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Tarragona awaits the 45th edition of the Rally RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA

Tarragona awaits the 45th edition of the Rally RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA

Tarragona. Costa Daurada. The 45th edition of the Rally RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA, Rally of Spain, 11th and penultimate round scoring for the FIA World Rally -8 ª last World Cup and Junior will be held from 1 to October 4, 2009 . Based in Salou PortAventura, and with a tour designed around the privileged Costa Daurada, an area which for the conclusion of the rally drew thousands of visitors attracted by the world of motoring, but also by the sites, infrastructure and the extraordinary range of leisure activities available . The alliance between RACC, Tarragona Provincial Government, Chamber of Commerce, City of Salou, the Tourist Board PortAventura Costa Dorada and feeds, among other factors, the indisputable impact on the media, economic and popular round of the world, and the condition of being an important economic activity for the whole area. A rally modeled as attractive as in 2008 The RACC, organizing body of the race, has opted for continuity when drawing up the itinerary of the 2009 edition. The journey of 45-COSTA DAURADA RACC Catalunya Rally in Spain, is composed of a total of 18 stages to be held in three days, with a total amount of miles that amounts to 1299.13, of which 353.62 will be speed. As in the previous edition, the Shakedown or test stage will take place on Thursday, October 1st, the same day on which at 8pm begins the race with the departure ceremony on the podium located on the Paseo Maritime Salou. With daily departures and arrivals from the PortAventura service park, the test will consist of 18 special stages, each session will cover three sections on two occasions. Friday's session will cover the sections of the Mussara, Querol and El Montmell, Saturday will be the turn of El Priorat-La Ribera d'Ebre, Les Garrigues and La Llena, to end on Sunday with Riudecanyes, Santa Marina and Serra d 'Almos, before reaching the final podium located in Salou's promenade after 1507 hours. The RallyRACC in the World Championship calendar 2010 The RACC Rally of Spain, will be part of the 2010 calendar after the decision by the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA. The Spanish appointment will be the penultimate round of 13 and will be held in late October (from 22 to 24). Good manners of RACC in the FIA and not the forthcoming rallies in Indonesia and Russia not being accountable (for not passing the inspection) and Monte-Carlo (which does not return to the calendar until 2011), have allowed the Rally of Spain to maintain without the need for rest any year, as was originally stipulated. Chronology of the 2009 RallyRACC Home July 6 - Opening of the registration August 1 - Publication of rules September 10 - entry list published October 1 - Shakedown 2 to 4 October - Career Days (Salou, PortAventura) The economic impact of RallyRACC in Costa Daurada That the RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA impacts positively on the economy ofTarragona is a palpable reality. The more than 150 thousand people who followed the rally live throughout the four days of the last edition left a net amount that grazed 26 million euros, with the accommodation, catering and fuel costs the main source of income, according to the economic impact study 44 conducted by the firm RallyRACC BCP Consulting Group, in collaboration with the University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona capital, commissioned by the RACC. This study, the result of personal surveys conducted in situ during the test development was based on two axes: to determine the direct economic impact of the rally by querying the audience and also analyze thenational image and international of the rally organizer and what the area itself offered the world. Profile and consumption behavior in the viewer In 2008, an estimated 150,827 people continued live on RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA, held in early October, which means an average of 43,093 people per day. Of these, almost half (45,43%) stayed overnight at least one night in the area. The profile for the public responds especially that of men (77.2 versus men 22.8 women) between 26 and 35 (36.37%) with secondary education and who works for someone else (64.27%). Come to the rally mostly residents in Catalonia (basically 23% of the province of Barcelona and 20.6% of Tarragona), and 16% of the total comes from different regions of Spain. Of the total attendees, the 90,84% are Spanish and 9.16% are foreigners. What moves them almost exclusively is the passion for motor (most are followers of Championship trials in Spain and regional trials and 34.18% devote an entire day to the race track The remaining 98.28% more than a day in the area (a 24.95% up to four days and 65.1% over two days). Housing and fuel, the main source of income Before the fifth step of the rally exclusively by the Costa Daurada, employers in the area have increased their level of satisfaction as they say gives them direct business to their establishments, especially the hotel sector. The resulting income for accommodation is the most substantial of the six that are split about 26 million of the benefits of the rally. It is estimated that every person who has stayed in the area spent an average of 176 euros, totaling