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Programme for Tarraco Viva 2012

Program Tarraco Viva 2012 PEOPLE AND ROME in TARRACO Everyday life was like two thousand years ago? Epigraphy us a small look at it through the dedications of votive pedestals of statues and especially the funerary epitaphs. In others, some written sources have told us how his life was. LIVIA DRUSILA, wife of Emperor In the shadow of August Assumpta Merchant PAULLIANUS, circulatory lanista An employer gladiator Tarraco Ricardo Cagigal LIDE Histories of a prostitute Thale. Group of historical recreation of Tarragona Caius BAEBIUS. Seviro augustal A new rich Alex Manrique FABIO Demetrio Professor Grammar Charles Alcoy ASTITIUS, magister militum Military Instructor Legio I Germanica Tiberius Claudius AMIANTUS Wine merchant Auriga. Cultural Services Museum of the Port of Tarragona Triumphal POMPES Is produced by the Association for Project Phoenix Tarragona Tarraco Viva Festival Collaboration: Ludi Scaenici (Rome) The ceremony of Triumph is perhaps the Roman ceremony for excellence. It is the celebration of military triumphs of Rome over his enemies. Know who could be eligible to win. How organized the ceremony, through which so. The victory ceremony derived from the input kings and archbishops in the medieval towns and popular processions here (as Santa Tecla, for example). Its influence reaches even to Western art through triumphal arches of the buildings that had its correlation with buildings of the Renaissance and later periods. (San Andrea in Mantua or the porch of the monastery of Ripoll in Catalonia). IURISPRUDENTIA. Quid IURIS SIT The trial of Hortensia and indignant matrons. Nemesis ARQ In 42 BC, the triumvirate of Antony, Octavius ​​and Lepidus imposed a new tax on the richest women of Rome to raise money to start a war. These midwives, related with the enemies of the triumvirate, did not find any man who wanted to defend their interests. Thus, a large number of patrician went to forum and there, Hortensia, daughter of the speaker Quint Hortalus Hortensia, gave a bold plea: if women had not declared the triumvirate enemies, because they punished? ROME Germans Limes of the Legionaries of Rome Germania An audiovisual Museum Haltern am See (Germany) to get an idea of ​​the real conditions of life of Roman legionaries in a geographical and cultural context radically different from the Mediterranean basin. GUEST FESTIVAL 2012 INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARCHAEOLOGy- FICAB Once again we get closer to the reality of other events related to the disclosure of the Roman world. This year we invited an International Festival of Archaeological Film Bidasoa-FICAB. MUSEUM GUEST 2012 Irun (Basque Country) This year, the leaders of the Museum, who accompanied us for several years, the Fair of Rome at the Museums of the World, will be our special guests. At its stand can discover their activities on the disclosure of the Roman world, their city, Irun. TARRACO ALTAFULL and Constanti The Roman Villa Joaquin Ruiz of Arbulo Conference The world of gladiators Ars Dimicandi Historical recreation Music in Rome Ludi Scaenici Concert Altafulla eight restaurants, dishes and cooking meals. Senatus. The Roman Senate PROJECT PHOENIX (Tarragona) Its role in the history of Rome is crucial, can not understand the evolution of this ancient town of Latium to become the capital of a vast empire, without studying the assembly. Many monuments and coins of the time we read: SPQR. The Senate and people of Rome, this duality will end in civil war to finally relegate the Senate a little more than consultative assemblies in the Imperial era. TARRACO. THE PLANNING OF A ROMAN CITY Ric - Joaquin Ruiz Arbulo - Alejandro Beltran Collaboration: Hugo Prades (illustration) Exhibition All information on archeology in recent decades a graphical approach that allows us to imagine how was the Tarraco. The main monuments of Tarraco recreated following the archaeological investigations.

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