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Vilaseca opens its theater season full of comedies

Vilaseca opens its theater season full of comedies

Vilaseca. Costa Dorada. This 2011 Vilaseca enjoy a schedule filled with comedies. In addition to the former guerrilla theater, the stage will rise Jordi LP, the theater troupe and John Negrié Grappa, the New York Marathon. In total there are six scheduled shows from this Saturday until June 12. For years the Friends of the Arts made a clear commitment to comedy when programming. This year, Charles set out on the coming season and Rafael Faixedas, made before the Dosics Guerrilla Theatre. In his first solo production, the actors have adapted Arbúcies "We are not nothing" Francis Serés. The play tells the story of two cousins that make corduroy the road when they drive the funeral of his grandfather. A story about the comic and caustic way of life. The author has received numerous awards, among which is the City of Barcelona for Literature. The representation will Auditorium Josep Carreras Other stories to laugh The next meeting will be March 12. Grappa Theatre will stage "Gossip," based on a classic by Carlo Goldoni. In assembling the veteran company has inspired the resources of the Commedia dell'Arte to amplify the humor of the situations. The characters walk on my knees and spreading rumors that they turn upside down reality.   A Vilaseca have already seen other productions of Grappa Theatre. This is the case "Clochard" and "Group Therapy for boat hooks. This company was founded in 1988 and is directed by Gilbert Garza, who has been a member of the Jugglers and Comedy. On April 9 Vilaseca reach a classic of television comedy: George LP, in the hand of the author Ángel Alonso has launched "El camino de Santiago." In this show the showman gives life to a carer of a psychiatric center, which recounts his pilgrimage accompanied by three of its inmates. The long journey is filled with the adventures of the most unimaginable.   Another of the highlights of the theatrical season of Vila-Seca will be the "New York Marathon," with Joan and Albert Triola Negrié, which can be seen on 24 May. This production of the Throne Room has Villaroel season in Barcelona, with a notable public success and critical. Two friends embark on the challenge to the New York marathon, surely the most crowded and popular worldwide. While training for the race, running nonstop, and divaguen talk about life. Local Artists As usual the Friends of the Arts of Vila-seca reserve a space in your listings for local artists. On June 4 Theatre frenzy represent "rats." This company belongs to the young actress-town secana Arantxa Ruiz, who spoke on television series like Ventdelplà. This work, written and directed by Javier Jimenez, recounts the experiences of a runaway, a girl and a mysterious man found in a park at night, when they learn that the world is about to finish.   The season closes on the local group that the intrigue turns to comedy after making Txèjov of Uncle Vanya. Now the company is preparing a town-secana light comedy about the world of love "couples, couples in fact, the Valencian Carles Pons. The premiere is scheduled for 11 and 12 June.   All representations of the cycle except the first, will be held at The Theatre Centre, Earl Street Sicart number 2 Vila-seca. The Friends of Theatre This organization was founded twelve years ago and today has one hundred members. In all this period of activity, the Friends have scheduled more than sixty works. The majority of representations made to the theater center, although there was also the Phoenix ial'Auditori José Carreras.   Recently schedules are based more on comedy, but the cycles of the Friends were able to see works of all genres and intensities, from Happy Days by Samuel Beckett, the Guerrilla Theatre productions. Toni Alba, Bruno Oro, Clara Segura, Oriol Broggi, Carmen Cruz Sansa and Pep are other names that have passed through the village scenes of hand-secans the Friends of the Theatre. Currently the membership fee the bank is 12 Euros. Subscribers have the tickets at half price.  

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