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Salou awarded 46 companies in the tourism and service sectors in the IV Night of Businessmen

Salou awarded 46 companies in the tourism and service sectors in the IV Night of Businessmen

Salou. Costa Dorada. The area of Economic Development of the City of Salou, with the collaboration of the area of Commerce and Tourism Board in Salou organized on 16 December 2010 the fourth edition of the Night of the Businessmen in Salou. During the event, which had a significant attendance from Salou, were awarded several prizes and awards, recognized the efforts of companies with 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of implantation in the town and handed the Salou entrepreneurs Prize awarded to companies that have started business in the municipality over the past five years. In total, Salou has awarded in 2010 46 companies, entrepeneurs and institutions. The event was held at the Auditorium Theatre of Salou, was chaired by the Mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, Councillors Marc Montagut, Alberto Lavilla and Pedro del Hierro and president of the Federation of Hospitality, Josep Graset. At the end of the list of all winners, there is a brief summary of the actions of Councillor Marc Montagut and the mayor of Salou, Pere Granados.   All acknowledgements of the Fourth Night of Businessmen in Salou Pioneers Award: - Narcis Codina Suros Narcis Codina arrived in Salou in the 70s. He bought land for building hotels San Francisco and San Diego that were open to Salou in 1973. In 1975 he took over the hotel Los Angeles, which was also a partner. In 1979 he launched the Hotel Calypso and in the years 1984 and 1986 two additions were made in the same hotel. Distinguished for Tourism Business awareness: - Invergest SA. Eduard Farriol Batalla The Council granted recognition to Salou Invergest because it is a group which performs a remarkable effort in improving their businesses, among which there are hotels, restaurants, etc. Invergest SA began its career in 1986 with the name of social ADYAL Hotels SA becoming Invergest SA in 1996. From the beginning, the company exploits the Belvedere Hotel with 396 rooms.D uring the 2002 season opens Vil.la Romana Hotel 4 stars and a total of 430 rooms. In 2005 the group incorporated the management of the Grand Hotel Europe Coma-ruga, a 4 star hotel on the seafront and the 3-star Hotel San Salvador. A year later the offer is extended to the Hotel -Coma-ruga beach. In 2008 the group incorporated in the operating system's Olives Hotel Beach Resort in El Perelló and Hotel Cap Roig in L'Ampolla. All hotels of the group have distinctive Aenor management quality system. According to the magazine Hostelmarket, Invergest SA. was in fourth place in the ranking of hotel chains located in the Costa Dorada. - Olympia Travel Mediterraneo. Cristina Montero Manero The Council granted recognition to Salou Mediterraneo Travel Olympia for its management of the national market in favor of Salou, for its loyalty and professionalism. Olympia Travel Mediterraneo was born in September 1983 under the guidance of its founder Juan Antonio MonteroValiente. Olympia Travel Mediterraneo began its managing career in Salou for the time being the company that introduced the national market in Salou. Gradually, consolidating its growth, has expanded throughout Spain and now has 18 offices throughout the peninsula. During the years 1992 and 1993 Olympia Travel Mediterraneo entered the hotel market and currently the company holds interests in over 30 hotels. Currently, and according to new ways of working in business, Olympia Travel Mediterraneo is completing all the bases to enter markets with companies integrate Internet and online sales. Distinguished for Tourism Environmental Management: - Hotel Blaumar. Joaquin Diaz Aranda The City Council has awarded Salou Hotel Salou Blaumar (Group Reside) because the establishment has a pool more environmentally sustainable, tailored to customer needs and the sustainability criteria that are reduction of water capacity by 60% and an innovative water treatment system for salt electrolysis, which eliminates 100% the use of chlorine. Distinguished Tourism Quality: - Camping Sangulí. Xavier Blasi City Council gives recognition to Salou Camping Sangulí for getting the Q Quality Certification Destination for Family, for being a pioneer in quality services and high quality in their facilities. Sanguli Salou Camping Resort is the result of 38 years of experience in a family business that has always worked to innovate and seek the highest level of quality in tourist resort of Salou. The good work has earned numerous awards at national level and internacinal, those can be highlighted: 1988: Tourism Merit Diploma awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia. 1992: Best Camping in Spain (Royal Automobile Club ANWB Netherlands). 1994: Best Camping Le Caravanier awarded by the coast of France. 1999: Category Eurotop Camping by the Royal Automobile Club of Holland. 