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,Buy at home, buy quality, invites to consume frm Terres de l'Ebre

Terres de l'Ebre. October 23, 2012. The Delegation of the Government in the Terres de l'Ebre supports the campaign "Buy at home, buy quality," which will begin in November in a private broadcaster territory, which promote products of the Ebro , inviting consumed preferentially, both for its quality and increase sales of local producers. The aim of the campaign is also going to impact in improving the turnover of local businesses and, consequently, promote the creation of jobs. "It is very positive that the media become involved with the region, which also committing our productive, we have to improve our self-esteem and pineapple, all citizens we engage directly with the territory," says Government representative, Javier Pallares. The campaign message is twofold: first, to emphasize the quality of the area's most iconic products such as wine from Terra Alta, Delta rice or oil, clementines, oysters, shrimp The garden ... At the same time emphasizes a varied cuisine and genuine quality on the rise. The campaign does not forget any typical product of each village of Terres de l'Ebre, from clotxa up Miravet pottery and monumental heritage tourism and local businesses. In addition, there are arguments that can increase self-esteem ebrenca producers and entrepreneurs and also the public, who were invited to evaluate local production and make a commitment in their habits. "We were the first to see our stuff, and this has resulted in our purchases of local products that create wealth and jobs for our people, because if we are convinced it will be easier to reach other markets, "said Xavier Pallares. In this sense, the campaign provides arguments to induce the purchase of companies and stores the Ebro, which should facilitate the creation of jobs and wealth in the region, while also helping to climb outside with consumption self-esteem and economic possibilities. Therefore, it is still not a single crack in the arguments to consume local products, such as health and ecology. At the same time, there have slots dedicated to the artistic creativity of the land, the quality of local writers and musicians. In short, all the messages that they want to add measures to cope with difficult times.

Tags: delta del ebro, miravet, restaurants and tapas, food fairs, gastronomic, wine culture
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