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Larry Hagman (JR of “Dallas”) and Vicky Martin Berrocal open the Golden River Hotel of PortAventura

Larry Hagman (JR of “Dallas”) and Vicky Martin Berrocal open the Golden River Hotel of PortAventura

Salou and Vila-seca. Costa Dorada. On July 14th of 2009, PortAventura has opened its new Gold River Hotel with the participation of Larry Hagman, actor who played JR in the hit series "Dallas", and the designer Vicky Martin Berrocal. Berrocal has been reincarnated in Lucy Callaghan, at the opening of the town of Sullivan founded by herself, next to the sheriff Larry Hagman. All members of Sullivan have concluded the construction of this prosperous town set up following the discovery of a gold mine. The Gold River Hotel of PortAventura offers 502 rooms with up to 4 different types distributed among 11 buildings and 24 cottages. Alongside them are located 4 new pools, 4 restaurants, 3 bars, 1 shop and a mini that expand the supply of the complex. The new hotel PortAventura occupies about 10 acres and has a floor area of 30.000 m2. This hotel complex is the largest theme Europe, has made an investment of 67 million and create about 300 jobs. The general director of PortAventura, Mercedes de Pablo, stressed during the opening that connects the hotel complex on the outside and inside the park, an area that welcome tourists. In fact the Gold River Hotel is the hotel of the Far West, one of the five thematic areas of the park. Three of them already have hotel (Mediterranean, Polynesia and Mexico) and now adds the Gold River Hotel and the Far West, while the area of China is the únicia that currently has no accommodation. Lucy Callaghan, the mine and the town of Sullivan ( SEE PICTURES AT THE END OF ARTICLE) With the Gold River Hotel, PortAventura offers visitors a journey through time that transported to an era that marked the popular imagination through the film, music, art and literature. Highlights from the architectural point of view the railway station and the facade of the Mansion of Lucy. The windows depict the appearance they had in his time, mimic cobblestone pavements, wooden slats, with traces of rustic roads typical forest animals such as the American raccoon, bear or horse. Hotel Gold River begins its journey imagined in 1800, just at the moment that Lucy Callaghan, the character who embodies the soul of the town, discovers a golden stones along the river where she and her family stopped to rest on its route to Santa Fe This discovery leads them to form the Sullivan town, where families and pilgrims began to settle and prosper thanks to the Gold Mine: The Callaghan's Mining Company. Victorian buildings and the architectural splendor of the end of XIX Century marked the high street - Main Street - from the complex. As you move the visitor discovers the house of the doctor, the dentist, the funeral home, the taxidermist, the Saloon, the Opera House, the brothel, jail, bank, or the Sheriff's Office. Similarly, the view is not stopped at the time of everyday items like a locomotive train, the rustic cabins of the pioneers along the river, a stagecoach pulled by horses or windmill. Each building has a historical basis and real materials has been developed that replicate the look and texture of their real times. Wood is the protagonist in contrast with the road dust, rust, water and the glow of the gold deposit. Tour of Sullivan The main buildings and areas of the hotel are: The City Hall Victorian style is the main building of the complex, not only for its size but because it brings together the main services of the hotel. It consists of three separate parts and joined together in the form of "U" around a huge inverted pedestrian plaza that welcomes visitors. Hence the initial focus centers on a cart pulled by 6 horses to simulate full speed to the hotel and need to brake suddenly not crash. In the main building the rooms are arranged around a large central atrium which features a typical Victorian iron source. The roof culminates in a spectacular skylight that lets in natural light while keeping the temperature of  comfort. Opera House With this name Gold River Hotel presents a space that houses a restaurant serving table was decorated with great detail to recreate an atmosphere typical of the affluent society of the time. The most impressive one lamp of 150 kg. who chairs the panel and which has been done by skilled artisans glass. Lucy's Mansion Recreates the family home of Lucy, the owners of the gold mine. It is the highest building and elegance, with an own history and image. Among the many advantages of  staying in his mansion highlights the daily press service, free internet connection, pillow menu, plasma TVs and DVD. The River Bar It has a spectacular outdoor terrace with tables, accessed via a porch. This area also has a snack bar that opens onto the pool area and grocery store with a separate access. Main Street Buildings Several buildings are located on the main street to give accommodation to the guests. The picture offered is a style of the American