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Salou / Diary / 1.Salou

El Vendrell. Fair of Santa Teresa. Clousure.

18 October 2009

El Vendrell

El Vendrell. Fair of Santa Teresa. Closure.   At 8 am, the streets of the town, early in the Baix Penedès Gralles and Tocats grallers Cane FAIR of SANTA TERESA. From 10 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm:  In the Rambla stands multisectorial  In the parking lot of pelagica, automotive  In the Place de la Sardana, food  In the street of the Browns, Street Art  In the walk of Bòbila, V Ceramics Fair In the Plaza Nueva, Torn Workshop, by John Fontana To any person who likes to work with my hands and especially with the mud. From machined parts, in this case piggy banks, each piece can transform working the clay, to modify the taste of each. * In case of rain, the activity will be in Woodworking. In the Plaza Nueva, Be archaeologists, led by team Tourist Entertainment Employment Workshop "El Vendrell, 365 days tour" The previous generations of archaeologists studying a piece of pottery as a time element to help set a date for the culture that was under consideration. Want to make an archaeologist? Take the shovel, rake and brush, and searches carefully, ceramic elements. In the Plaza Nueva, Paint as the prehistoric, by the animation team Employment Workshop Turística "El Vendrell, 365 days tour" In prehistoric times, men drew or painted on walls or ceilings of the caves the different animals they hunted or scenes of ritual significance. The materials used were, among others, different types of colored earth mixed with water. In this workshop as the prehistoric paint: with soil. In the Plaza Nueva, PLAY WITH CLAY, by the animation team Employment Workshop Turística "El Vendrell, 365 days tour" Experiment with clay and give the way you want. * In case of rain, the activity will be in Woodworking. In the Plaza Nueva, build,and Paint, in charge of the team Tourist Entertainment Employment Workshop "El Vendrell, 365 days tour" With miniature bricks, up walls and beam construction. Then, paint-la. * In case of rain, the activity will be in Woodworking. In the square of the Garrefes, the Game of trouble, by the animation team Employment Workshop Turística "El Vendrell, 365 days tour" Play the game typical of the trouble, but giant version! They can play up to 10 people. "Get Involved" with other players and make the game more difficult. But watch out: if you fall, stay out of the game. In the Plaça Nova, the BROWN GAME, by the animation team Employment Workshop Turística "El Vendrell, 365 days tour"  Put  3 bowls in a row and you win! At 8:30am, on the Rambla, VII Meeting of sharing plates cava From 10 am to 1 pm, at the park of Tobias and workshops for children 6 to 12: "THE PORQUET GUARDIOLA. Objective: To demonstrate that much of what is strip can be tapped from the reuse and recycling, re-evaluate the importance of discarded materials and develop creativity.  "ORGANIC WASTE. Objective: Understand the cycle of organic matter and assess the importance of a good recycling.  "Sack race. Objective: to develop psychomotor skills and value the importance of a good recycling. At 11 am, from the French road, entrance to the old square, with: Diablons Ball, Ball devils, Bastons Small Ball, Dance March 4, Ball de Gitanes, the Patatuf Ball, Ball Pastorets, Ball Bastons Cercolets Ball, Ball Tambourines accompanied the Man of Saco, Ball of Valencians accompanied by grallers Los Cofino, Gralles Baix Penedès, Agrupación Musical Santa Ana, Grallers Giants, Giants, giants and carnival figures At 11:30 am in the plaza Vella arrival of groups Course: Road to France, French bridge, the Four Fountains street, Calle Mayor and Plaza Vieja  11:30 am to 1 pm, in Plaza Nueva, RAKU WORKSHOP, by Montse Trowels In this workshop can be glazed ceramics and cooking. Taking into account the process involved in the technique of raku, this is a fun workshop which combines fire, smoke, clay, water and the magic of colors that astonish the user.  from 11:30 am to 1:30pm, at the local Citizen Participation (Plaça Nova, 3), mud, by the Center for Aesthetics & Massage Paqui Lopez and Aesthetics Center 02 .The mud or clay, the main component of the mud, is a major source of energy and health. Its minerals are a vital necessity for our body. In addition, the mud is aging skin, dry skin and dehydrated, and is also effective for the treatment of spots, lymphatic drainage and hair loss, and lessens the appearance of cellulite, acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. At 12 noon at the Pau Casals Auditorium, Kandinsky Trio. Works by Piazzolla, Arvo Pärt and Kagel. Admission fee: 6 € At 1 pm, at the Museum Deu (Plaza Nueva, 2), CONFERENCE "JOSEP SERRA ABELLA: ceramic artist" by Jordi Serra At 1 pm, in Plaza Vella, Castells with CHILDREN OF VENDRELL, the Joves Xiquets Valls and Xiquets Colla Jove de Tarragona At 5:30 pm, the parish church of El Vendrell, CONCERT: I. Works by Vivaldi (Beatus Vir, Magnificat and Gloria) II. Works by Puccini, Verdi, Handel, Offenbach and Mozart Free admission. Organizers: Boys Choir, El Vendrell Polyphonic Choir and Chamber Orchestra Ars Antica At 5:30 pm, in Plaza del Mercado, 35 ° NATIONAL COMPETITION OF CLUBS of SARDANA (in case of bad weather, will be in Hall Àngel Guimerà) Organizers: Dancers of the Penedès At 6 pm, marquee on the Rambla de Josep Cañas y Cañas, puppet show Tales of the universe, by Teia Moner

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