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Programme Celebration of the Quadre

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Wednesday, July 7 At 8pm, the Chamber of City Hall Without presentation of the book the author Bethlehem pedigree Marquez by Jordi Cabrales, teacher and anthropologist, and Albert Bonet, journalist Thursday July 8 At 8pm, the Chamber of City Hall Presentation of the book Coaching and health. Patients and doctors: a new attitude, the author, Dr. Roca Jack Mills. Presentation by Nuria Gomez Grains, journalist and writer. At 10pm, the parish church of St. Peter the Apostle The choir will be in concert with Santa Rosalia Catalan popular music and themes of the New Song, where there are represented Raimon, Lluís Llach and Joan Manuel Serrat. The second part will be a concert of gospel music recital with piano accompaniment Francis A. Farmer and drummer David Rincon, and with the collaboration of soloist Arantxa del Cid Organizers: Coral Santa Rosalia Friday 9 July At 7:30 PM, The Naughty Bluegrass Bar Tribute to Xesco Boix (folk children) Organised by: The Naughty Cultural Association At 10pm, the Patio del Castillo Presentation of the shirt of the Feast of Santa Rosalia in 2010 and inaugurated the photographic exhibition "X Anniversary of the Shepherds Dance" Then, in the Plaza del Castillo Concert by The Grallers of the vest and drink in the fresh (price to be determined) The Grallers the vest There are many ways to enjoy a feast. For sure that each of you to live differently. There is one that is better than another, even the each. Over the years, but was living in a different way, is the law of life But there is one that is always there, anytime, and that is the grallers the vest will be presented based on the music we heard throughout the day. We realize, but every moment has its music and the music is ... the time Organizers: Association of dances Saturday July 10 At 6.30 pm, in Plaza Father Joaquim Boronat Balls Encounter Shepherds Catalonia and Basque invited the gang, dance Kezka Taldea In the X anniversary, the Dance of Shepherds Torredembarra invited your particular party of four groups of shepherds emblematic Catalan: Dance of the Shepherds Vendrell, Tarragona Shepherds Dance, Dance of Shepherds and Dance from Vilafranca Shepherds of Vilanova i la Geltrú. Also has the collaboration of the Basque group dance Kezka Taldea of Eibar The Dance of Shepherds Torredembarra invites most anticipated act of his ten years of existence and to participate in the celebrations of our people At 7 pm, home of the Shepherds Dance Parade. Course: Father Joaquim square Boronat, C / Antoni Roig, pl. de la Fuente, pl. the Town c / Joan Güell and pl. Castle Then, in the Plaza del Castillo Entry of Shepherds and Dance groups of past brilliance Organizers: Association of dances Torredembarra At 9 pm, opposite the Tower of the Town Numbered special edition beer black market. Commemorative "35 Guys Tower and musical performance Organized Guys Tower and beer Straperlo At 11 pm in the Plaza del Castillo Sync Concert Orchestra. Then Remmember of Play, with local DJs of the 70s and 80s Synchrony Orchestra: We are a group of young people making versions of classic pop-rock, English, Spanish and Catalan, together with highly topical subjects with a very interesting musical instruments and We have experience in various festivals and festivities of various organizations (Jumper Mar Cabrera, Mataró, El Vendrell, etc.).. Our assets consist of a total commitment stage and a very good response from the public and the people that you want, in short, is singing, dancing and above all spend a very pleasant Remmember of PLAY: Fun with music from the 70s and 80s. Recalling all those songs that they wore at the time, with the same DJ who made us jump and dance. A classic Organizers: Association of dances Torredembarra Sunday, July 11 At 11 am, at Plaza Father Joaquim Boronat Dance of the Shepherds planted Torredembarra and parade to start running track of the municipal sports area, accompanied by a small herd of sheep and goats Course: pl. Father Joaquim Boronat, C / Antoni Roig, pl. de la Fuente, pl. the Town c / Joan Güell, pl. Castle, Ctra. Riera, c / c Garden of the Goose / Poppy At 12 h, the athletics track of the municipal sports area Exhibit dogs in Torredembarra. The exhibition will implement a couple of pastors Canonja The winners of recent contests for dogs, dog with his scruff. In addition to the exhibition with the flock of 25 sheep, an exhibition will be held with geese in which the youngest of the party may participate in a very active Organizers: Association of dances Torredembarra At 7:30 PM, Father Joaquim square Boronat Presentation of Gypsy Dance Torredembarra start the parade The Dance Gypsy Torredembarra invited presentation as sponsors: the Gypsy Vendrell, the Gitanes de Vilafranca del Penedès, Torredembarra Devils Dance and Dance Serrallonga Torredembarra Course: Father Joaquim square Boronat, C / Antoni Roig, pl. de la Fuente and PL. of the Town On the Town Square, showcasing dances and versots by the Gypsy Dances At 9 pm in the Plaza del Castillo Dinner popular price to determine In conclusion, the party with Gypsy rumba and friends Alikyndoy Organised by: Dance Gypsy Torredembarra Monday, July 12 At 8 pm, in Plaza Father Joaquim Boronat Country Line Dance dance show by students of the Association Country Tower Organisation: Tower Country At 10pm, the faculty of the Peter Bay Foundation Concert Classics in the cool by the students of the School of Music Torredembarra