west, typical of the era. The final image is a series of small buildings which together represent businesses of the era, as the photographer, the taxidermist, the fortune-teller, detectives, funeral home, bank, orthopedics, dentistry, armory, etc.. Among these buildings emphasizes The Old Station represents an old railroad station and is part of the unique construction of Main Street. Facing the flagship building is a reproduction of an original engine. The Brothel Situated opposite the City Hall here flagship Hotel Gold River borrows the story of Matty Skills, the first woman who created a business of prostitution in the United States, although she never was a prostitute. It is next to the Mansion of Lucy, the only building for their high income could allow a painted facade, and thus discovered the new arrivals.  Barn Along with the monumental buildings, could not miss an area dedicated to the smallest. The breadbasket of the Gold River Hotel becomes an adventure camp for children with games, animations and screen aiming to spend a little more unforgettable. Cemetery A tribute to the characters of Lucy's family who built the legend on the Gold River Hotel. For added realism pueblode Sullivan was imperative to have an area that was repeated throughout the Old West town, a cemetery where we keep the memory of its most illustrious characters, and simultaneously to give a touch of mystery that permeates the streets to fall night. Gold River Saloon Across the main plaza recreates a typical bar of the time. Although his image is shown in the simple American style through its detailed decoration dominated different flags of the regiments of United States, weapons, agricultural tools, buffalo skins or photographs. This space is dedicated to fun, entertainment and the Can Can. An authentic and unforgettable atmosphere where visitors can enjoy live performances every day. The River Bungalows Set of 24 small buildings constructed entirely of wood and located in a virgin area that keeps the original tree exists. The cabins are connected by a network of small footpaths. The image of the set faithfully reproduces the ambience of the simple houses built by the first miners arrived in the area in search of gold in the river appeared. Each cottage has 2 connecting rooms, kitchen and outside porch. The river and the pools The hotel's overall landscape is marked by artificial dunes to create visual barriers. Gold River, which gives its name to the hotel, is an artificial river that crosses the complex. In some sections become waterfalls that flow into 3 pools. These in turn act as lakes along the way and are coated with a black background to make sense of depth, purity of water and mirror. Gold River Hotel has also been a challenge in terms of adaptation to the natural topography and the environment. Thus, for the structure of the River - Gold River - and artificial dunes, land has been used from other works developed in the resort. Also to locate the River Bungalows has chosen an area of natural pine where the huts were built. A level of optimization of resources, thanks to an air conditioning system has been saving energy consumption. One example is that when a visitor performs the Check In, activates a program that automatically launches the comfort of air conditioning temperature, thus avoiding peak demand. Moreover, all irrigation water comes from recycled. It has been the same kind, together with ground conditions, the main factor that made the construction of the complex. The ground has a sloping topography, and consequently the lower part connects with the general path to the park and there is where the hotel's general parking. The location of the buildings be consistent with the functional characteristics of the terrain in this way is the main building and the highest in the lower zone and near the access road to the complex. Instead, River Bungalows, a single plant, located in the most elevated and wooded to minimize environmental and visual impact. The rest of the package is adapted to the existing topography to finish developing the idea of a village that has grown gradually. Along throughout the tour of Main Street, porches have been willing to give shelter to foreign visitors during the tour. The design, construction and engineering of the Gold River Hotel intervened a total of 30 companies that have created a work rate of up to 500 people at a time during the 18 months that have lasted the works. This project involved a team of development consisting of 20 persons PortAventura. The basic materials used in treated wood are thematization especially porexpan fiberglass material used in the theme of individual buildings, cornices and moldings. To create many of the elements has been used a numerical control machine, usually in construction, but for innovative thematization. Based on a design, you get an accurate scale and the machine produces the part. With hindsight, many pieces have been subjected to aging techniques to achieve a more realistic, such as rusty decks.    

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