2001-2008: First Spanish campsite certified with the Q for Tourist Quality awarded by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality. 2004: Best Camping Europe awarded by the ANWB 2004: A Distinction awarded by SuperPlatz. D.A.C. (Automobile Club of Germany as one of the 70 best campsites in Europe. 2008: Prize for the best accommodations in Europe (Alan Rogers ANWB and England). 2008: Certification as a Recommended Accommodation Destination for the family. 2010: Diploma of Merit awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia. 2010: SuperPlatz Distinction awarded by the ADAC (German Automobile Club). 2010: ADAC Award bids for lease. Distinguished for Tourism at Fidelity: - TUI. Antonio Ros The City Council awarded this distinction to Salou in the figure from TUI Antonio Ros. TUI Travel PLC is the world leader in leisure tourism, operates in 180 countries and serves over 30 million customers annually in over twenty markets where present. The group was established in Salou and the Costa Dorada in 1980, 30 years ago with the aim of providing a new destination for clients of the company. Today, Salou and the Costa Daurada is a target statement in the catalog of TUI Travel PLC. During the 2009-2010 season more than 350,000 tourists from Spain and from countries as diverse as Britain, Ireland, Russia, France, Belgium and Norway, have visited the shores of the Gold Coast from the hand of the British group . TUI Travel PLC has committed and continues its commitment to Salou and the Costa Dorada with a team of over 100 people, professionals working to provide people who have chosen this destination for vacation. Distinguished Tourism Promotion and Marketing: The City of Salou pounds these distinctions in the two most important Russian market operators in Salou, NT Incoming and Tez Tour. This is a market that has worked better in the last tourist season in Salou and the Costa Dorada. - Incoming NT. Jordi Matas. Incoming NT was born 2 years and in that time has managed to exceed the expectations raised. 50% of the market that manages NT Incoming tourism is concentrated in Russian as it is receptive NT Incoming exclusive Natalie Tours, the leading tour operator in Russia. In 2010, NT Incoming has led a total of 180,000 Russians tourists throughout Spain, most notably an increase in the Costa Dorada of 35% over 2009. Salou is also one of the tourists' preference stocks in Natalie Tours. Importantly, as important data, the average stay on the Costa Dorada of these reviews is 12 nights. The other 50% of incoming tourists who manages NT from various EU markets. In 2009 moved a total of 340,000 customers in 2010 and is expected to surpass the figure of 550,000 tourists. Incoming NT has partnerships with more than 5,000 hotels, both coasts and in cities, offering customers the highest quality service and a wide diversification of businesses. Incoming NT has 10 offices in major tourist destinations in Spain and Andorra, a team led by professional and expert in tourism, with over 25 years experience. - Tez Tour. Juan Carlos Perez. Tez Tour is a group dedicated to tourism services and receptive touroperations and a leader in its sector in different markets, traditionally known as the Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.. Tez Tour was created in Russia in 1993 but began operating in Spain in November 2003. From the summer of 2004 established an operational base in Salou which has since become one of the most important places both promotional and marketing products and the tourist infrastructure of the municipality. Tez Tour's 2010 season has had an increase of 35% in Salou and the Costa Dorada and must stress that all tourists in 2010 have chosen the Costa Dorada as their holiday destination, about 65 % has chosen Salou. Tez Tour forecasts regarding the growth of tourism in the countries of Eastern Europe and more specifically the Russian market in Salou are positive and show a potential increase of around 15% annually over the next 4-5 years. In addition, Tour complexion is of great importance in providing more business not only strictly tourist facilities like hotels or apartments but also all the complementary as restaurants, entertainment, transport, cultural facilities, etc.. Distinction in entrepreneurial: - Salou - Gourmet. Fernando Hernandez. Salou is a Gourmet offers all kinds of high quality food products for both meetings and for meetings and gatherings with family and friends. Recently created, the company presents a wide range of products both Spanish and French, Italian or other countries to meet any requirement of maximum quality. - El Espacio. Evelin Cañete. The training center "El Espacio" is located in the town of Salou on Calle Ciutat de Reus. It started its activities on 4 October 2010 and works in the field of languages, computers and school support in both science and letters. - Minibuses Cotes SL. Cotes Miguel Cabrera. A company that started its activity in