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Torre Vella Salou's Torre Vella hosts a double exhibition of photographs of trades

Torre Vella SalouŽs Torre Vella hosts a double exhibition of photographs of trades

Salou. Costa Dorada. The Torre Vella in Salou opens this Friday, 2 September 2011 a couple of photo exhibitions  of Ivana Larrosa and from Reus Josep Maria Casanovas. Both have a common thread, are samples of trades or people who have worked in craft jobs. The first, which can be seen on the ground floor entitled 'SENY' and is an exhibition produced by the Museum of Rural Life of the Lluís Carulla Foundation. This is a show that deals with two lineages of master craftsmen espluguins, some dedicated to forging artistic family Martin, Cal Biel, and some masons and sculptors, family Vendrell, and the historical relationship that has kept the Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet. Wisdom based on the relationship between the three vertices of a triangle. On one side of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet by the other two lineages involved in the reconstruction of art. In the center of the triangle relationship between the convergence of all three, both beneficial for all parties. Reflection on the time on the memory traces, traces the transmission of knowledge about the guild, the hardness of the craft, the uncertainty of their future ... All through the routines look at each character, their photos and their workshops, tools, their hands filled with traces of time and work that the two lineages have helped rebuild the monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet. Ivana Larrosa, originally from Istanbul, has sailed a sea of ​​all professions, all related to the audiovisual world, to specialize in photography. Although it possesses extensive training in the audiovisual field and photography in particular, his love for the camera is vocational. As she says, grew up in before she even had use of reason. In his work, how to approach people is not addressing them directly but familiarize yourself first with the objects they use, weaving a plot between the tool, the memory that has been recorded and the person that has left its mark. Moreover, on the second floor also has mounted another photographic exhibition entitled Forge Poblet is a personal view of many items made of wrought iron in the Monastery of Poblet. In most of these elements in mind is the creativity of the recently deceased Biel Espluga of Francolí. The author presents a collection of images which tries to contextualize the work of forging in the monument of Poblet. The creative treatment of the images the viewer focuses on a few details that often we miss. The other exhibition is an author Josep Maria Casanovas, Reus an 'old' known in Salou where it has exhibited his talents in other occasions, most recently last year with a monograph on Morocco.

Tags: costa dorada, el vendrell, painting, sculpture, exhibitions, museums
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