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Rice gastronomic days

Gastronomic Days of Rice in Salou 2023

Salou. Costa Dorada. 07 April 2023. From April 14 to May 7, 2023, in Salou you can taste the best rice in the twenty restaurants in the municipality that participate in the Gastronomic Days of Rice, which reach its fourth edition in top form. They are also the first major event in the gastronomic calendar of the capital of the Costa Dorada "Salou, a flavor throughout the year".

With a top-quality product such as Bayo rice, and accompanied by Raventós Cordoniu wines and cavas, Salou restaurateurs offer rice lovers more than 20 dishes suitable for all palates: from the most classic (black rice, soupy lobster rice or arroz del señorito) to more daring ones (beef cheek rice and black sausage or rice with octopus and plankton and codium seaweed), and even a dessert with jasmine rice sautéed with white shrimp, curry, pineapple and cashew nuts .

The participating restaurants and their rice proposals are the following:
  • Arena Restaurant (Passeig Jaume I, next to the Hotel Blaumar. Tel 977 384 000): Rice with beef cheeks and black sausage from Alforja
  • Bufacaldos Restaurant (Passeig Miramar, 40. Tel 613 005 002): to choose between octopus rice with plankton and codium algae or honeyed veal cheek rice confit with garlic confit leeks
  • 4R Casablanca Restaurant (Passeig Miramar, 12. Tel 977 380 009): Rice from the sea with octopus and sea urchin meat
  • Castillo de Javier Restaurant (Calle de Barbastre, s/n. Tel 352 222): Oxtail and artichoke risotto with a touch of black truffle
  • La Taberna del Àncora (Highway from Salou to Reus, 3. Tel 683 170 942): Brothy dirty rice with almond scampi and seasonal artichoke
  • Lunattic (Calle Colon s/n, corner with Bilbao street. Tel 977 383 111): Baked rice with sausage from Alforja, “scallops” and calçots in tempura with smoked "romesco allioli"
  • Mar de Tierras Acantilados Restaurant (Calle Colon, 23. Tel 383 335): rice of the gentleman
  • MRKT Gastrobar (Calle Francolí, 8. Tel 608 513 689): Cuttlefish rice, artichokes and prawn tartare
  • Restaurant Casa Soler (Avenida Diputació, 197. Tel 380 463): Cod rice and padrón peppers with chive "allioli"
  • Bar Restaurant “La Pasión” (Via Roma, 13. Tel 666 102 314): Lobster and prawn rice
  • O Mar Restaurant (Av. Carles Buigas, 29. Tel 977 383 998): Creamy blue crab rice from the Ebro Delta
  • Or Xantar Mediterráneo Restaurant (Calle Bilbao, 3. Tel 977 073 152): to choose between Arroz del señorito (rice with fish and varied seafood without work) or Arroz graellada (mixed rice with meat and fish from Bama)
  • Restaurant Club Nàutic Salou (Calle Espigó del Moll, s/n. Tel 977 382 168): to choose between seafood rice or black rice
  • Restaurant Delfín (Passeig Miramar, 91. Tel 385 467): Rice with lobster from the Columbretes Islands and clams
  • Rock&Grill (Carrer Bruselas, 2 bajos. Tel 977 383 112): Soupy rice with lobster and grilled artichokes
  • Sushi Kai Salou (Calle Valencia, 4. Tel 977 354 289): Chicken rice with teriyaki sauce, avocado, toasted sesame and chives. Tasting plate with a price of 6 euros including the pairing.
  • El Totxo Taverna (Calle Barcelona, 40. Tel 977 105 888): Rice with galleys and artichokes
  • Thai Salou Restaurant (Calle Barbastre, 13. Tel 977 350 406): Rice with cuttlefish, artichokes and shrimp tartare.

Each restaurant offers a menu with a starter, a main dish based on rice and desserts to choose from, paired with wines from the sponsoring winery. Prices range between 26 and 50 euros.

In the presentation of the gastronomic days, the mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, praised the restaurateurs because "what you have done with your gastronomic proposal is to give the rice its own Salouense character", and added that the collaboration between the City Council, the Patronato de Tourism and restaurateurs “reinforce us as a powerful tourist municipality.” In this sense, he stated that “this union and desire to collaborate are basic and very important”, as well as “necessary to be successful”.

For his part, the Councilor for Economic Dynamization, Hèctor Maiquez, explained that this year there are 5 more participating restaurants than last year, which indicates that this initiative, already consolidated, is going further due to the success it achieves each year, in full spring and in season doors. Likewise, he has announced that, as a novelty, "we will make the end of the party coincide with another also consolidated event, the Sabor Salou Fair, with a popular rice", on May 7.

For his part, the president of the Association of Hospitality Entrepreneurs (AEH) of Salou, Pep Moreno, explained that “rice is a transversal product, with which to cook a tasty or economical dish. It is a symbol at a gastronomic and cultural level that allows us to carry out days with a 0 kilometer product, which we all consider ours”.

The commercial director of Hospitality in Bayo, Santos Martínez, explained that "the province of Tarragona is the third area in Spain that plants the most rice and obtains the most rice". For these gastronomic days, he said, "we want to provide affection and emotions"; and that "restaurateurs are comfortable with our product, making Bayo triumph by your hand."

Lastly, Quim Casacoberta, representative of Raventós Codorniu, stated that "we will accompany you with very unique products from the Penedès area". And he has made reference to the will of Raventós Codorniu to "give value to the land and to the producers of the wines and cavas that will pair with the days".

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