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Travessa de la serra Major de Montsant

Travessa de la serra Major de Montsant

 Extensive circular route in the Natural Park of Sierra de Montsant, which runs for two municipalities: Cornudella and Morera de Montsant. It combines the contemplation of a single church, St. John Codolar with exceptional landscapes of mountains as the plane level and the Big Rock Corbatera, its roof. The output is Cornudella Montsant, next to the wine cellar. To get there, to be located at kilometer 45 of the C-242, between the saddlebag and Albarca (via that connects both the N-420 at the Borges del Camp, Reus and between Falset). Once Cornudella must be located in the extreme S of the village, opposite the turning of the TV-7021-carried-La Morera de Montsant, where the winery. Next door is a parking area, a playground and tourist office. 0.00 km (518 m). Take the C-242 (Compte de Rius) right (NE) through the village. Opposite the church, we turn left (N) for street Abeuradors, pass the Plaza de San Joan and go right (NE) Cross the street. Continue straight (N / NE) down the street from the balcony, leaving the village along a track that leads to the cemetery and St. Joan Codolar. 4.05 km (744 m). St. Joan Codolar. It passes between the Hermitage and the rocks to take a road signposted as GR 174 (red and white paint marks), following the elevation to 800 NE Albarca. 7.51 km (795 m). The Collet Roig , 200 meters Albarca, breaking the track on the left (NW) toward Santa Magdalena de Ulldemolins. After 400 m (7.87 km, 794 m) are twists to the left (OS) for a track that goes very strongly towards the plane of the Grau Gran. 10.14 km (1034 m). Once a Grau de Montsant, left to right (NO) track that leads to the hermitage of the Virgen de Montsant and the toll and take the egg indicated that the path to the left (O), back to the Rock Corbatera. Must pay attention to the way that, in finding a small rock wall, forks (10.33 km, 1051 m). Follow the right (O) tracing the rock wall to find a passage where, taking off a little, the wall is exceeded. Must carry the bike in tow for a while. 10.81 km (1131 m). Situated beneath the Roca Corbatera, ascend the path marked in blue are NOT directed towards the summit. 10.95 km (1163 m). Top of the Roca Corbatera. With 1163 meters, the Roca Corbatera is the highest peak of the Natural Park of Sierra de Montsant. From the top, it  goes (OS) for virtually all the spine of the Sierra de Montsant. Take a road signposted as GR 174-1 down to the ridge in SW. Although it is quite plain, we must move with caution, because the soil is very rocky. Leave branches that deviate from the ridge. 15.14 km (1128 m). Leave the GR, which descends to the right (N). Somewhat later, leaving the left (E) the degree of grallers path that descends to the Morera de Montsant. 17.38 km (1109 m). Senyalets the pile. It continues carenejant (OS) then going to a hill where the pine Cugat. 19.42 km (1050 m). It runs along the Cogulla (1063 m). The road begins to descend at noon (SO) and worse. It passes through the gate Pont d el´Espera  (19.83 km, 1023 m) and take the detour to the right (O). 180 m further, again followed by right (SW) to pass little indicated. Continue to the left (OS) for a little road that follows a set back with white signs indicated. 22.03 km (914 m). Pla d´Argelaguer, the road widens. Is low (O / OS) finding sections which coincides with the stream, but dry rocky. 23.75 km (737 m). It leaves a wide track of the Eretria Espanyol. It falls to the left (SE) sharp rise in left to right (SW) Cabacés path. 23.95 km (766 m). Branching. Leave the track and down a trail on the right (E / SE). It crosses a stream by a bend and take a track that goes strong to the other side. Once a detour, pending when you lose, you must turn right (SW) along a stretch of track that immediately tightens and becomes a trail that goes between the vegetation. As Cash's degree, and stretches quite technical descent, will be on the track of Scala. 25.78 km (645 m). Camí dels Cartoixans, marked as GR 171 flat. Take left (NE) to lead to a clue. 26.90 km (617 m). Track of Scaladei. Should take the left (NE), straight, following the signs GR. 27.64 km (585 m). It passes near the Masia Forcano (O). 31.49 km (620 m). In turn right (S), giving up and it takes another which amounts to the left (NE). 31.91 km (619 m). Access to a small flat, with vineyards. You leave a trail to the left (NE), and crossing the stream, follow the trail that begins a steep ascent (E / NE). Continue along the main trail to the east forever. 34.09 km (670 m). Shortly before arriving in La Morera de Montsant, giving the track and follow the directions GR taking a path that plan right (NE and then SE). Later (34.67 km, 689 m) after a stretch of cobbled climb, it continues to the E to a paved track that goes strong. 34.98 km (730 m). It appears in the TV-7021, which connects Scaladei with La Morera de Montsant. Take it to the left (NE) in the direction of La Morera, a town that borders the right to recover the same road. 35.66 km (730 m). TV-7021 Road. Now take the right in the same sense of motion (NE), leaving behind La Morera de Montsant, down to Cornudella de Montsant, before the wine cellar, and end point of distance (km 43.49 , 518 m). Landmarks Natural Park Sierra de Montsant L´Ereta de l´ Espanyol The Cogulla Piló dels Senyalets Roca Corbatera Region: Priorat Distance: 43.49 miles Gradient Ascent: 1180.0 m Descent Altitude: 1180.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 6 hours Topics: Sport | Nature | Culture Types: mountain bike hikes     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 21/12/2009

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