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The Camino de Ronda is extended by more than 1 km and 6 new viewpoints

One of the viewpoints of the new section of the Camino de Ronda

Salou. Costa Dorada. 13 April 2022. The Camino de Ronda de Salou already adds 1,250 meters more and reaches La Pineda, in the neighboring municipality of Vila-seca, after the intervention carried out by the Port Authority of Tarragona, which has invested more than 86,000 euros in the adaptation of the space between Cap Salou and La Pineda beach. A section of path on the cliffs that offers 6 new viewpoints to enjoy new views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The new section links the Camino de Ronda from the Salou Lighthouse, where the route ended until now, and runs along the cliffs of the Pedrera area that was used in the 19th century to build the Port of Tarragona. As the space through which this section runs is within the public domain of the Port, and due to the danger at some point of the cliff, a perimeter fence has been installed along the entire section.

The action that has been carried out has been divided into three areas:
  • In the first, closer to the interior of Cap Salou, the elevation is higher and the vegetation is thick enough to delimit the path of pedestrians. For this reason, a section of wooden railing and a billboard warning of the danger of falling have been placed, as a viewpoint, at specific points along the route near the cliff.
  • The second area, which runs through the upper part of the old blasting front of La Pedrera, is already protected against accidental falls. However, several points that may represent danger have been reinforced. In addition, different sections of wooden railing have been installed, as a viewpoint, at two points along the route that runs through the upper part of the quarry.
  • After the section of La Pedrera, the area has a paved road. In this section, a new road has been prepared between this road and the limit of the property of the Port Authority. This new access has been opened by clearing the land in the form of a winding path, imitating natural paths, trying to minimize the impact on the existing vegetation. This passage has a parallel fence, following the limit marked by the road destined for the passage of Port service vehicles.
The Port Authority of Tarragona has opened public access to the existing fence at the beginning of the path to Calle Vaporet de Salou. The access is protected with pylons so that vehicles cannot park, ensuring free access on foot to the Camino de Ronda.

Throughout the entire route, 6 viewpoints have been arranged that allow you to enjoy very good views of this part of the Salouense coast and the Mediterranean Sea.

At the opening to the public of the new section, the mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, stressed the importance of the action because "it is a strategic point to definitively finish our great project, such as the Camino de Ronda, and we are happy because we have added another six viewpoints to our Route of the Viewpoints”, which will be announced soon. Granados has highlighted that it is "a space with great natural wealth and historical heritage that remains open, taking into account that it had been closed for many years and was not accessible to people."

For his part, the president of the Port Authority, Josep M. Cruset, commented that "today is another day to remember. We are opening a new route on Salou's Camino de Ronda, with the aim of contributing to progress and well-being of the surrounding municipalities.

Salou's Camino de Ronda

With the new section, the Camino de Ronda de Salou adds more than 6 km from Pilons, where it begins, in the heart of the capital of the Costa Dorada. The Camino de Ronda can be done in sections, some of them very crowded, especially during the holiday season or on weekends, both by walkers and by people who play sports.

The new section over La Pedrera allows Salou to connect with La Pineda (Vila-seca) following the coast on foot, so that the mayor of Salou sees one of his main projects fulfilled: being able to walk from Vilafortuny (Cambrils) along the Paseo Miramar that connects the two municipalities following the beach, to Vila-seca, along the Camino de Ronda, traveling on foot the 9 km of the Salou coastline.

The round roads

The name of the "Ronda Road" became popular during the 19th and 20th centuries, mainly because it was the road used by the police to do "the round" and control the illegal smuggling activities that were carried out on the coast, on roads that They were used to connect the different towns, beaches and coves along the coast, warn of dangers from the sea and access isolated sites, such as lighthouses or fortifications. However, it was not until the 20th century that the coastal paths were considered tourist areas.

Today, the coastal paths have become a tourist resource with a great capacity for attracting ration of visitors and tourists. The contemplation of the coastal landscape, the approximation to the vegetation and fauna and the discovery of the capricious forms of the coast in contact with the sea contribute to making the coastal paths a very attractive offer of trails that, in addition, contribute to the knowledge of the environment and the preservation of the landscape.

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