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My experience: Da Igual is not just a name

My experience: Da Igual is not just a name

  You who read these lines and I do not know. Or, who knows. Today I want to tell you something ... It's Saturday May 19th, half past seven o'clock, Reus Olympic Hall, Da same concert ... but today is not any concert or for me or for this city. Solidarity and latent feelings this place where I am. Because today the group that won my private feelings hidden and becomes large at the hands of a great cause. I stand before this great hall with Paula, a future promise of photography. After getting and reacquaint myself with my 'mentor', Nuria, a woman from head to toe and with an art and unquestionable talent and I can mention the rest ... Do you know? Yes, I mean you are reading. I think one day will be very emotional and intense. Everything has changed a lot. It is likely that nothing is as usual, at first, five years ago. Less minimalist larger. But not only in infrastructure. Also at heart. I look behind the fence. Eyes. Bright Eyes. Eyes of hope. Transparent hope. And now I look at them all. The fans, the fans. They remind me of me years ago. I can not stop staring and smiling. I wish I could say, Hey! I felt the same as you! How great would be to explain and you understood everything that happened to me later! What I evolved as a person. What I contributed this group. What I came to learn about life. The force provided me. It made me brave. Would be immense and eternal power convey everything.Although the truth I'm content knowing that eventually succeed feel what I feel now, and in a few years will find an SLR around his neck like watching others with the same eyes that I are fraternal to me, and shall be kept in the heart of the immensity that is seen in other sparkling eyes what I felt in the past. I was one of them. One of these girls that radiate happiness. A girl with passion for life.While all these were states that did not know how I felt. I discovered when a group called Da Same modest touched my life. Then everything changed. They were born in my feelings, ways of looking at life that I thought I could never experience. Very similar to what they squander their eyes. So I can not avoid the nostalgia of years gone by permeates my body and my soul tonight. Amid the smoke and chords I'm lost. And the feeling starts again. This strange but satisfying feeling ... sends me to that parallel universe, though difficult to find. Of my childhood. The rebirth of someone who makes itself felt every minute with maximum intensity. Sarah, an old but faithful friend who has always been music right now, is not. I miss his presence. Their laughter of complicity on the loves that were and will not return. Breaks, tears, screams singing along, the supporting of dissipating energy and loyalty. And while my head is immersed in billions of contrasts, I direct my feelings to mentally translate them into words and explain every moment, every moment, every flight elevation in the sky tonight. Suddenly I see something coming to me through the heart soul. Your eyes are covered with a subtle but overwhelming shock. Si. You taught me to dream, you're feeling your dream. I am very proud of you. I can not help move me from a great smile. It's so pure feeling. I wish you would ... Listen. Look. Feel. Take the Lead. I did. I was wrong. Like Da taught me to be fighting for the dreams. And because of that I learned that a paper need not ever show you how you must feel. What matters is not just knowing what you want to be.What prevails in the abyss of time is to feel how you want to be. Feel, to be. 'Because what matters is not the name.' Today in them, is born a great stage. A great way to not care. A big, blue sky to fly free for many years. Because this is the beginning of a great story. The story without a name, which was many things ... 'The love of art. Heat the commitment and the value of dreams. Believe in magic. And if you put your mind if your wings increases with love ... you can fly ... yeah. Across the sky. ' Yesterday, today and forever.

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