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Tortosa begins a new journey into its past with the 17th Renaissance Festival

Tortosa. Delta de l´Ebre. 19th July 2012. More than 500 people work hard to have everything ready for tomorrow begins the seventeenth Tortosa Renaissance Festival. Groups of actors are the entertainment and street theater, members of bands and dances, shows the characters of payment, those who participate in the great staging of the opening ceremony and the grand parade on Sunday but also responsible for costumes, merchants of the city, bakers and chefs have menus based on foods of the sixteenth century, and especially the hundreds of volunteers who participate in this great event to promote the city. The City of Tortosa has prepared a new edition of the Renaissance Festival maintaining the intensity and quality of the program and restoring the historic spaces as settings for new shows. More than 3,000 people dressed in period, 60 daily shows on the street with more than 500 actors, productions in four areas of limited capacity, and a balanced presence in the territory and other companies from different European countries. These are the credentials of a party rooted in Tortosa and Catalonia, with a growing international presence. The quality seals collected in recent years and its membership in Euro XVI, who represents the cities of the continent with the most important festivals of historical recreation, support the level of the Renaissance Festival Tortosa. The historical rigor is one of the most unique features of this festival. Rigor found in the changing rooms and also in the recipes of Gastronomic Cuisine of the Renaissance, the "Eat party," or the Renaissance pastry bakeries that offer in the "The sweets of the holiday" . A team of historians responsible for providing information to visitors to the Renaissance Festival to have a real approach to what life was like in the sixteenth century Tortosa. To do so many turn to historical sources, the most important of all "The talks of the famous city of Tortosa," Cristofor Despuig. But if Tortosa chose the Renaissance rather than other moments in history precisely because it is one of the most brilliant periods and greater projection of the city. Its centrality in the sixteenth century, became a cultural center in Tortosa that radiated into the territory, introducing new artistic and cultural moment. As a legacy of the time we left the Royal Colleges, one of the most important Renaissance architectural Catalonia, the file cabinet in the city, built in 1574 by order of the attorneys, or the choir of the Cathedral. Returning to the festival over the next four days there will be four performances of limited capacity, "Enrico La Taverna", a classic festival produced by the Quico Célio, the boy and Muting Ferrer, who will represent Advanced to the San Juan. The School of Theatre produced this year "The Merchant of Venice," a comedy that explores human passions with classic characters from literature, which can be seen in the place of the apse. In the courtyard of the Convent of the Immaculate Conception, the young Flumine Choir performed "La Cantina of henchmen." Finally, the company produces The Triton "Zuvi Verum," a great show to be held in the Plaça de Sant Joan. Prices for shows vary between 3 and 11 euros. The proclamation of the seventeenth Renaissance Festival will be the responsibility of the journalist José Martí Blanch, Secretary of Communication of the Government, which will deliver on Thursday square apse of the Cathedral, once the opening act on the square City Hall and the opening ceremony of the doors of Romeo Portal. The Board Street, the campaign organized by the traders of the city's delegate to the inauguration of Catalonia ONCE, the dialects Xavier Sabaté level. The banner of the party will lead the Pipers to Aguilot, of Association 4 +1. The five camps recreation of everyday life, the route of the shad with eleven bars, markets and time of the Renaissance cuisine restaurants in the city of Eat Festival are other attractions that meet again in the XVII Festival Renaissance.

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