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Full programme for PalmFest 2010

Thursday PalmStart Playa Punta del Rio Scenario 21hs. Boy Toy 22.30hs. Monkey Nuts 23.30hs. Joan Colomo. 00.45hs. The Transistor Arkestra. 01.45hs. Syphon. 03.00hs. Figa Friday PalmPop Playa Punta del Rio Scenario 16hs. Dj PalmFest 17hs. Local Dj Competition Final 20hs. Dj PalmFest. Scenario Nautico. Puerto Deportivo 20hs. On Air. 21hs. February. 22.10hs. Manos de Topo. 23.30hs. The Red Room 00.35hs. I hate Paris. 01.45hs. Lacrosse. 02.55. Mendetz. 0400. Amable. Ama Stage Showcases. Puerto Deportivo. 20hs. Train-K 22.30hs. Perejl's Sounds. Mag Neonized 01.hs 03hs. Do the d.a.n.c.e by Plastidecor. PalmRocks. Saturday. Playa Punta del Rio Scenario 16hs. Dj PalmFest 17hs. Ipod Battle 20hs. Dj PalmFest Scenario Nautico. Puerto Deportivo. 20hs. Helmut. 21hs. My te'ls 220.10hs. The New Raemon. 23.30hs. Stay. 00.30hs. The Punsetes. 01.40hs. Women. 02.50hs. Naive New Beaters. 04hs. Dj Rinocerose. Ama Stage Showcases. Puerto Deportivo. 20hs. Demode. 22.30hs. ScannerFM. 01.hs Genius wrong. 03.hs Cau PalmBye. Sunday Playa Punta del Rio Scenario 16hs. I-Poppsycho. 17.30hs. Dj Raman. 18.30hs. Dj Mountain. 19.30hs. Poison Ivi. Love Scene. Puerto Deportivo. 20hs. Toner. 21.30hs. DJ 2 Diamonds. 23hs. Electrosuperheroes. 00hs. Electro Noize DICSA 01hs. Local Contest Winner Dj. 02hs. Ipod Battle Contest Winner. 03.hs. Palmfest 2010 Closing Party.

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