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From Piles to Rocafort deQueralt

Barberà de la Conca
From Piles to Rocafort deQueralt

 The chosen route goes through a transition zone between the Lower Basin Segarra and strict, but obviously can be done also in the opposite direction to that followed here. We visit the towns of Batteries Gaia, Rocafort de Queralt Guialmons and small towns, and Vallverd Biure of Gaia. The change of scenery that is experienced on this route clearly shows the physical differences between the two areas. On the one hand, the grain fields in the municipality of Batteries Gaia (an early-producing region) and, secondly, the vines of the terms and Sarral Rocafort de Queralt. Another distinguishing feature is that the waters of the ditches and streams out of Batteries Gaia goes to Biure stream, which joins Pontils Gaia, while Vallverd River, a tributary of Anguera, collects water Rocafort Vallverd and Montbrió. Interestingly, the stream and river Biure Vallverd born a short distance from each other, but different slopes of the Sierra Comaverd. In the Stacks Gaià get from Montblanc taking the C-241d from the C-14 in NE to Santa Coloma de Queralt. 0 km. The Batteries Gaia The municipality of Batteries Gaia has four aggregates inside. San Gallard Figuerola and are far from the trail today, but will visit three towns in a medieval atmosphere that marked some buildings preserved Romanesque style. Like most of the people of Lower Segarra Gaià piles formed in the shelter of the castle, which still remains a much modified over the centuries. Are two religious buildings: the church of Santa Eugenia, near the town and the church dedicated to St. Martin, which is neoclassical. Currently, the Battery has a budding tourism. A farmhouse and a holiday camp have made it one of the populations of the region that has known better understand and adapt to current needs of tourists. To continue the tour, take the C-241d to Santa Coloma de Queralt (NE) and turn right (SE) for a road to Guialmons. 5 km. Guialmons Guialmons (aka Guimons) is located on the eastern side of the C-241d. Shortly before the turn that leads to the village, there is a trail to the right (SE) in good condition which must be picked later. First, though, be good to take the following entry, which will enter the small village. It is a beautiful town with very well preserved medieval houses dominated by the Romanesque church of Santa Maria. Take the track heading above S and linked to the main track, which is what communicates with Pontils Batteries Gaia, who will leave soon to go off by following the right (O) carried Biure of Gaia. 19.5 km. Biure of Gaia Biure of Gaia is noted for its castle, one of the most beautiful in the whole region, although it has undergone many changes and reforms that have lost their old image by transforming it almost a palace. The Baroque church of St. John the Baptist is dated in 1782 and has a Maltese cross at the sheep gate. Nearby, there is a boundary cross-century XV ornamented on top. From Biure of Gaia, take the west path is not as good as the track used previously. During this stage, be passed in the Lower Basin Segarra strict. On the left is the chapel of St. Michael will Montclar, which belongs to Pontils term, although the inhabitants of those who have more Biure devotion. To reach Vallverd, crossed the TV-2015 Vallespinosa that connects with the C-241d. Should be made to asphalt a few feet to the right and take a trail that goes left (or) to take Vallverd Queralt. 23.5 km. Vallverd Queralt It is a district of Sarral Montclar glued to the mountains where cereals are grown even though it belonged in the river basin Francolí. After 4 miles or more to the track, come again on the tarmac and in the direction S is entered in Montbrió Brand. 30 km. Montbrió Brand This is the only town in the county that bears witness to his name a time when these lands are disputing the Christians and Muslims. Montbrió also belongs to the municipality of Sarral. There is the baroque church dedicated to San Lorenzo and additional deposits for the period starting in Epipalaeolithic Surrounded source. From this population, take the road west to the 2333 TV-C-241d, to the right (NE) leads to the end of the trail today. 37 km. Rocafort de Queralt The journey ends in one of the most famous villages of Conca de Barbera. It is thanks to its spectacular wine cellar designed by the architect Cèsar Martinell. The winery, modernist style, has three ships that were built during the years 1918, 1932 and 1947. They produce wines and champagnes. Rocafort de Queralt A, you can also see the remains of the castle, although the changes that have been left in a pretty sorry state. The original dating dating XI and belonged to the barons of Roquefort. The church, dedicated to San Salvador, was built in 1798 and late Baroque style. End of itinerary. Landmarks Montbrió Brand Vallverd Surrounded at the source sites Epipalaeolithic Church of San Lorenzo Montbrió Brand Castle piles Gaià Cross out Church of St. John Baptist de Gaia Biure Biure of Gaia Church of Santa Maria Guialmons Medieval Guialmons Guialmons Church of St. Martin of Gaia Ermita de Santa Eugenia Counties: Conca de Barberá Distance: 37.0 miles Signage: Yes Duration: 24 hours Topics: Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 15/04/2010

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