks to the contributions of each of these citizens, who have been working for many months and giving their best themselves. The City of Tortosa has redoubled efforts to make a great Festival Renaissance. Some effort essentially human, because at times supply current plays with imagination and hard work, not everything we can do with money. I reiterate my thanks to the work and dedication of hundreds of people that make the festival every year is bigger and powerful. How large is this year's festival? On the street, I have seen coming head here. Many people dressed in traditional costume, decorated streets and houses, taverns desks and crowded. In the art section, more than 60 daily shows at street with over 500 actors, four areas of production capacity in limited, and a balanced presence of companies in the territory of other different European countries. The historical rigor is one of the most unique features of this festival. A rigor found in the changing rooms and also in the recipes of restaurants, or the Renaissance pastry bakeries that offer the city. Also in the camps, taverns and markets in time. These are the credentials of a party rooted in Tortosa and Catalonia and with a growing international presence. The quality seals collected in recent years and its membership in Euro XVI, representing the cities of the continent with the most important festival of historical re-enactment, guarantee the level of the Renaissance Festival Tortosa. The City of Tortosa has prepared a new edition of the Festival Renaissance maintaining the intensity and quality of the program and recovering spaces of the historic center as backdrops for new shows. This square apse, we recovered two years after its renovation, and now the renovated facades here before, where we The fourth general area festivals. Recover this year as a stage for one of the party shows a renewed place of St. John street and landing, which I invite you to visit. From the City continue renew our commitment to the historic city center. If someone had the old town of Tortosa was four years ago and had not returned so far, discovered that the change would be very noticeable. No I will now review all streets and squares that have developed. I invite you to stroll these days and to rediscover them. And also to admire the facades of many buildings owners have decided to rehabilitate, also supported by the City Council and Government. We are in the final stages of implementing the Comprehensive Plan of the Town Ancient Tortosa. The neighborhood center, Santa Clara and Raker have improved much urban level. However, it was still to be done. This year the festival has an important complement to promotion. ONCE has devoted the next coupon this week at the Festival Renaissance 5 million coupons distributed throughout the state with the image of our Party. I want to thank the ONCE this collaboration, especially at Mr. Xavier Grau, territorial delegate of ONCE in Catalonia, reguerenc, dialects, we have invited to inaugurate Boards Lo Street. I refer to a time preacher of the seventeenth Renaissance Festival. José Martí is a journalist and Secretary of Government Communications Government. But it is also a lover of the Renaissance Festival, because he has seen and lived with intensity in previous years. Joseph is the Cala and has a very special relationship with our city and our party since the first editions. From here I want to thank you for having accepted the Our invitation to pronounce today the opening of the festival. Before concluding, I would devote some gratitude to those who a year made possible the Renaissance Festival. People and organizations that make the shows production. Because have formed during these seventeen years, have shaped the party and now are a school of reference, which produce quality shows just exporting to other historical re-enactment events in Spain and Europe. My appreciation to Councillor Festival and the Festival of Attorney Renaissance, Dominic Thomas, because he has established a team that make the festival even better. My thanks also to the association of restaurants and Plate Glass, the merchants of the city removed the stops on the street. Thanks to the Head of Events, Cristina Gilabert, and people team: Oriol, Rosa Maria and Rocio. Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, the Mall Group, to the Old Town Merchants Association, for their collaboration. Also neighborhood associations in the center-Old Town, Santa Clara, and Trace Eddies. My appreciation to all groups and organizations in popular culture, for his constant involvement with all the festive activities of Tortosa, and especially with the Renaissance Festival. Also a recognition for volunteer organizations and associations large part to the festival. Thanks to institutions like the Government, Provincial, IDECE, companies Public and private sponsors who have made the effort to collaborate with Party. Special thanks to all members of the organizing committee and the advisory committee. And recognition of the festival the previous solicitors: Cardús Ramon Ismael Roldan, Jorge Bonilla and George Folqué. And, above all Tortosa and Tortosa, because these years have made you the Renaissance Festival. And thanks to you that each day will be greater. Good Renaissance Festival! Viva Vegueria Tortosa!

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