Organised by School of Music. Collaboration: Department of Education Tuesday, July 13 At 7 pm, the park must Llovet Children's circus show Tatxan!, Cia. Three feet of nose The function must begin and Mukito still sleeping! Fortunately we have, in the jokes of Sapastroff il'esmorzar that prepares Xefecillo, but also need the help of the public ... Tatxan! is a show full of fun, balancing, juggling, fire and magic that will leave you with three feet of nose At 8 pm, at the library and the park Mistress Maria Antonia Cal Llovet Inauguration Cuba in Catalonia, the legacy of the Indians. Habaneras by strong winds and rum Organized by: Circle of Friendship Catalonia Cuba, Mireia Olivé, Department of Library and Heritage Teacher Maria Antonia Wednesday, July 14 - the day before. The correfoc and dance festival At 12 pm in the Plaza del Castillo Tolling of bells and the Festival of twelve rockets takeoff After 6pm, pl. of the Slaughterhouse, download San Antonio, c / Santa Rosalia, c / Gibert, c / Antoni Roig, pl. de la Fuente, pl. the Town c / Joan Güell, pl. del Castillo, C / Freginals, download and PL San Antonio. the Slaughterhouse Parade Procession of Popular Dance of the Devils Infant Child, the Mulasseta, the ball sticks, the Shepherds Dance, Dance of the Patatuf, the Dance of the Dwarfs and youth groups from Guys Tower In conclusion, bread and wine with sugar At 9:30 pm, the park must Llovet Traditional Festival Concert by the Orchestra Wonders The orchestra is a wonder Catalan ensemble created in 1951 in Caldes de Malavella. The early years almost always acted abroad, why they called the International Orchestra. They have performed in Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland and even in former USSR ... and at festivals around Catalonia and Spain. In 1997 he received the Cross of St. George for the popularity of dance music and to be pioneers in boosting the figure to the singer's orchestras At 9:45 pM, from luck, c / Sort of, pl. de la Fuente, pl. the Town c / Joan Güell and pl. Castle Streets by the Mule, Devils Sant Pere de Ribes, the Devils Morell Dragon Villefranche, Devils Tarragona, Virgil and The Devils Dance Torredembarra At 24 pm, the park must Llovet Ball by Wonders Orchestra At 24 pm, Youth Concert in the parking lot and patriarchy Mañé Young Concert by the Orchestra and DJ Midnight When the sun goes down and opens the night, the magic and energy are transformed into music ... Midnight is a band that has been gaining adherents shows where his show. Some dare to define it as the new concept of versioning and group dance orchestras Thursday, July 15 - The party. Votive procession At 8 am, the streets of the town Mornings with Grallers Tower At 9 am in the church of St. Peter the Apostle First Mass At 11 apm in the church of St. Peter the Apostle Solemn Eucharistic Office, accompanied by the choir Santa Rosalia Broadcast by the Tower Wave At 5.30 pm, pl. Mn. Joaquim Boronat People planted with elements of courtship After 6pm, pl. Min. Joaquim Boronat at c / Joan Güell Ida in procession, with the Devils Dance, the Dance Serrallonga the Mule, the stick dance, the Dance of Shepherds, the Gypsy Dance, Dance of the Dwarfs, Giants and casteller Guys Tower At 7pm, the c / Joan Güell, c / W c / Major, pl. the Town c / Antoni Roig, c / Gibert, c / Santa Rosalia, c / Freginals and the PL. Castle Votive procession of Santa Rosalia, preceded by the People's Procession of the town. The accompanying chart Fanfare Torredembarra Santa Rosalia The Coral Santa Rosalia, perform the villancicos, accompanied by students from the School of Music and The Fanfare Torredembarra, street width and pl. of the Town After the procession, the church of St. Peter the Apostle Votive Mass At 9.30, the Plenary Room of City Hall Tribute to family Batet Miracle Friday, July 16 - THE PARADE sailors. The Virgin of Carmen At 7 pm, St. John the Baptist Church in Sea Bass Mass of the Virgin of Carmen At 7:45 PM, in Sea Bass Procession of the Virgin of Carmen and fireworks accompany the procession At 9pm, in Sea Bass Dance Band with sardanas Catania Saturday July 17 Sponsorship of events commemorating the 35th Boys Tower by the Children of El Vendrell After 6pm, the square Father Joaquim Boronat Parade of the groups and the People's Procession to the PL. of the Town Organized Guys Tower At 7 pm, at Town Square Castellera Performance by Children and Boys Vendrell Tower Organized Guys Tower At 9:30 pm, approximately, in the Plaza del Castillo Popular dinner at € 3.50. Sale of tickets from June 22 to 20 to 22 h, the local Boys and Tower on the same day, the Plaza del Castillo Do not throw the tickets, there will be a draw for a hotel night for two at Hotel Gran Claustre Altafulla Organized Guys Tower In conclusion, the Plaza del Castillo Youth Concert Organized Guys Tower At 9:30 PM, at City Hall St George Fiesta final de curso Organizers: Ballroom Dancing Association Torredembarra. Collaboration: Department of Sport Sunday July 18 - Castles From 8:30 to 2 pm, the Municipal Casal XX Open Dominoes Organised by: Domino Torredembarra. Collaboration: Department of Sport After 6pm, the Town Square Day castellera the Towers of Villefranche, Colla Jove de Tarragona Xiquets Guys Tower Other events: Football 7: Final Rounds of the 2010 FIFA Under Gaiā Friday 16 and Saturday 17: the final rounds of the Municipal football pitch Torredembarra Organized sports RICO, City of Altafulla, Creixell City Council, City Hall and City Hall conference Barà Torredembarra  

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