an amount of 8,744,028 euros. The second largest item is with respect to heavy fuel: 7,812,838 euros (51.80 on average per person). The other three main groups are the meals and beverages (5,461,445 euros), aspects of leisure (2,111,578 euros) and merchandising (1,125,747 euros), leaving the rest to be shared among other topics. Media The spread of a global event attracts national and international press and moves some spectacular viewing figures, a value that is regarded as indirect economic impact. According to company data provided by the Access Group, the national coverage of the race on television took almost 15 hours of airtime on various channels and had an audience of more than 24 million viewers. According to ISC, the RACC was followed by more than 17 million viewers in 94 countries, occupying over 80 hours of television. As for print media, filled more than 271 pages devoted to the Catalan test to almost 110 million readers. New headquarters at PortAventura The opening of "PortAventura Convention Center” to coincide with the celebration of RallyRACC shows the great importance the Rally of Spain has for the theme park, a leader in the country. Fully consolidated in the business of recreation and tourism, this new Convention Center is a facility that is positioned as an excellent choice for corporate business and associations, contributing to make PortAventura a destination reference in Europe for meetings , conventions and events of all kinds. The new Convention Center is a facility of over 6,000 m2 divided into two floors, which houses the office of Career (headquarters) and the Newsroom of RACC. Although the rally will occupy only a part of this huge facility, it is noteworthy that on the ground floor is a large multi-purpose hall of 2,500 m2 which can be transformed into an auditorium with capacity for 1,250 people. On the first floor there are five multi-purpose rooms with 1,800 m2 and total capacity for 1,900 people. An auditorium for 150 people and a noble room complete this upper part. The RACC and some of their figures The RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA, Rally of Spain, has counted towards the World Rally Championship by the FIA since 1991. Its first edition took place in 1957 and has been voted best rally of the year by the WRTA in 1996 and 1997 (the year also was named best world test in the press). Currently, the RACC is a track in the consolidated global specialty, not only for their organization but also for its infrastructure and characteristics. Below are some figures that when the rally is at work, shaping the RallyRACC: Collaborators: 3,000 (including Catalan Police) organization vehicles: 130 Radio stations for safety: 300 Vehicle Fire: 19 Aircraft / repeaters: 2 Ambulances: 26 helicopters organization: 8 Cranes: 37 Helicopters operated by the organization: 44 health booths: 97 Tarragona host the 2017 Mediterranean Games Moreover, the Organizing Committee of 45 RACC Catalunya-COSTA DAURADA, Rally of Spain, endorsed by Olympic Tarragona will host the Mediterranean Games in 2017, thus joining forces with their promoters to make this competition that brings together 23 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia take place in the city of Tarragona. The RACC thus adheres to the supports available to Tarragona. Besides the political consensus endorsed in official statements of institutions like the City Council, promoter of the bid, the Provincial Government or the Government of Catalonia, stresses that the whole parliament of Catalonia ruled on April 15, 2009 by unanimously in support of the candidacy. On 29 April 2009 the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) Tarragona wasappointed as its official candidate for the 2017 Mediterranean Games XVIII. HM King Juan Carlos I and the honorary president of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, also showed public support for Tarragona to host the 2017 Mediterranean Games. The choice of host for 2017 Mediterranean Games will take place in 2011. Itinerary: Day 1: 496.66 kms TC: 6 (131.76 km) Day 2 TC 437.58 kms: 6 (127.98 km) Day 3: 364.89 kms TC: 6 (93.88 km) Total: 1299.13 kms TC: 18 (353.62 kms) Departure ceremony (Thursday 1/10/09) Time 1st car Podium Salou (Paseo Marítimo) 20.00 h. 1st Day (Friday 2/10/09) Departure: PortAventura 08.00 h. TC1 - The Mussara 1 (20.48 km) 08.46 h. TC2 - Querol 1 (21.26 km.) 10.24 h. TC3 - The Montmell 1 (24.14 km.) 11.07 h. Service A (PortAventura) 12.38 h. TC4 - The Mussara 2 (20.48 km) 13.54 h. TC5 - Querol 2 (21.26 km.) 15.32 h. TC6 - The Montmell 2 (24.14 km.) 16.15 h. Service B (PortAventura) 17.36 h. Day 2 (Saturday 3/10/09) Service C (PortAventura) 08.00 h. TC7 - El Priorat-La Ribera d'Ebre 1 (38.27 km.) 09.14 h. TC8 - Les Garrigues 1 (08.60 km.) 10.27 h. TC9 - La Llena 1 (17.12 km.) 10.58 h. Service D (PortAventura) 12.48 h. TC10-El Priorat-La Ribera d'Ebre 2 (38.27 km.) 14.17 h. Les Garrigues TC11-2 (08.60 km.) 15.30 h. TC12-La Llena 2 (17.12 km.) 16.01 h. Service E (PortAventura) 17.41 h. 3rd Day (Sunday 4/10/09) Service F (PortAventura) 07.15 h. Riudecanyes TC13-1 (16.32 km.) 08.05 h. TC14-Santa Marina 1 (26.51 km.) 09.06 h. TC15-La Serra d'Almos 1 (04.11 km.) 10.02 h. Service G (PortAventura) 10.56 h. Riudecanyes TC16-2 (16.32 km.) 12.01 h. TC17-Santa Marina 2 (26.51 km.) 13.02 h. TC18-La Serra d'Almos 2 (04.11 km.) 13.58 h. Service H (PortAventura) 14.47 h. Final Podium Rally / Salou (Paseo Marítimo) 15.07 h

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