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The duel between athletes Runnersworld TGN, one of the main attractions of the Half Marathon

Salou. Costa Dorada. On Sunday, 18 December 2011, Salou will become the running capital of the celebration of the "Half Marathon". A major attraction of the test will be the participation of the athlete James Leiva, No. 1 Ranking FCA 2010 - 1:04 pm 2011amb, to be his teammate Ben Hmbarka, one of his main rivals. The test now has more than 1,000 athletes registered online, which represents a success for so young a test like this. Athletes participating in the race come from all parts of Spain. Cities like Huesca, Castellon, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Valencia, Andorra and Lleida, Tarragona, in addition, will be represented in this sporting event. As Councillor for Sports, Felipe Ortiz "is an important event for runners and will be Salou on Sunday to attract." Characteristics of the circuit, very fast (1:05:20 in 2010) will enable participants strive to improve their brands. In addition to the Half Marathon, the organization is committed to a parallel circuit of 5 km in the category of middle-distance. The route will pass by the same area as the Half Marathon. Athletes participating in the Middle will travel 21 kilometers and 97 meters, in addition to these two tests will be held on Sunday in this town Tarragon races for children. A commitment to combine family and sport In addition to the two tests mentioned above, as of 10:03 pm will be held from the very start of the race half the children. The objective of this course is to provide the opportunity to participate in a sporting event and festive atmosphere for all residents of Salou. The organization of the event aims to Salou this idea out on the street and practice sports. All participants will be given a long sleeve technical shirt and a bag of gifts firmas commercial and traditional pasta party on arrival. Organised by Sport Running Win Solutions Factory and City of Salou Participation and organization of elite Win Running and Sports Factory Solutions have joined forces to give a strong impetus to the Middle of Salou and turn it into the test reference year's end. The result of this test will include the participation of the athlete Jaume Leiva, who is currently preparing the Barcelona Marathon in order to 2h14min aconsequir the minimum for participation in the Olympic Games in London. Also played the recent victory at the Half Marathon winner Mohamed Tarragona Benhnbarka who won in the capital Tarragona with 1h6min. Both for him and for the rest of the over 1,000 participants expected at the half, and the 5Km race children, there will be pasta party at the end of the test, music, a spectacular circuit, cloakroom service, lottery products and many more surprises.

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