Salou Transport in 2008, specialized in making transfers from airports to tourists to their holiday destinations and tours of schools and trips. It has a fleet of 6 vehicles of different capacities. - Ongi Etorri. Noel Gonzalez. Ongi Etorri is a Basque tavern at Calle Valencia in Salou, specialized in skewers, tapas and all kinds of products inspired by the Basque cuisine, with the aim of expanding the existing offer in Salou on sector caps . - Capuccino. Giuseppe Piccini. Café opened in 2009 at Via Roma in Salou. Initiative to promote Salou: - Association of Marxants Salou and Tarragona. Albert Calafell Casas-Salat. Association created in 2000 to become an interlocutor between members of the flea market parades of Salou and the city of Salou and at the same time to work on improving all aspects related to this flea market. Awards for business continuity: Awards and recognitions given by the City of Salou to several companies of varied sectors in order to recognize the trajectory of business establishments with between 25 and 45 years of experience. - Restaurant Bandarra. Ma. Los Angeles Dalmau Vidal. Bandarra has a local sense of hospitality, a wine meant for people of Salou. With the aim of improving every day to offer a product that has nice identity and soul. The restaurant maintains the illusion Bandarra to initiate and lead a new line of catering and providing quality in a relaxed atmosphere. - Electro M.A. Service Sordo SL. Manuel Sordo. The company Electro Service M. A. Sordo SL has made a major investment in establishment located in the street of Salou Scala Dei, going to have 250 square meters with terrace included closure and increased their exposure to products and company cars. He has also opted for the Web presence with a new website. - City Hall. Francis Slavic / Jose Gonzalez. City Hall offers a unique space in the area of nightlife with two different areas: design of Terrace chillout atmosphere where you can enjoy the best cocktails and a selection of liquors with the best disco ever merge issues with the latest music. An exclusive atmosphere for special people. - Tropical Restaurant. Hearth Pool. Company founded by the father of the current owner in 1984. This bought the local building previously owned by Agustina de Aragon. It was a restaurant named Gallus. In 1985 the father of current owner rebuilt the place and was divided into two parts: one went to the British burger chain Wimpy, which came to have 31 franchises in Catalonia and the other half was used to create the restaurant Tropical Salou. The current owner wishes to thank first of all to his father his business and economic aid, to the workers for their contribution to the proper functioning of the City of Salou and local recognition for so many years of work. - Bingo Club Náutico Salou. Francisco Beceite tenant. Established in 1978. Business singular grassroots who have participated tirelessly in Salou and tourism has been opened in both summer and winter time, maintaining a permanent staff of over 25 employees. It has been able to adapt to the evolution of all these years always committed to innovation and incorporating the latest technologies. Grateful for the loyalty of its customers have always wanted to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation and distraction without forgetting the excitement of the awards distributed. - Sevillano Grau. Lourdes Vidal Grau. Founded in 1979 by Francisco Sevillano and Lourdes Grau, engaged in comprehensive reforms of the home, the sale of small appliances and repairs. He started his activity where the Church Street and West Street is now. The company has always been linked to the commercial life and is currently managed by the founders' children: Javier, Carlos and Oscar. - Restaurant Rigoletto. Francisco Raiteri. Family with over 30 years of dedication to the world of hospitality in different establishments. - Boutique Melé. Elizabeth Melé. The family opened the first store in fashionable street Zaragoza, in Alfonso I building in 1976. It currently has stores in Salou, Cambrils, Sitges, Barcelona and Zaragoza soon. - Unisex Barber Llorens. Angel Llorens. On 8 April 1971 he founded a hairdresser. 10 years later, their children Angel and Ramon were taking over the business. Since 1971 and after over 35 years in the business of Salou citizens could enjoy the services of the hairdresser Vidal Loreto, the first in Salou offered its services equally to both men and women. - H10 Europa Park. Iraima Carceller Nogués. H10 Europa Park is a hotel for over 38 years offering quality accommodation and services in the town of Salou. - 'Eve' Lingerie. Maria Bertran. Maria Bertran Tost activity began in Salou Eve 'Lingerie 1973. - Butcher Pepe. Jose Casorran Galve. On 3 May 1975 opened the doors Butcher Pepe at the same location it occupies today, the Municipal Market of Salou on the Via Roma. - Queralt Muebles SL. Moses and Anna Queral Regué. Shop - founded in 1974, where remained until the present, engaged in the sale of