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Olive fields and masias in Ametlla de Mar

Olive fields and masias in Ametlla de Mar

 The landscape around Ametlla de Mar is fully mediterranean, with its extensive olive groves in the interior and the sea to the east. Many traditional houses and decorating humanize this rural route. Leave the streets of the Hispano-Italian Friendship Ametlla de Mar. You can get there by train take the RENFE line-Tortosa and Tarragona by car via the AP-7 motorway (exit 39) or N-340 road mileage to the point 1113.5, which must be broken by TV-3025. The road enters the village by a bridge over the railway and highway. On the other hand, you are on the streets of the Hispano-Italian Friendship, where the tourist office, a parking area and the RENFE station. 0.00 km (20 m). The starting point for the TV-3025, a bridge that crosses the railway and highway. Once across, you come to a roundabout with a petrol station, which is to take along a paved path just right (E) that down a bit, and continues to be placed parallel to the highway (NE). 0.93 km (25 m). After leaving a detour to the left, making a curve that goes under the highway, and a small rise, it also takes another left (NO). After two corners, leaving a wide path to the right and follow the paved path along olive groves ignoring the deviations they access. 2.23 km (44 m). N-340. Follow it to the left toward OS paying attention strength, which is very busy and fast traffic. 2.79 km (47 m). Leave the road and turn right (N) to a paved path that, within a few feet, forks. Take the turnoff to the right toward N. 4.76 km (65 m). It goes to another paved path in front of farmhouse cheese, take it to the left (NOT). 7.45 km (103 m). It flows into the TV-3025. Follow it to the right (NO) to N-340a. 8.35 km (112 m). N-340a. Take right (NE). 8.92 km (126 m). Before you start down at the height of the house Plater, who is to the left of the road, turn left (NW) for a track leaving the house to the right. 10.69 km (169 m). At two farms, located in front of a tower high voltage needed to turn left (O / OS). In a large agave left to right, the trail forks: they read off by the left (OS). 12.40 km (130 m). After crossing the ravine to the lake goes back a bit and access to a wide track, which must be crossed to continue in the same direction OS. 13.87 km (113 m). It leaves a wide track, which continues to the right (NO). Immediately following break by turning on the left towards resuming the entire OS. 14.69 km (121 m). It leads to a paved path that takes the left (S). 16.06 km (117 m). Leave the road and take a track on the right (O), which then forks: we must continue by turning on the left (OS). 17.08 km (116 m). It joins a wider track. Crossed it, leaving a deviation on either side, and still continue in the same sense of motion (OS). In less than 1 km, the track is placed parallel to the N-340. 19.15 km (137 m). Industrial outskirtsof  Perelló. Continue to the right (E) bordering it to the extreme SW. It goes down to the creek for a street. You can see an old water trough. Must turn left (E) by an asphalted road that goes through a tunnel under the road N-340. 19.85 km (121 m). Once on the other side, a closed turn right (SW) taking a detour that rises to the level of the N-340. It runs along an access road and turn left (SE) for a paved road that climbs the Torre dels Moros. We will continue the journey, leaving each side paths that access to farmland. 26.07 km (22 m). At the height of the AP-7, it falls to the left (NE) and 100 meters further, take a paved path that descends to the left (NE) passing through tunnels under Highway and railway. 26.57 km (3 m). On the other side of the tunnel, crossing a trail and follows the course of Santes Creus canyon (SE). Soon enter the Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Head ceremonies. On the left you can see the lagoon. 27.16 km (2 m). Beach ceremonies. We must continue a path to the left (NE) along the coast over estimballs. 27.90 km (6 m). After Port Olivet reach the beach of the same name. You leave a trail to the left (O) and it takes another right (NE) that follows the coast. Access to a housing estate, which borders a small entrance to the sea. It goes on and is a fork. 28.96 km (3 m). Branching. It takes off on the right (NE), leaving trace the coastline. At the next junction, follow the street on the left (NE). Later, they returned to retrieve the coastline and enters the Sea of ​​Almond. Advancing along the coast, passing the port and reach the promenade. Must turn left (NW) Batlle Pijoan street, which leads to the end of the Hispano-Italian Friendship, start and end of the trail (32.07 km, 20 m). Landmarks Farmhouses Termes Mas del Plata Tower of Moros Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Cap de Santes Creus Counties: Baix Ebre Distance: 32.07 miles Climb Slope: 310.0 m Descent Altitude: 310.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 2 h 30 min Topics: Sports | Nature     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 21/12/2009

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