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Programme for th XII FiM

Programme for th XII FiM

Programming of the 12th FIM CONCERT PRESENTATION IN TARRAGONA, April 29 Santi Balmes + Julian Saldarriaga (acoustic), Room Zero (Tarragona) The Lol reinvent themselves for the official presentation. This duo despullarà his subjects in sound. Love of Lesbian DJs (Joanra + George), Room Zero (Tarragona) The other two members exhibit some of his musical references in a session of DJs. In addition, there will be a surprise one day of the FIM. 12th FIM: FRIDAY 6 MAY 2011. Jerome Lavoix (OPENING), José Carreras Auditorium, 20:00 Col. ∙ selection of jewelry in the form of musical songs international modern times. A concert probably atypical backed by excellent ensemble of outstanding musicians ∙ Lisboa Zentral Cafè. Batek Batucada, Touring, 21:00 This masquerade full of rhythm, dance and surprises will present his most ambitious staging. A show in which the format will be combined with percussion and wind ensemble performance paratheatrical. Pills to Purge melancholy, Arts Center, 21:00 Songs in a pure state, treated with the delicacy of a toy sitar, a cello, a mini keyboard, percussion and voice Stephanie Pan, accompanied by excellent instrumentalists Oriol Roca ∙ lenses (Refree, Valle Giulia) and Sasha Agranov (Selva Mar, Rubatto Appassionato) Me and The Bees, The Office / Las Vegas, 21:30 With ex-members of Half Foot Outside. They have a fun project and natural female pop. Fresh air of the indie scene in Barcelona. They recently released album "Fuerza Bien" (The Chestnut, 2010) Coastal Garden Center, 22:00 Coastline is one of the bands of the moment with members of The Red Room and Abraham Loggerhead. We present a fresh fusion of acoustic sounds with pop music Mediterranean bases abroad, singing in Catalan. Label: Limbo Starr. Big Banana Reunion, Round Square, 22:15 Set freshest presents a sensational show, vital and excellent ∙ lentment interpreted. Project ESMUC forged and formed by members who have participated in both jazz bands, folk and modern (from the Big Acoustic Band to tow ...). Blue and Pearly, José Carreras Auditorium, 22:30 Influences of the great masters of Flamenco, Blue and Pearly proposed purity, warm and evocative melodies of the genre. Set exquisite performers and has co ∙ regular contributors of Miguel Poveda and José French. Cathy Claret & Raimundo Amador Park ant, 23:00 The restless composer (and icon of the alternative music scene, poetry) in southern France, is to present his proposal for special flamenco fusion, and does so in the company of the legendary guitarist Raimundo Amador Seville. A concert will also be missed in a good overview of Pata Negra hits and Raimundo Amador. Fanfare setbacks, Touring, 23:00 With a great spirit of social commitment awaken your senses with its magical selection of pieces of music known arranajades Balkan, Italian, French or Mexican. Eclecticism, drama and fun. The grandmother, Garden Center, 23:30 Winners Sona 9, 2010. They emerged from the last pearl of the seemingly endless youth popfolk Catalan. They are currently recording their first album with the participation of producer Paco Loco. Le Pianc, Round Square, 23:45 With members of Nisei, Sedaiós etc.. And backed by the prestigious agency Sones. They have a 2nd disk light with a good selection of new collective ∙ songs sung in Spanish and Catalan. Fiera Office / Las Vegas 00:00 Group formed by parallel ∙ allele Seville Pony Bravo. With a set of instruments indefinable will present a provocative and experimental groups homage to the "No Wave" like Pere Ubu and The Fall. MANET, Park ant, 00:45 For the first time James arrives with his band plan to Vila-seca to present his acclaimed new album "Till Death Do Us Part" (Bankrobber, 2011). An essential piece of pop rock Catalan author impeccably invoiced and writing. The Transistor Arkestra, Garden Center, 01:30 Backed by many awards (DO Tarragona, eg.) Come to present their furious live together in what is a mixture of postmodern alternative musical excellence results ∙ lenses. With members Lecirke. Zuri & Ranking Soldiers, Round Square, 02:00 Zuri, co ∙ contributor Ojos de Brujo among others, surprised with his first solo album "Candela." Comes to present us with a new project themes and cadences of Jamaican style and taste of flamenco, with the renowned reggae band Ranking Soldiers support. Obese, Office / Las Vegas 02:00 Come to present their first "illegal Obesisme ∙ polished. A piece of pop-rock-opera conveyed through a sarcastic lyricism inspired. Work that is complemented with a great personality ∙ lentment arrebatadorament festive live. SATURDAY 7 MAY 2011 Guillamino (child), Office / Las Vegas, 12:30 Guillamino presents the show "the class of giraffes, which wants to be a first point of contact so that the children discover in real time and fun way to create electronic music. River, Round Square, 18:00 With emerging that presents a fresh and creative renewal of popular music and traditional Catalan Countries. Ensemble young, though with extensive experience with members of the Who's there? The Dog Binary, Garden Center 19:00 Dog The Binary is the musical alter ego of George Tost, musician training of Mary Rodes, which defines his music as "folk nursery. A proposal amazing, innovative and fresh backed up by Foehn Records label. Celeste Alias, José Carreras Auditorium, 20:00 The set of specially adapted Celeste alias and personal compositions of some of the most influential guitarists in jazz history, such as Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, or Caetano Veloso. A jewel that