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The RACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada 2010 stages

The RACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada 2010 stages

Salou. Costa Dorada. The route of the 2010 edition as is specified in RallyRACC three days of competition including 6 stages (3 different) each of the first two days and four special (2 different) the third and last, making a total of 16 special stages (354.92 kms. speed) for a distance of 1275.78 kilometers.     RallyRACC maps   Shakedown (October 21): Mixed and Salou The first novelty of the race starts with the test strip or Shakedown. In this edition, the location is changed, leaving the area last year to Riudecanyes apropos at the base of the race and, consequently, the public. This objective was fully achieved and that the shakedown of 2010 will form three joint kilometers (one ground and two asphalt) around Salou. In all logic, a rally where the first stage is mixed soil-asphalt must have a stretch of testing on both surfaces, a fact that the organizer has care and which will form a real and dramatic mini test which will enjoy a wonderful view to the viewer, to be located one meter above the roadway. The new location also allows pilots to base their own technical equipment in the PortAventura service park, thus facilitating the logistics of equipment. First day (October 22): The novelty of the concept of mixed The special stages will be played on each of the three different days are double-pass, except for Sunday which will only be two to perform well on two occasions. Thus, during the first day (October 22) will scroll 538.82 km of which 136 correspond to the six timed special, the course of which between 35 (Terra Alta), 15 (La Ribera Ebro) and 18 km (Les Garrigues). This day is conceptually different from the rest. Indeed, the three sections that make up are new and, in addition, have the appearance of the earth. As data, noting that the 136 km speed, 73% is land and 27% remaining asphalt. "Terra Alta", the spectacular timed opening begins on earth, still in asphalt, returns to earth and just back on pavement, a formidable challenge for pilots. "La Ribera d'Ebre" will offer 15 kms entirely on land, while "Les Garrigues" is a compendium of the two surfaces, starting and ending on the floor and a central piece of asphalt. This special comes in the demarcation of Lleida and the asphalt plant has been used in the last two editions. The WRC dynamic force on this day to get up early a little, since the vehicles will leave at 07:00 PortAventura to start the first leg at 08:18, while the final podium provided in Salou before 16.00 , entering the first park to participate in the work at 17:21 hours. Second day (October 23): Back to sections of asphalt known pure. The second day will be 126.62 km time trial and three special-known and identical to the disputed 2009: "Santa Marina" (26.51 km), "The Mussara (20.48 km) and" Riudecanyes "(16.32 km). Again three timed to be performed twice for a total of 369.01 km, starting at 9.00 from PortAventura and returning to the podium installed on the promenade of Salou, like the previous day, before the 17 hours to go below the park. Third day (October 24): The longest and shortest The third and final day of racing, the shortest with 92.30 km of speed, not at all a new process because as meet the same day, the longest stage of the trial (the Priorat, the 42.04 km) and shorter (the Serra d'Almos, of 4.11 km, which in 2009 closed the of asphalt and also perform twice. The vehicles will depart at 7.30 am PortAventura and Salou podium finish is scheduled from 15:03. The special selective "The Priory" (formerly section El Priorat-La Ribera d'Ebre, with the first 3.77 kilometers new) can define an exciting final rally in vain not require the pilots a good pace, since in general is very technical, with the addition of the double pass. In doing this it wants to close the test in a traditional anything, scheduling a last stage to the same goal to offer the uncertainties of classification.

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