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From l'Arboç to El Vendrell

Banyeres del Penedès
From l'Arboç to El Vendrell

 The tour runs through the interior of the Baix Penedès through a countryside where fields of vineyards, almond, carob and olive trees dominate the landscape. Besides the interesting visits to the villages of Arboç and Vendrell, it will discover the Romanesque church of Santa Maria del Priorat and the charming village of Santa Oliva, dominated by its magnificent castle. The itinerary begins in Arboç. To get there from Vendrell, the regional capital, take the N-240 road towards Barcelona and, at the height of the town, turn off the TP-2124 and enter into the O- There. The starting point is beside the Giralda. 0.00 km (160 m). From the side of the Giralda Arboç off the access road TP-2124, it rises toward the village, turn left (S), then right and enter the old crossing at Main Street SW. They are the white and red of the GR 92, which will continue uninterrupted until the turnoff to Santa Oliva. You leave the Rambla, which crosses and continue going straight across the street Hospital. Since the expansion of Arboç, crossing St. George's Avenue (roundabout) and continue on the other hand, Priory Avenue, to the west. You leave the village (round), and right (NO), the railway crosses over the road along the rpoad Santa Maria del Priorat, which dropped immediately (then again here). 1.30 km (134 m). Junction signposted. It falls to the left (OS) on a path that goes to the fields following the GR. 1.92 km (131 m). Leave a deviation to the right leading to Santa Maria del Priorat, which will be used later to return, to go see this Romanesque church. Continue straight (W) following signs of GR. 2.64 km (128 m). Crossing the road at cami Bellvei Penedès. It continues straight, head west, following signs GR turnoffs leaving secondary side. 3.91 km (132 m). Branching signposted. Turn left (S) in direction to El Vendrell and leave the path where you came, you go straight to Santa Oliva, go where the GR 92 (the return will be here). It gently lowers left side turnouts on each side. 4.60 km (99 m). Crossing the road in Santa Oliva, the return will be used to go to this village. Continue straight (E) crosses the road Bellvei Santa Oliva (5.19 km, 92 m) and the track falls into the OS run parallel to the line of high-speed rail, which is the left (E) of the route. Reached the outskirts of El Vendrell and empties into the path of Bovera. The track makes a zigzag left-right and close to the railway line. Continue to the OS and enter the industrial estate across from the mill in a mountain stream. 7.11 km (64 m). It crosses the stream and baths on the outskirts of El Vendrell, continue along Calle de la Conca de Barbera. Straight into the OS, it comes in a roundabout road of Santa Oliva (the TP-2125). It falls to the left, paying special attention to traffic, and follow the road into the interior of Vendrell (OS). It crosses the high-speed rail line below, the C-51 is crossed by a large roundabout, and always on the road in Santa Oliva, come to the square of the Hospital of San Salvador, which is the right of way. 8.80 km (56 m). El Vendrell. Square Hospital San Salvador. Landmark for once visited the city, take the road back. Retracing the same path is returned to the deviation from the path of Arboç Santa Oliva. 12.98 km (99 m). Crossing the road to Santa Oliva. Now turn left (O). Entry to Santa Oliva left to right (N) the municipal sports complex. Is taken straight to the NO, the Father Joseph Mary Jane Street, pass the Plaza de Catalonia and onto the street Torres i Bages, which falls to the left (S) to the square. To the right, taking the Castle Street, is the castle of Santa Oliva. 14.64 km (96 m). Castillo de Santa Oliva or the Virgin of Remedis, a magnificent plant. It gets back to the square tomb and the street Torres i Bages, now go straight up (N) to the village, where you turn right (E) of the coll (they find the GR 92 signals, which will continue until the turnoff of Santa Maria del Priorat). At the end of the street is the tomb N Flix, and then right (E) for the Future, since the end of the village. It continues along the path of Collar in NE and E after leaving several detours to the left and right always following the GR 92. You reach the junction where the leg has twisted in the direction towards the S Vendrell (16.53 km, 132 m). Continue along the path of return (NE) to the Arboç off to Santa Maria. 18.46 km (131 m). Deviation in Santa Maria del Priorat. Leave the known path and turn left (NW) for a track, always following the same direction, enters the middle of farmland and vineyards to hit the road in the Arboç Santa Maria, which crosses a straight line. In front, there is the church, adjoining the parish cemetery. 19.56 km (155 m). Santa Maria del Priorat, Romanesque church. Originally had a nave. Later there is added another with an apse. Inside, there is a stone sarcophagus built in different styles, from pre-Roman to Gothic. Are interesting in stone masonry and floor tiles. The chapel is the latest example of the former Benedictine priory situated in this area. It returns to the road. Now follow the paved road to the E towards the Arboç. Leave the deviation of the GR 92, which is now on the right, crossing the railway line and entered the village follow the road round in the opposite direction. 21.92 km (160 m). The strawberry tree, beside the Giralda. End of tour. Vendrell is its fabulous cuisine and restaurants and the cultural and architectural, with museums like the Villa Casals Pau Casals Museum, the beach of San Salvador, the native house of Pau Casals, the street Santa Anna, where is the House Museum Photograph, Ten Museum, which houses an important collection of art and the Museum of Appeals Fenosa. In Arboç be seen playing the Giralda in Seville, built in the early s. XX, which houses a replica of the Patio de los Leones and the Hall of Ambassadors of the Alhambra in Granada. The High Street and Town Square meet other architectural attractions of the town: the church of St. Julian, the paintings of the Gothic chapel of Sorrows, the rectory, the house of the village, the ancestral home of Abbot Escarré, with facades of modernist style and framed by the square Arbocenc Archive, Palace Gener Batet and the Hospital of San Antonio Abad. Landmarks Native home of Pau Casals Museum Apel.les Fenosa Museum de Deu House Museum Pau Casals House Museum of Photography Church of St. Julian La Giralda Counties: Baix Penedès Distance: 21.92 miles Climb Slope: 165.0 m Descent Altitude: 165.0 m Signage: Yes Duration: 2 hours Topics: Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 30/09/2010

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