has great players ∙ lenses as Santa Mask (Asstrio), among others ... Albert Freixas, Round Square, 20:00 New Project pop genuine independent and mature with members of Exit! presenting his first album: U Il Chef Malatesta, Garden Center, 20:45 Project author freshest music, pop, reggae and electronica with strong personality and lyrics that leave you indifferent. Anarchy Acoustics, Office / Las Vegas, 21:00 Concert experiment that produces the FIM and will feature some of the most iconic musicians of the new crop of independent pop Catalan (and other styles): Maria Rodés, Le Petit Ramon, Nueva Vulcano, Mind, the Little Cal Eril, etc.. The Botifanfarrons, Touring, 21:00 Funny fanfare the Balearic winners Sa-Xerxes Youth Theatre Festival of the Balearic Islands in the FIM. Fanfare hooliganism and elegant show. Rosa Sanchez, Jose Carreras Auditorium, 21:30 Drinking sources of music rooted in Mexico, the very slow ∙ Rosa Sanchez suggests arrangements perfectly conjugated select a voice and a presence that reminds Lila Downs brighter. L'Herbe Folle, Park La Hormiga, 21:30 With world enshrined in the alternative scene in the south of France, who arrived to show us their original acoustic-electric fusion of intense live. Cebos Henry (Cabo San Roque), Round Square, 22:00 When dispensed Cabo San Roque machines and do a concert with fellow instrumental contributors ∙ luxury, like Joan Saura and Oriol Perucho, become Cebos Henry: a proposal for sophisticated and pleasant music for all tastes Paul Vallvé Office / Las Vegas 22:45 It is a versatile artists of the most talented of the new indie pop rock alternative Catalonia today, and thus trigger significant. ∙ Member of the same allele or Maria Coma u_mä coming to introduce us their new self produced album "Stars" (amniotic Records, 2010) Bongo Botrako Park of La Hormiga, 23:00 With a state of emergency at the scene of absolute fusion alternative Catalonia. Come to present his album "Every day the sun sale (Kasba, 2010). If you like the sticker, or Manu Chao Color Humano not miss your fun live. Marc Ayza & DJ Helios, Garden Center, 23:30 Very new project led by energetic live with one of the most important representatives of the jazz scene in Barcelona. Groove, dance, dj beatbox and seven with the active participation of DJ Helios (also member of Macaca). Houba, Touring, 23:30 French Group of 15 members who will give a show based on rock and directed by a multilingual preacher who hypnotizes the audience. It will be a show full of groove that fuses samba, batucada and rock. Breath, Office / Las Vegas 00:15 Letters dream, preciousness and exciting live instrumental part of the proposals with the most current Catalan scene. Present their acclaimed 2nd album "Escapist" (amniotic Shop, 2010) in a special show with Paul Vallvé the 2nd battery. Yacine & The Groove East, Park ant, 00:30 This restless activist (former member of Cheb Balowski and Nour) has been associated with musicians "AllStar" of the alternative scene mestizo (08001, for ex.) Introduce us to live in her electrifying new album very slow ∙ " Parabolic (Kasba Music, 2011) Touched txaranga Band, Touring, 01:00 Old friends in Vila-seca, delights us with an exciting concert search-town and popular for all tastes. Eric Fuentes & Evil, Garden Center, 01:15 Former leader of Unfinished Sympathy is experiencing a time of great creative health ∙ lens, which is corroborated in his new album ("Eric Fuentes & Evil"-Subterfuge, 2011 -) and its direct impact , superbly assembled by a band with members of Rosa Luxembourg or Mine!. Blaue, Round Square, 01:30 Award Success Sona 9 2010, singing in four languages ​​and played with eclecticism and caustic humor and everything you can. I even dare to wink at the sting of chanson française. How will surprise us in Vila-seca? Ornament and delight, Office / Las Vegas 02:00 They just made a spectacular debut with the label Limbo Starr and are already engaged in a relentless spiral of concerts at festivals and venues trend negligible. His strong personality and music lyrics corrosive predict the emergence of a cult group that they will talk a long time. Very Pomelo Park of La Hormiga, 02:30 It may be the revelation of the season? With a passionate live, this sextet releases a chipping Xurrac slice (Chesapik, 2011), original sample of pure creativity, unusual and difficult to pigeonhole. What do rockabilly or jazz? Pop or rock? Rumba or folk? SUNDAY 8 MAY 2011 Saltamartí, Round Square, 18:00 ∙ parallel and parallel-man project leader Olive Broken, which, through original compositions and contemporary music with refined taste poetry of Joan Brossa. Soulchoir Bcn Park ant, 19:00 View current gospel that keeps her spirit but ceremonious. Concert impeccable, expressive and fun in which mixed the influences of spiritual and soul classics with more contemporary and pop vocal. Dinatatak, Round Square, 20:00 A concert (and tribute to tap dancing) with ex-members of Möondo, which delight us with a concert embolcallador nice and exotic, full of references to his creative imagination and socially committed. Achievements [pop] ular (closing): The Joint Badabadoc + Belda and the Traditional Music Classroom (END), Park ant, 21:30 What happens when you join the stage many players Classroom Catalan traditional and popular music with the best representatives of fusion ska - reggae and traditional Catalonia? What happens when this happy union reinvents classic pop, folk and rock in Catalan (like Elvis or Skatalà)?. With players such as luxury groups Txerramequ Tiquis Miquis or ointment, among others ...)

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