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The Museum of Modern Art hosted the presentation of the opening of the writer Artur Bladé i Desumvil

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. February 17, 2013. The Museum of Modern Art in Tarragona Province hosted the launch of Volume 12 of the complete works of Artur Bladé i Desumvila. This is the series of diaries II. Living in Tarragona leaves a diary, a diary sheets 1972-1974 and 1975-1976. The presentation of the work was led by Professor Montserrat Palau, the Department of Catalan Philology at the URV, and attended the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Tarragona, Vallvé Albert, director of the regional Culture of the Generalitat, Jordi thank you the latest award winning journalist Plan novel, Genis sincere journalist curator reissue of the Complete Works of Arthur and Bladé Desumvila Xavier Garcia and son of the author, Artur Bladé and Source. In this volume 12, which encloses the complete works of Artur Bladé, Cossetània Editions published in the last two books Living in Tarragona, the set of four diaries dedicated to Tarragona, which cover the years 1972-1974 and 1975-1976, respectively. These books are, again, a song to places, people, ideas and events that Bladé loved: Tarragon life and life near the Ebro, Benissanet; product of a political and literary delivered to republican ideals, humanistic and Catalan. Since 2007 until now, Tarragona Province collaborated financially editing the complete works of the writer Benissanet. The First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Tarragona, Albert Vallvé appreciated the presentation as the end of a project that has taken time and finally "succeeded in its total sense: collect the writings of Arthur Bladé and make them available to the reader of today. " Vallvé referred to the historical and social work Bladé, and said through the pages referring to Tarragona "see and rediscover social life, everyday, cities of the seventies last century. " In turn, Montserrat Palau referred to the "tireless work" of Blade, that in the last two diaries dedicated to Tarragona is "a chronicle of the human geography of the city, life, customs and culture of that Tarragon time. " He also emphasized "honesty and sincerity" that characterize the author, reflected in his diaries the sympathy in Tarragona "observing and accepting regarding the historical, social and cultural development of the city during those years. " In his speech, Sinca Genis said that this 12th volume of Artur Blade is a clear demonstration of the skill of the author, who is also the "master of journalists and writers," and said, "without I knew Artur Bladé taught me to write. " Xavier Garcia highlighted the work of Arthur Bladé Source and the recovery of his father's unpublished papers, and noted that in learning the journalistic author "was crucial." Finally, he added that the publication of the 12th volume of "we completed a pyramid of literature, good sense, humanity and chivalry." In turn, Jordi Agràs said the institutions "must work to promote authors and works such as Arthur Bladé her" and congratulated the promoters of the idea "that have been with this project so important historical and cultural level. Finally, the son of Blade, and Artur Bladé Font, expressed his satisfaction that "this project has achieved 95% of republication of the work written by my father," and expressed his gratitude to the people and institutions that have made this possible. Source Bladé and said that this is the last book that reflects "the thoughts, beliefs, experiences, admiration and gratitude that my father felt Tarragona" city he chose to live in the back exile in 1961. Artur Bladé i Desumvila (Benissanet 1907 - Barcelona 1995). Catalan writer and chronicler of exile, cultivated fiction and essays and made forays into poetry and journalism. Republican and Catalan, exiled at the end of the Civil War in France (1939-1942) and Mexico (1942-1961), where he produced literary memories of war and exile, talks with UPF Antoni Rovira i Virgili Francesc Pujols and life in his native town and the region, the Ebro basin, all of which formed a triptych literary, historical and emotional than a dozen books, including the best memorialístiques pearls and biographical (eg Benissanet Francesc Pujols or by himself). On his return to Catalonia in 1961, he collaborated actively in the country's cultural and linguistic recovery. He published several volumes of history, wrote extensively in the Catalan press and began a long series of diaries, called Living in Tarragona, encompassing chronicle of the last ten years of Franco and the beginning of the transition. His work, consisting of some thirty books, is a reference to Catalan memoirs of the twentieth century.

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