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Security Recommendations for the celebration of St. John

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. With the celebration of St. John's Eve, the mayor has issued several safety recommendations to business owners and residents in general for the purpose of ensuring the safety of persons and property and to avoid negative consequences. The stained glass windows and located on the route to be followed by groups of fire on June 23 will need to have adequate protections to prevent burns in glass, marble and other materials collected and awnings. The properties need to have doors, windows and shutters downloads, awnings collected, and have washed clothes or other similar items. You can throw water from windows and balconies of these acts during development to avoid accidents of participants and spectators. Do not smoke can turn around the bags or containers of fireworks, or carriers that use of the material referred groups. For security reasons, the owners of establishments, at the request of the municipal organization must remove the tables, chairs, umbrellas, bars, planters and other objects in this street. Spectators attending the fire performance of the groups should follow the following recommendations: - Hard preferably cotton or denim, in any synthetic fiber - Hard hat or a scarf tied to any - Do not invade the space where the group performs the action of fire - Do not pick or disturb any of its members - Maintain the safety distances to prevent sparks from the pyrotechnic products and detonations - Always follow the directions of the service order The public wants to participate actively in the correfoc should follow the following recommendations: - Hard preferably cotton or denim, in any synthetic fiber. - Hard hat or a scarf tied to the head. - Hard shoes or sports shoes consistent, always good rope, sandals or flip-flops ever. - Skip forward always, individually or in small groups, without ever placing themselves between the drummers and performers who carry bags of fireworks. - No one can take or disturb any member of the group of fire performers. - Always follow the directions of the service order. The members of the fire groups should follow the following precautions: - Use fire resistant clothing and footwear and accessories needed to use the lower left part of the body uncovered possible and to avoid damage. - All pyrotechnic devices must carry the protected point of initiation of artifice, that is, for practical purposes the wick should be adequately covered. - Comply with state regulation at all times of explosives in everything concerning use and storage of pyrotechnic devices. - Do not accumulate more than three trucks on hand during performance with the appropriate protective hood. - No smoking. - Maintain safe distance between the performers and containing elements of fireworks, which should not be airtight and should be placed behind the fire group. If the performers bring their own fireworks, this should be hung on the hard shoulder bag is not airtight. - Maintain the safety distances compared to other groups of fire or other performers in celebration. - Respect the route marked by the performance and invade areas where there are spectators, sidewalks, websites or similar sites. - Respect the timetable approved in the program of events, marked by the organization stops and points marked or lighted to make carretillades joint.  

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