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The Delta de l'Ebre

The Delta de lŽEbre

 Long, but smooth bike trail by the right arm of the Ebro´s Delta, a unique space within the Natural Park of the Ebro´s Delta, where there is the possibility to observe the wildlife of wetlands and rice fields. Covering an area of ​​320 km2, the Ebro Delta is the largest wetland area in the Catalan Countries and one of the most important aquatic habitats in the western Mediterranean. In 1983, part of the area was declared a nature reserve by the Generalitat of Catalonia. The large delta is divided into two almost symmetrical fragments including the river runs. The northern half is part of the Baix Ebre, in the southern Montsià. The route is proposed to find out the right margin. It is advisable to bring binoculars and bird teleobjectius to cover during the tour. The starting point is the village of Sant Jaume d'Enveja. It is reached by road from a 3403 TV-turnoff (TV-3405) that appears in the E C-12 between Tortosa and Amposta. At the entrance of St. James, we turn right to the TV-3404 and crossed the channel of the Right of the Ebro. The vehicle parked next to St Jaume Primary School. 0.00 km (2 m). From the entrance of the school, come out to the S road ahead, and it falls off the first left along a track toward the east. This leads to another track (0.72 miles, 2m), which continues to the left (NE) until you reach the service road on the right bank of the canal. Continue along the channel toward E. 2.19 km (3 m). Bridge of the Barcelonì. Crossing. Turn right (E) and follow the path to Santiago de Muntells Envy turnoffs left side to right and left. 6.00 km (1 m). Muntells access, which contains some traditional huts in the area. You can see also the system of parcelling the delta characterized by dispersion and the presence of private gardens (called ATMs). It flows into the main street and falls to the left (E). Cross the village and leave by way of Eucalyptus, asphalt. 3 miles and a half later, turn right (S) and enter the Eucalyptus. 9.52 km (1 m). Construction of Eucalyptus. It goes down to the beach until noon of the same name. Enters within the limits of the Natural Park of Delta del Ebro (9.70 km, 1 m). It falls to the right (SO) following brands of bearing in the direction Trabucador. Skirting the edge of the beach with the sea on the left, passed along the Mediterranean Blue camp. Beyond (12.43 km, 0 m), crosses a stream that flows into the sea. Continue to the SOUND. 14.40 miles (0 m). It is left to the right that leads to the paved road and Muntells TV-3405, where it will later. It continues into the OS and enter the Trabucador, a long narrow strip of land close Alfacs by way of an S and ends widening isthmus forming a peninsula: the Banya. 20.60 miles (0 m). Las Salinas Viejas. Here begins the Natural Reserve of Banya, with restricted access. Must get off the bike. A little further, there is an observation deck. He turns back to the previous deviation. 26.80 km (1 m). Deviation to the left to a paved path that leads to NO. Follow it to the campground closed (29.70 km, 0 m). It falls to the right (N) until it ends at the track that surrounds the lake closed. 30.42 km (2 m). The Tancada. Natural Reserve. Turn right (E) along a stretch of the route indicated on Locked. 300 meters further, it veers north, left, leaving the path closed. It follows the track and the first branch, it falls to the right (NE, 31.00 km, 0 m). midst of extensive rice fields. It leads to a wide track, which continues to the left (NW) until you take the first turning on the right (NE). 32.10 miles (0 m). Branching. It falls to the right (NE), pass along the Mas de la Mota and empties into the TV-3405 (33.52 km, 2 min), which continues to the left (NOT). 34.72 km (2 m). Branching. Continue to the right (NE) by road from Santiago to Envy (TV-3404), no longer leaves to return to the starting point of the itinerary. 37.43 km (2 m). CEIP Sant Jaume d'Envy, starting point and end of the trail. Another option is to get to the Cava Deltebre people belonging to the municipality, either by way of boat from the pier of St. James of Envy (to 1.30 km) or the new bridge. In the cellar there is the Eco Park and the information office of the park. Landmarks Salinas Viejas The rice lands Mirador de la Punta de la Banya The Montsià after Delta Punta de la Banya The Alfacs and Banya The Muntells Right channel of the Ebro Region: Montsant Distance: 37.43 miles Gradient Ascent: 10.0 m Gradient Descent: 10.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 2 h 45 min Topics: Sports | Nature Types: Landscape Heritage     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 30/09/2010

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