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Aguiló, la Pobla de Carivenys and les Roques

Barberà de la Conca
Aguiló, la Pobla de Carivenys and les Roques

 Bike tour that takes place by the end of the Conca de Barberá N and also enters the Anoia. The route runs through fields and fields dotted by small patches of woods and narrow, quiet roads, tracks and roads in the municipality of Santa Coloma de Queralt, although the county town is not part of the itinerary. The point of departure and arrival is Aguilo. The visit also the small villages of La Pobla de Carivenys and Rocks. To reach Aguilo from Montblanc, the regional capital, take the road C-241 heading NE to Santa Coloma de Queralt. From this population, continues for 4.5 km along the same road, also to the northeast, to Aguilo. Aguilar is a pretty village strategically located atop a hill 809 m high, crowned by a castle, now in ruins, from where a magnificent view over the Baixa Segarra called Los Alamos and the next plan. He was no match for a term which included the nuclei of the farmhouses of Almenara, La Pobla de Carivenys Les Roques and precisely the route covered by the present route. During the s. Century, became part of Santa Coloma de Queralt. There should visit the remains of the medieval castle, first documented in the s. XI, and the parish church of Santa Maria. The S of the village is the Romanesque church of San Vicente Aguilo (XII), which can be seen on the back. 0.00 km (803 m). Aguilo. From below the castle, leaving the church to the right, leaving the town to the east down the street to the fields. Already on the edge, there is a crossroads. Leaving two turnoffs to the right (N) and two on the left, continue towards the SE paved, passing between two buildings and access to a fork. 0.38 km (782 m). Branching. Turn left (E) paved the way for Bellprat. The track falls to SE. 1.49 km (767 m). Crossing. Leave the road Bellprat and turn left (E) by the second turn (the first corresponds to the road from Igualada to Santa Coloma). 150 meters after you leave the main trail and take you out to the right (SE). No change direction, you get to the farms of Almenara. 2.70 km (802 m). It leads to a cross track. On the other hand, a little to the south, there are the ruins of the Romanesque church of Sant Jaume Almenara, which kept the walls and main entrance. It falls to the N along the wide track. 3.38 km (782 m). You leave the track that comes from the deviation from the path Bellprat. Turn right (NE). The track runs along the crest of the hills first and then a gentle climb down. 4.60 km (705 m). Junction with the road of Santa Coloma in Igualada. It falls heavily to the left (or) right leaving the continuation of the road and a detour leading to the farmhouse Quildo. It follows the road towards a fork until Aguilo (5.13 km, 719 m), which takes you down the right track towards N toward needed Tejas leaving secondary deviations left and right . 6.00 km (662 m). Se is needed before shingles. The trail turns left (O) by a bend where there is a path to N, making lacing, goes up to the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Pere de Goda (located 450 m; worth a visit, although and its poor condition). It continues along the track, crossing a stream, and N is the tomb leads to the bottom of the valley of the stream of Goda (6.52 km, 630 m). The trail crosses the creek, leaving a turnoff and turn right at NE, uphill. Above the 7.08 km (689 m), there is a fork in the midst of a sharp bend in the NO: continue to the left (NO / O) and come out on the road. 7.42 km (720 m). Goda neck. C-241c Montblanc in Manresa. Crossed it in the direction N and take the track that is on the other side. The track makes a zigzag left-right and looks down at all NOT in the direction of Puebla. 8.27 km (696 m). La Pobla de Carivenys. You cross this small town to the west, leaving the church of St. John the Baptist to the right and leave the road of rocks, which also continues in the direction of O. The 10.11 kilometer (646 meters), passes along the magnificent farmhouse Requesens needed, which is right (E). 10.37 km (645 m). Les Roques, a small rural town where stands the Romanesque church of St. Pere, dating from XII. It starts from the village towards NO and leads to the road Argençola, which continues to the left (OS). After more than 3 km, the road or in the grave: we pay attention to it. 13.62 km (717 m). Branching. In turn right (or) that makes the road to join the T-221, to leave it and turn left along a trail that heads east towards Aguilo, already clearly visible above the hill. It flows into the C-241 turning right at the entrance Aguilo, to be taken. When the road turns west to climb to the village, out on the right, a detour that leads to the church of San Vicente Aguilo, dating from c. XI (just 100 meters). 15.03 km (803 m). Se below the castle Aguilo, starting point and end of the trail. Landmarks Remains of Castle Aguilo Church of Santa Maria Aguilo St. Peter's Church of the Rocks Cal Requesens The Rocks Church of St. John Baptist de La Pobla de Carivenys La Pobla de Carivenys Church of San Vicente Aguilo Aguilo Counties: Anoia | Conca de Barberá Distance: 15.03 miles Climb Slope: 340.0 m Descent Altitude: 340.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 1 hr 5 min Topics: Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 30/09/2010

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