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Tarragona strengthens all its units to ensure security in the Eve of Sant Joan

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. The Interior Department will strengthen all its units with special devices to ensure public safety during the celebration of the Eve of St. Joan. The device's Eve special, which affects the Catalan Traffic Service, Police Force, Fire and Civil Protection of the Government, will begin tomorrow at noon June 23 and runs until Friday 24 June 2011, although the Device for Bridge of San Juan in 2011 will end at 24.00 Sunday 26 June 2011. CATALAN TRANSIT SERVICE The Catalan Traffic Service (SCT) and the Catalan police will establish a special traffic due to the bridge of San Juan 2011. The output operation will start tomorrow at 15:00 am Thursday, June 23 and ends at 24.00 pm on Sunday, June 26. It is expected that between 15:00 pm on Thursday, 23 and 15:00 pm Friday, 24 leaving the metropolitan area 500,000 vehicles. These movements can be both local and out to second homes are concentrated mostly in the afternoon of Thursday, June 23. The effective technical and human resources allocated to the SCT are: 200 km of traffic measures installed, 10 technicians and management information from the Information Centre of Catalonia Road, 2 aerial tracking devices, mobile computers and 5 the SCT distributed by the most troubled of the operation return. The SCT also spread through variable message panels (PMV) information on restrictions for heavy vehicles and the road situation, and specific advice for the night of the festival ("This festival will lead to more caution") and generic ("While you are on time to avoid an accident"). Also disseminate messages accidents since 1 January 2011. Ways to record more traffic DEPARTURE OPERATION (Thursday, 23 June) A-2: Abrera - Sant Andreu de la Barca AP-7 northern section Mollet - the Rock-Granollers AP-7 south stretch the Papiol - Martorell C-31/B-20: Proxim C-31 northern section of Playa de Aro - Palamos C-32 North: Mataró C-32 South: Sitges N-340: the section Vendrell - AltafullaOPERACIÓ RETURN (Sunday, 26 June) AP-7 north: San Celoni stretch - the Rock AP-7 south section Vilafranca - Martorell C-31: stretch Palamos - Platja d'Aro C-32 south section of Sant Pere de Ribes - Sitges N-340: section Altafulla - El Vendrell measures to regulate traffic THURSDAY, 23 JUNE AP-7 in the opposite lane between Martorell and Papiol C-31 in Castell Platja d'Aro investment priorities at roundabouts C-32 direction south entrances redistribution in Sitges Friday, 24 June C-31 in Castell Platja d'Aro investment priorities at roundabouts Sunday, 26 June AP-7 toll road between San Celoni and Rock in the south lane in the opposite direction AP-7 between Villefranche and Martorell toll lane in the opposite direction north C-31 in Castell Platja d'Aro investment priorities at roundabouts C-32 between Proxim and Arens de Mar in the south lane in the opposite direction C-32 between the Garraf Hospitalet in north lane in the opposite direction C-65 in Cassa de la Selva in investment priorities in the direction south roundabouts PARTS OF WORK Province of Girona - AP-7 between Figueres and Girona, with sections of reduced width lanes. - C-25: the stretch between Viladrau, Santa Coloma de Farners and Riudellots. Barcelona area - C-17: split between Ripoll and Montesquieu. - C-58: BUS HOV lane construction between Barcelona and Ripollet. - C-25: stretch between Santa Maria d'Olo, Vic and St. Sadurní of Osormort. - C-15: between Vilanova and Villefranche. - A-2: Construction of roundabout at high Cornellà Castellbisbal works. It is worth noting that today June 22 enters service in the widening of the C-31 between Palamos and Platja d'Aro. The completion of the works in this section and expansion of infrastructure to encourage the absorption of the C-31 traffic. Measures of regulation of heavy vehicles Thursday, 23 June, between 18.00 and 24.00, there will be restrictions for all types of vehicle or combination of vehicles over 7,500 kg of MMA except garbage, transportation of live animals, raw milk and drinking water; service mailing and distribution of newspapers. See the following information: 20especials/restriccions_2011_cat.pdf Autonomous Police The body of the Autonomous Police deployed, 23 and 24 June, more than 1,000 agents throughout the country Catalan traffic to ensure safety on the roads. Agents intensify their presence on the roads and out of large urban centers, as well as areas to concentrate the majority of journeys. Between 22:00 pm on 23 and 10:00 on 24 June, the Police carried out 69 checks for alcohol and drugs in the Catalan road network. To activate these controls a total of 375 troops from traffic. In addition, a total of 1716 troops from Public Safety will participate in various safety devices on the occasion of the celebrations of San Juan which will take place in Catalonia. In particular officers will participate in this dispositiu1.535 Public Safety Unit (uniformed and plain clothes), 153 officers of Area Resource-Operative rice and 28 agents of the Mobile Brigade. All safety devices to be activated on the occasion of different festivals taking place in Catalonia have the following objectives: To ensure the proper development