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From Arboli to the sanctuary of Puigcerver

From Arboli to the sanctuary of Puigcerver

 Route to the mountains bordering the Baix Camp and Priorat to find out the heading Arbolí River and enjoy extensive views over the surrounding area. From Arbolí is down to the bottom of the valley crisscrossed by the eponymous river. Among woods and fields, across the coll d´Alforja to reach the sanctuary within the limits of the municipality of saddlebag. Different points of the route are good vantage points of the region: they contemplate the picturesque village of Siurana and its reservoir, and the sawing of the coll, and shady valley saddlebag. In return, which follows the route of the GR 7, marked with white and red down the stretch of road from Arbolí to Cornudella to the bottom of the valley is difficult and may require Lose cycling at various points (however, can be avoided using the same route that runs between the back corner of the mill and the road to a track completely ciclable). To reach Arbolí from Reus, take the N-420 towards Falset breaks right (NOT) the C-242 at the Borges del Camp, crossing the town and s' access pass saddlebag of where taken, also in the right direction and N, TV-7012, which takes you directly there. The starting point is the parking area there Arbolí at the entrance, alongside the abundant source of the village. 0.00 km (712 m). Font de la Villa . Cross the village to the west by Major Street leaving City Hall to the left. At the exit, continue towards the road or Arbolí, Cornudella Montsant. On the right (N) is seen sawing of the Collar. 1.06 km (676 m). Branching. Leave the road and take a turning left signposted as GR 7, which falls into the OS. 100 meters later, leaving a turn left (SE). It continues down the track and do a little lacing is left down a turning on the left leading to a farmhouse nearby. Ends the track and continue down the path of coarse strongly in the right direction, leaving the OS Maset Tafonell and the way of accessing. Beyond, are the Roques de Bardina. The path the hill losing altitude. Follow the GR. Already down, leaving a deviation to the left (1.77 km, 546 m) and continue straight (NO), it leads to a trail. 1.92 km (529 m). Tip of the Valley Trail, linking numerous mills river Arbolí the Priorat and Baix Camp. It follows the right (NOT) the main track. 2.53 km (479 m). Moli del racó. Fountain left under way. Leave the building to the right and come out to a fork: you must turn left (S) and cross the river by a bridge Arbolí. Then return here. It falls into the OS and climb to the main track by twisted to gain height with comfort. Leave two deviations to the right, crosses the torrent of the Cold Source for a bridge, a smaller second stream is another fork. 4.32 km (525 m). Branching. To the left goes GR 7 (later to return here) must now go straight to the NE by the court plainly that runs through the forest. 200 meters further, the track turns south. Leave a detour to the right and goes back to the neck saddlebag. Is crossing a barrier and come out on the road. 4.84 km (552 m). C-242: take it to the left (S). Ascend to the Coll d´Alforja (6.60 km, 632 m). 150 m before, has left the deviation to the left where the trail climbs GR 7 and then will be used again. Leave the road and take a trail on the right (signposted GR 7) makes a zigzag and heads for leaving an S turn right. Continue along the main runway following the GR 7 and enjoying good views of the mountains and the valley Mollo saddlebag side leaving several turnoffs on both sides, including the paths back of the neck of saddlebag Cortiella , one of which is marked as a PR C-88. 13.08 km (762 m). Off access to the sanctuary of Puigcerver. Leave the main trail and climb to the right (NO). Reached, so the Lady of the Snows of Puigcerver or Puigcerver (13.31 km, 780 m). Magnificent views of the area. The current building dating from Century, but has been renovated several times. Disposes the way to the coll d´Alforja. 19.98 km (632 m). Coll d´Alforja. It falls to the left (NO) is 150 meters lower during the C-242 and taken to the right (NO), the old road from Cornudella Montsant, Priorat, belonging to the Reus- Baix Camp, marked as GR 7 (signpost). It follows a string and crossing to the west by descending into a thick wood. At 20.84 miles (575 m) in a place very wet and lush track, surrounded by large oaks, crosses a torrent and turn right (NW): one is beside the plentiful Font Freda which is the right side, next to a sunken pool in the stream. Continue down. Later, the path becomes narrower and worse. 21.37 km (526 m). It flows into the diversion of the track from the first leg, now takes on the right (SE) on down. 23.07 km (475 m). Having crossed the river Arbolí is to be rediscovered a deviation. Now it falls to the left (O), leaving the mill and signaling GR 7 right (E). 400 meters further, the track turns north, leaving a deviation to the right and ascend by large bows toward the road leaving Arbolí Cornudella above (24.63 km, 598 m) another off to the right and after 150 meters, one more left. Is crossing a barrier and come out on the road. 25.02 km (644 m). Road Arbolí Cornudella. Take right (NE) and is along the rocks towards Arbolí and coll de la creu. It has magnificent views over the reservoir of Siurana, on which stands the silhouette of the small town of the same name at the bottom, the Montsant mountains. 28.42 km (712 m). Arbolí. Starting point and end of the trail. Landmarks The Puigcerver Coll Cortiella Sanctuary of Our Lady of Puigcerver River Vall d´Arbolí Roques de la Bardina Counties: Baix Camp Distance: 28.42 miles Climb Slope: 710.0 m Descent Altitude: 710.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 2 h 30 min Topics: Sport | Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 30/09/2010

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