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They are replanting the Manel Albinyana Park to recover the trees lost in 2018

A new distribution of trees has been carried out

Salou. Costa Dorada. 12 December 2022.
The green area of the Manel Albinyana Park in Salou and the area of Carrer Tarragona will benefit from a replanting of trees and plants in an initiative of the city council. The purpose of the measure is to counteract the effects of the winds that affected the trees in the park in 2018.
A new distribution has been made to adapt it to the integration of the park services and the relationship with the new street tree that will be on Carrer Tarragona has been taken into account
The mayor Pere Granados explained that 'we are for the work of improving the trees in the municipality as a service to the citizens, offering comfortable public spaces, through a natural infrastructure that cleans the air, offers areas of shade and rest in the summer, and help fight climate change'
The City Council of Salou, through the Municipal Technical Services department, has carried out a process of replanting trees and shrubs in the Manel Albinyana park in Salou, an action that will beautify and naturalize the face of this important green area public of the municipality.
Due to the winds of 2018, many of the trees in this park fell, especially poplars and eucalyptus, and those that did not offer safety were also cut down. In this sense, the park was left with few trees.
The purpose of the work that has been carried out is to replenish it and, at the same time, create new areas with shrubby plants that give color and aroma to the surroundings. The new distribution has been adapted to integrate the services of the park and the aesthetic relationship with the new street trees that will be on Carrer Tarragona has also been taken into account.
Mayor Pere Granados explained that "we are working to improve the trees in the municipality as a service to citizens, offering comfortable public spaces, through a natural infrastructure that cleans the air, offers areas of shade and rest in the summer, and help fight climate change”.
Granados recalled that "we have been working on naturalization and replanting in the municipality for some time"; in this case it refers to Cap Salou, where a replacement of native plants is carried out and invasive species are removed.
For his part, the Councilor for Maintenance, Repairs and Improvements, Pedro Madrona, recalled that this action is part of the Replacement Plan and pointed out that "the tree planting projects are important because it is an action sustainable, they contribute to the recovery of biodiversity and introduce pleasant rest spaces for people in cities".
It must be said that in the inner part of the park, a main species has been planted to give it character and personality. Thus, Paulownia tomentosa trees have been planted, appropriate to the terrain, because it grows quickly, adapts to the climatic and edaphic conditions of Salou; it is a sterile variety, which cannot reproduce and invade; its flowering is very abundant in summer; it has been planted next to the paths, so that it provides shade and freshness to users; and does not require pruning, given its natural shape.
As for the shrubbery, a combination of white and blue Gessamins del Cel (Plumbago capensis) and red sage (Salvia greggii) has been chosen. Both species flower abundantly and aromatically in the hottest season. Some of these flowerbeds are next to the same perimeter wall so that, when they grow, they protrude towards Carrer Tarragona.
Finally, some grevilleas (Grevillea robusta) have been planted on the side that touches Passeig 30 d'Octubre and Carrer Tarragona, since there will be some planted on these streets and thus an aesthetic continuity is created between the park and streets
Taking advantage of these works, some trees with internal rot have also been removed, and the irrigation system has been renewed and improved.

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