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Tourism, trade and services, most awarded sectors at Reus Chamber Awards for 2009

Tourism, trade and services, most awarded sectors at Reus Chamber Awards for 2009

Reus. Costa Dorada. Reus Chamber of Commerce has announced the verdict for Reus Chamber Awards 2009. The awards will be presented in Montblanc (Conca de Barbera) at the Chamber Awards Night which will take place on Friday 13 November in the Pavilion of the Casal Montblanc. In addition to the Chamber Awards during the Awards ceremony, awards will also be given for business continuity for companies in the territory of Conca de Barbera. In this category, which seeks to distinguish companies that show a minimum of 25 years of life, honor the work of eighty companies. This is the second consecutive year that these awards are given, which were instituted to distinguish the company from five counties (Baix Camp, Priorat, Ribera d'Ebre, Terra Alta and Conca de Barbera) from the territory of the Chamber of Commerce of Reus.   Note that most companies are awarded to the sectors of tourism, trade, services or food and wine sectors, although there are also companies awarded for industrial or training. The verdict in this second Reus Chamber Awards 2009 have been announced by the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Reus, Isaac Sanromá and president of the organizing committee of the awards, Dídac Rodriguez. The winners COUNTRY CHAMBER AWARD - CELLAR to WINE CELLAR PINYOL of Batea. It is a family winery's own vineyards and farms founded over 60 years by Joseph Arrufat Batea, in Terra Alta. Today the company sells more than 400,000 bottles distributed among 21 countries worldwide (USA, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Finland ....). Wine Cellars Pinyol also highlights one of the first wineries to introduce agriculture in wine (Wine Sacred Nature), and also one of the first wineries that are committed to promoting wine tourism and wine culture with the opening of a cottage next to the winery itself. Its wines have been rated the best in international wine guides. This applies, for example, the Wine Advocate, by Robert Parker where it located 6 of its wines with a score of 90, and Josefina Pinyol Blanc white wine with a score of 95. At guide Peñín 2009 Red Wine Portal has been selected as the best value for money wine of Spain. WINE COUNTRY CHAMBER AWARD - ENTREPRENEURSHIP for OF CELLERISTES LA CONCA DE BARBERÀ Celleristes nursery, which began following the Leader 2000-2008, is a project promoted by the council of Conca de Barberà, the Agricultural Cooperative of Conca de Barberà, DO Conca de Barberà and the County Council for youth entrepreneurs undertake a winery to benefit the joint work and joint activity that each of them alone could not have started. Each cellerist receives advice on bureaucratic compliance to start the business, develop it and finally consolidate it with his own project. There are currently 6 companies in the nursery. CHAMBER AWARD INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT for OLIS MALLAFRÉ Family company founded in 1934 dedicated to the preparation of oils. The company is located in Riudoms, Baix Camp. In 2003 Oil Mallafré diversified its production and marketed a new variety of oils, flavored oils. To date with over 15 varieties such as citrus, rosemary, garlic, passion fruit, chilli, passion fruit, coffee, etc.. Mallafré oil exports 90% of its production abroad, particularly in countries like Germany, France, England, Switzerland and Holland. The company has received several awards including the Silver Medal at the Paris International Exhibition of Oil in 2004. CHAMBER AWARD BE A SHOP OWNER - ESTABLISHMENT to PASTRY COBO Pastry Cobo is a family business specializing in the manufacture of pastry products and sale of carquinyolis like Marilyn's, Cubans or Cobolats among others. The company is located in l'Espluga Francoli. Reference in the sector has been characterized by introducing pastry Cobo culture of innovation and constant improvement to promote competitiveness in the commercial sector. Approximately 4 years ago it made a very significant reform of the establishment that helped significantly improve its positioning in the population throughout the region. Differentials introduced in the management of its activities such as thematic and didactic windows, custom packaging company and participation in various elements of tourism promotion of the municipality. CHAMBER AWARD BE A SHOP OWNER - ASSOCIATION to MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION OF HORTA DE SANT JOAN The Association of Horta de Sant Joan was born 4 years ago to promote and defend the interests of the commercial sector of the municipality-level population and promote commerce and tourism. In recent years, and as a result of commercial revitalization plan that has promoted the association has managed to consolidate a series of promotional activities for the municipality that has helped improve the competitiveness of the sector, such as the Festival Sweet Autumn. This project highlights the fact that Horta de San Juan is one of the smallest municipalities of Catalonia where it has promoted a plan for revitalization. A failure to explain without the contribution of the sixty companies and shops that take part. CHAMBER AWARD TO TOURISM DEVELOPMENT - INDIVIDUAL to JOAN PEDRELL FONT Joan Pedrell Font, one of the most prestigious restaurants of the Costa Dorada runs since 1970 the restaurant Casa Gatell Cambrils. Since his professional activity has had a strong linkage with various movements and determined the association sector. Pedrell was founder and president of the Association of Hotel de la provincia de Tarragona, co-founder and vice president of the Catalan Association of Catering, co-founder and former president of the Catalan Institute for Food, promoter of the school hospitality of Cambrils Cofrade Knight of the Brotherhood of Cava Wines od Sant Sadurní d´Anoia, founder and president of the Rotary Club of Cambrils and a long list of charges has always developed in the promotion of Catalan cuisine. Currently still beside his wife Fanny as the owner of Joan Gatell Restaurant. CHAMBER AWARD TO TOURISM DEVELOPMENT - PARTNERSHIP to ASSOCIATION MEDIEVAL LEGEND OF SAINT GEORGE The Association of medieval legend of St. George is a nonprofit cultural organization whose sole objective is the Medieval week in Montblanc. The organization comprises over 600 members, many of them from Montblanc Conca de Barberá, contributing to the party with the payment of an annual fee. A party that over the years has become one of the main tourist municipalities of the region. This is demonstrated by the 60,000 visitors who came to Montblanc in the latest edition to live and live to see the festival. CHAMBER AWARD IN CONTINUING EDUCATION to IES FLIX This is a training center for courses on preparing for entrance exam to higher vocational training, secondary education and high school in the branches of science and technology, humanities and social sciences, the cycles of training intermediate and higher administrative, maintenance and installation of electrical machinery and flow lines, and the program for professional assistant in painting, steelwork and metal constructions. To highlight the career of the IES Flix in the commercial area developed an important task in the field of trade with intermediate level courses in business and marketing. Cycles that have allowed many students from Flix and the Ribera were introduced in the labor by the hands of commerce. CHAMBER AWARD THE ENVIRONMENT to INOXFROST S.L. This is a company located in Guiamets-Priory-which has developed an innovative product in the field of refrigeration products. These are metal cubes of stainless steel joined together and filled with a coolant fluid to cool so the taste and aroma remain unchanged. This also ensures hygiene because it eliminates the danger of water in the traditional cubes. The cubes Inoxfrost cools 15% more than the traditional ice cubes and lengthen the maximum temperature of cooling over a long period of time. Inoxfrost is also a project that respects the environment, as it contributes significantly to water savings. In addition, although they are designed to cool, they also have the property that you are good to heat accumulators of heat and cold. CHAMBER AWARD TO INTERNATIONALIZATION to PLASFI GROUP Company of Santa Coloma de Queralt in Conca de Barbera Plasfi is a leader in the field of Polyurethane (PU, PUR, PIR), with over 25 years of know-how in Polyurethane. The headquarters of Santa Coloma de Queralt is the Technology Center of International Polyurethane Plasfi. Does your program the largest range of polyurethane systems. The polyurethane in our daily life, makes everything more convenient and comfortable, providing insulation and waterproofing solutions to industry and construction. The polyurethane is present in both Plasfi to refrigerators, mattresses, furniture, support-arms, steering wheels and wheels for trucks lifts as varnishes, paints, adhesives, binders ... Plasfi has turned the world on your business market and exports its products to over 25 countries in Europe, America and Africa. CHAMBER AWARD TO YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR to TAQUIMSOL - TARRACO CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS Taquimsol was created this year by the initiative of a group of young entrepreneurs led by a distinct sense, the son of a family of builders in the city. The company is dedicated to the manufacture of building materials with chemical compound, and also specific applicators. In a few months, and an unfavorable economic climate for the sector Taquimsol has achieved a remarkable growth makes it an example of perseverance and work by their proponents. CHAMBER OF HONOR AWARD 2009 to FRAPE BEHR Frape Behr with factory in Montblanc and Barcelona, is part of Behr Group, a company focused especially on technological innovation, very customer oriented, developing, producing and integrating systems and thermal products. Frape Behr, S. A. has over fifty years in the auxiliary automotive industry, and since 1976 is part of Behr. During this time one of the main engines of the company has been growing in their productive capacity and technological development and training for their employees. This means continued investment, development, innovation in products, production systems, and standards of labor and its personnel with training and professional development aimed primarily at providing value added services to their clients. One of the companies with more employees in the territory of the Chamber.

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