furniture and home decor offering service throughout the year. Today the company continues the same activity in Salou under the direction of his daughter Anne and her husband Moses. - Jose Maria Cherta Arbós. Xiringuito the Poniente beach. - Ruiz Agency. Fernando Ruiz Parras. Ruiz Agency started its activity in 1975 in Barcelona street of Salou as administrative agency and later moved to number 16 on the same street formed a limited partnership to provide comprehensive processing services, management, consulting and tax work, administration of estates in the section of property owners. This represents 35 years of continuous activity of the company in the context of the evolution of Salou. - Restaurant Salauris. Anton Plan Martin. In 1970, it started the business Restaurant Salauris, currently is directed by his son, Anton Plan. - Cooperative Education School Elisabeth. Antoni Ribas. 40 years dedicated to teaching. - Residential Torre Mar. Montse Borras. The initial location of this residence was Torredemé urbanization of Salou. The construction began in 1960. - Carpentry Ramon Perez Safont. Ramon Perez Safont. Develop activity in Salou carpentry since 1965. - El Estanco. Ma. Dolores Medico. In 1966 a pack of cigarettes were worth 9 pesetas. Activity initiated and continued by Louis Maria Dolores Ribera Ribera. - Club Náutico Salou. Josep Segué. 45 years dedicated to the promotion of water sports, fishing and the sea. - Xiringuito Figueres. Elena Figueras Tomas. Xiringuito located in the Levante Beach of Salou and Borras Figueres run by the family since the beginning of the 60s. - Xiringuito Orts Levante Beach. Francisco Orts Figueres. The parents of Joan Josep and Francisco Borrás Orts, began activities in Salou at the beginning of the 60s and were brothers. By the year 1980 paased on to children who have continued until today. - Xiringuito Pàmies. Misericordia Pàmies Grau. Xiringuito located in the Levante Beach of Salou and Pàmies run by the family since the early 60s. - Xiringuito J.J. Borras. Joan Borras Josep Figueras. The parents of Joan Joseph and Francisco Borrás Orts, began activities in Salou at the beginning of the 60s and were brothers. By the 1980s, went to the children who have continued until today. - Xiringuito Cuenca. Maria Dolores Cuenca. Pablo Delgado Cuenca began its activity in Salou in 1962 and in 1994 he transferred to his daughter, Maria Dolores Cuenca. - Xiringuito Salou. Montserrat Zurano. Xiringuito located in the Levante Beach of Salou from the early 60s. - Salvador Ginovart SL. Ginovart Salvador. The family has 48 years. Ginovart runs the beach bar Beach of Chaplains. For 25 years they also ran a restaurant / bar, boat, built for themselves on the beach of Salou. During the first years of activity with their own hands, were responsible for the condition of the beach dunes in Chaplains of Salou. - Xiringuito Beamud. Rafael Beamud. Xiringuito located in the Levante Beach of Salou and Beamud run by the family for over 45 years. - Xiringuito Ginovart. Oscar Salom. Xiringuito Ginovart from early 60s to the West Beach of Salou. - Xiringuito Pepe's. Joaquin Garcia Alonso. Xiringuito located in the Levante Beach of Salou. - Xiringuito Jose Ma. Fornes Pedrol. Cristian Fornes. Xiringuito located in the Levante Beach of Salou. Applause to businessmen in Salou The fourth edition of the Night of the businessmen in Salou had the assistance of the councilman and the mayor Marc Montagut , Pere Granados. The Councillor for Economic Development, Marc Montagut, stressed that "it is making a sincere applause to all entrepreneurs who become entrepreneurs and businessmen who still are not, recognize the key role that the employer is in our society, and today when we are experiencing difficulties in a crisis. It is in these moments when we need more people". Meanwhile, the mayor of Salou, Pere Granados, in his speech congratulated the winners and after reflection has loudly said "perseverance and dedication to work, faith in oneself and in what is done, the illusion itself to carry out a project are the qualities needed to challenge themselves and overcome obstacles ambitious and difficult times. " He also remembered as "from the government must plan and strengthen all policies and programs to foster and support vocations, and help entrepreneurs open new prospects for investment and that means new opportunities for generating new jobs, "he said. Finally, the mayor of Salou, Pere Granados has also proposed a policy to hand out because "it is fostering a good climate for local economic development. This we must do together, seeking the involvement and the involvement of everyone, both in resources, both in ideas "and concluded by saying that" I supported all these people who receive this award today because of their participation and safe experience that can also be interesting to municipal planning policies and actions for economic development of Salou, in our municipality".

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