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The Diputació of will improve safety between Vimbodí and the Monatery of Poblet

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. The Board of Governors of Tarragona has approved the first phase of improving the connection between Vimbodí-7002 and the monastery of Poblet, a performance that includes the construction of a roundabout in the village and a new bridge over River Milans. The works represent a significant improvement in road safety on this stretch and become the first step for the preparation of the entire road, which is the main link between the two nuclei and the municipality of Vimbodí Poblet and access more direct to the monastery from the Lleida. In the preparation and improvement of this road is considered necessary to promptly modify the current path or incorporate new elements in some places, to improve the radius of curvature, visibility and compliance for safety and tracing functionality. The budget execution of this contract is the first tranche of EUR 2,491,183.79. The bidding process is planned for this year 2010. The new route of the road poses an extension of the current cross section of 5 feet to 7 feet of existing road (3.5 meters per lane) with hard shoulder on both sides of 0.25 meters and 0.50 meters of berm at two Extreme platform. In addition, there are plans for a bike lane on the left margin of 2.50 meters in the direction Poblet, with an average of one meter separating this lane road where cars circulate. In this first phase of action will work in a total length of 820 feet. The project begins the crossroads of the TV with the TV-7004-7002, near Vimbodí. This intersection is projected construction of a roundabout to allow easier access, both on the road as the core of Poblet and Vimbodí the road that leads to Vallclara. This roundabout will have a diameter of 31 feet, with a ring of 8 feet of roadway passable ring of 0.5 meters and a hard shoulder on the inside. The project includes a bridge or viaduct over the river Milan and a retaining wall. The viaduct of Milan (from 0.240 to pk pk 0.357) have a length of 117 feet, with three fans: a central Vanoli Vanoli 43m and the two ends of 37m. The panel width is 12 feet, consisting of two lanes of 3.5 meters with a hard shoulder on each side of 0.25, an average of 1.00 meter and a bike lane 2.50 meters. The firm is a road 12 cm layer of hot mix bituminous base 40 cm granular all-artificial one. For the bike lane, is 5 cm bituminous hot mix of granular base with 20 cm-u all artificial. The works will be complemented with the corresponding vertical and horizontal signaling and corrective action on the slopes of embankments and clearance. Prior treatment of topsoil with fertilizer will hydroseeding of the herbaceous layer, with species adapted agroclimàticament in the area. On the other hand, sit all services affected, corresponding to electrical, telephone, gas and sewer. This action in this town of Conca de Barbera included in the process of constant improvement of the road network of the Provincial Council, and reflects the desire of the institution to help balance regional inter ial'augment quality of life the inhabitants of Tarragona and Terres de l'Ebre.  

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