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Tarragona gives the Civic Awards

Tarragona gives the Civic Awards

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. The Minister of Social Welfare and Family, Josep Lluis clergy, presided over the ceremony for Civic Awards 2010 that was held this May 23, 2011 at the Palau de la Generalitat. The awards aim to promote civility from different areas of Catalan society. The Civic Awards, an event organized by the Directorate General for Civic Action and Community Department, include: Award Serra i Moret, testing, educational work, comic and film script. James Ciurana the performance Civic Youth Award, the Department organized jointly with the Group of Former Scouts and Guides of the Foundation Joseph Sans.   Media Award for print, television, radio and web. Overall, the Civic Awards aim to promote all the behaviors and attitudes based on tolerance, education, solidarity, culture, progress, citizenship, patriotism and all the values ​​that stimulate and encourage good coexistence between people and respect for individual freedom and collective. The total amount of awards is 37,000 euros, distributed among the different categories and types. This year the Awards were presented a total of 58 jobs. 29th Prize Serra i Moret In this year of these awards, which are awarded with unpublished works, made in the Catalan language and who have excelled for their treatment of civility, have submitted a total of 14 pieces for different types of essays, pedagogical, and comic film script. The jury, chaired by the Director General for Civic Action and Community, Yolanda Cervera has attended Joaquim Ferrer Argemí Aurelius and Felix Martin, the mode of trial; Romi Carmen, Antonio and Jaime Funes Petrus in the modality of pedagogic work; Pilarín Bayés, Mercè Canela Carrasco and Xavier in the comics, and Anna Sola,and Antoni Kirschner in the form of short film screenplay. The winning works were: In the mode of trial, the jury decided to award the work "Languages ​​for living and coexisting. Also a civic language "Emili Boix-Fuster. The civic work is a good tool that explains why we must respect the Catalan language and other languages ​​as vehicles to communicate with the world. The author based his speech on the values ​​and dignity of otherness, the foundations of living of every person and people with Catalan as a common language of the nation.   In the form of pedagogical work, the jury decided to award the work "Contemporary Photography and values ​​in schools" Gemma Paris, a proposal based on values ​​of creativity and expression ethics.   In the form of pedagogical work, the jury made a special mention Lax'nrock Music Association, Education, Culture and Leisure, interesting for the treatment of music as a tool in education, mainly towards a process of values.   In comic mode, the jury decided to award the play "Together" Xevi Dominguez (illustration) and Montse Batalla (script). The jury praised especially a text that highlights the importance of personal communication to promote coexistence through a rich history, well posed graphically and with a positive conclusion.   In this mode, the jury makes an honorable mention to "A Sustainable Future" by Antonio Carrillo, who, through a strong script and images, convey a message that makes us drive awareness of the need to respect the environment and not continue with the excesses of consumer society.   In the short form of script, the jury decided to award the play "The story of the incredible slow man who saved the world" by Marc Riba & Anna Solanas. This motion animation, signed by the two authors of long experience, is a funny claim old age. 25th Prize James Ciurana These awards distinguish groups of young people who have done a commendable civic, voluntary and free, somewhere in the Catalan Countries "On behalf of the people" or "On improving the natural environment." This year 15 groups were presented. The jury, chaired by the Director General for Civic Action and Community, Yolanda Cervera, has attended the widow of James Ciurana, Dolores Llevadot, Deputy Director General for Youth, Jaime Serra, and representatives of the Group 'Former Scouts and Guides of the Foundation Joseph Sans, Manuel and Ramon Subirà bag. Groups Award winners James Ciurana receive a diploma from the Group of Former Scouts and Guides Sant Jordi Sans Joseph Foundation, the entity driving the category. The awards "On improving the natural environment" are: The first award was granted to the group of Pioneers and caravels of the Scout and Guide Plan the lake, for cleaning the area and the roof of the Hermitage of San Miguel, in the Sierra Cavallera and the reconstruction of a dry stone wall of their cemetery.   The second prize was awarded to the group of Pioneers and caravels of the Scout and Guide Montpalau, Pineda de Mar, old road to recovery and rediscovery of the castle Montpalau the house of the bandit Paul Gibert. The jury awarded the third prize of this type Work Camp participants Pia School of Catalonia, the cleaning of the Chapel of St. Alexis and the recovery of the old path from the source Claverol Pallars Jussà. The awards "in favor of people" were: First prize in the League of Beginners Guide and Scout Lady of Nuria, Barcelona, ​​having spent 4 days of the Christmas holidays to live and to work to accompany a group of people with disabilities MIFAS residence of Girona. Second prize in the youth group participating in the project "Build now", Foundation of the Count of Barcelona, ​​who have managed to overcome the shortcomings of all personal and social skills persevering in a course of vocational training.   Third prize, the group of young promoters of the "Coordinator of September 11 in Tarragona, which organized a series of activities, have managed to hold the National Day of Catalonia with a significant participation of organizations and citizens.   The jury awarded an honorable mention in this category at Caritas Girona "Sponsor a grandfather, a project that promotes intergenerational ties between students and elderly, shelter homes in Girona, Salt and Banyoles. 16th Prize in the Media The aim of these awards is to recognize the work of media in the dissemination of civic values. This year, contestants have 29 works in various forms of press, radio, television and web. This year's jury, chaired by the Minister of Social Welfare and Family, Josep Lluis clergy, has also been formed by the Director General for Civic Action and Community, Yolanda Cervera, the head of the Office of Communications Department, Susagna HOME; and renowned journalists, Lydia Heredia, TV3, Sonia Paul, the newspaper Today, and Manuel Fuentes, Catalonia Radio. The awards were: In the mode of television production, campaign, Let's Skip the Super Channel 3. The jury praised, among other things, that the initiative to promote the Club Super 3 is actively involved in environmental protection. The jury also took into account the 20 year history of Club Super 3 as a vehicle for dissemination among the youngest of a series of values ​​such as respect, tolerance, solidarity, and good health habits, essential because its growth is done in a healthy environment. In this mode, the jury awarded an honorable mention in the documentary miniseries The world at the hands of the local television network. This work, which consists of 13 episodes, casts a glance at the migration from the perspective of children, children of newly arrived families. The jury praised the treatment that is the subject of immigration and how to get through witnesses, designing a better way to live.   In radio mode of production, the program's side of the moon, which broadcasts Radio Old Trinity. The jury praised the use of radio media as a tool for rehabilitation and desestigmatitzadora. This magazine was born from the collaboration between the Foundation and the Foundation Young Trini Vidal Barraquer, week after week, highlights the talent and worth of people who suffer mental health problems.   In print mode, the award was for the report Women and disability. Double discrimination. Double invisibility. Posted in Pop magazine. We evaluated the quality of reporting and the magazine, which writes and edits Pop, the Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy. The jury has also highlighted the careful analysis of the situation of double discrimination against disabled women in various fields and message text, which demands full participation and integration of these women in society.   In Web mode, the prize went to Rose against oblivion. The jury has spoken very positively how the organization Friends of the Elderly has adapted over the years this campaign making use of new technologies and disseminate to resize the initiative. This campaign, which brings the feast of St. George the elderly who live isolated in their homes, has a website that includes videos, web 2.0 tools and allows great interactivity for the user.  

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