of recreational activities - festivities that take place around the country to mark the festival of Saint John, particularly in the areas of beaches. Protecting the free exercise of rights and freedoms of citizens and ensure public safety. Increase surveillance and control of those places and spaces feasible to occur large crowds of people and thus ensure peaceful coexistence. Ensuring the safety and mobility of combat indiscipline to reduce the number of road accident victims Traffic Identify any administrative offense relating to the sale of fireworks. Prevent and / or avoid activities that might cause fires, such as urban area or in nearby forest areas. Devices today: The PBL Sant Feliu de Guíxolsrealitzarà BEACH CLEAN device, a static service control step that will take place at the entries and exits of the entertainment areas of the town of Platja d'Aro. These controls, which will change location, aim to avoid possible public order problems in the areas of leisure. Coastal Municipalities of Baix Llobregat Garraf an important reinforcement in Castelldefels. In this case, 300 loaders ensure the peaceful celebration of the festivals that are celebrated in these coastal towns that have a large influx of people. Intensify and strengthen the police patrols in the towns where a moving train more people to celebrate the festival. Return to Catalonia offer 7000 extra seats on trains that link Garraf Barcelona and Maresme Tarragona. Device whole police of Tarragona and the Police in the celebration of the "San Juan Sound Festival 10". This device will perform random checks, the service alternating between the Miracle Beach and the marina. The estimated attendance at this event is about 4000 - 5000 people. Barcelona. The Police will establish a public safety device involving 116 troops (in addition to members of the police and port police) and pursue a double objective: To ensure the smooth development of the festivities that take place in the Catalan capital to mark the festival of Saint John, particularly in the areas of beaches. Set a device to provide security to workers when local practice of cleaning the beaches of Barcelona, ​​after holding the festival of Sant Joan. FIREMEN The fire department of the Government also will establish a special, more than 1,100 people, in order to respond to possible emergencies arising from holding celebrations throughout Catalan: - It will strengthen the staff of all fire stations officials, limiting the permissions for 23 and 24 June. Also, open all the volunteer fire stations during the festival of Sant Joan. - The auxiliary forest that make up the squads to reinforce forest fire stations with staff and volunteers extend their day until 00:00 hours on 24 June. However, depending on the evolution of the number of services will be extended until the next booster that relief personnel. - Firefighters in practice they are on duty on 23 June also extended its conference until 00:00 hours on 24 June. In addition, if necessary the service will also extend their working hours. - The personnel hired to strengthen the control rooms of the emergency areas and in the central hall of the fire, continued its session until 2:00 am the morning of June 24. And, if necessary, can also prolong the guard until the arrival of his replacement. CIVIL PROTECTION The General Directorate of Civil Protection (DGPC) will prealerta Civil Protection Plan of Catalonia PROCICAT from 15:00 pm on 23, which implies a strengthening of monitoring and any problems of communication that is made from Emergency Coordination Centre CECAT, depending on the DGPC, operating rooms with central Police, local Police Fire, SEM, rooms of the emergency telephone number 112, operating and other bodies, as well as infrastructure managers and railway transport and other critical infrastructure. The lower stage is prealerta al'alerta, and even that does not involve the activation of the Plan is performed by placing resources in a preventive and operative bodies to it, intensifying the monitoring of the state of the country as respect to significant problems arising in large emergencies. In short, placed at a level that ensures an optimum response in the event of any significant impact from the perspective of the Civil Protection. For its part, the Call Centre Management and Emergency Call 112 (emergency telephone) service enhances the festival of Sant Joan for eventualities that occur related to the party. Again, from the DGPC stresses prevention advice: Do not light fireworks indoors, in places where dances are done, collect the washing and awnings, and close doors and windows not to store fireworks pockets, not hold the crackers with your hands and not put them near your face or body, not rockets within 500 meters of wooded areas or crowds of people, not put fireworks in bricks or bottles glass, not with the hands or shoot rockets with the broken cane, as they could go in one direction and explode unexpectedly bad; not ever throw firecrackers against someone, and if the bullet is not well lit, do not touch it until after Half an hour and soak it, and make fires at places that allow the passage of emergency vehicles, to avoid the areas with vegetation, and light them with flammable liquids.  

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