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Device by the Guardia Urbana for All Saints

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. On the occasion of the feast of All Saints' Day, held on Tuesday, the police has prepared a special order to ensure maximum attendance at the municipal cemetery, while ensuring that the flow affects the least possible traffic around and other civic activities. The cemetery will be open from 9 to 19 hours on 24 October to 2 November. To assume the increased influx of people, on November 1 the side door, in front of the Olive Road to the Holy Crosses, will be open all day. On days 29, 30 and 31 may open you may require an increase of visitors. The special work of the police on 29 October to 1 November and intensified on Tuesday to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and parking in the area. The device traffic on November 1 will be detailed as follows: 1. The downward movement of the center of Tarragona from St. Pere and St. Pau for the TP-2031 (entry Av. Rovira i Virgili), will be diverted by way of the Mount of Olives across the path of front side of the cemetery will be 200 or 300 meters turn left again by the same route up to the traffic lights at the junction of the road in the cemetery, due to the ability corridor for pedestrians. 2. On the contrary, ie, the output from Tarragona to St. Peter and St. Paul and Pallaresos for TP-2031 (out of the city center by Rovira i Virgili), circulate in the left lane across the distance of the front side of the cemetery due to the ability corridor for pedestrians. 3. The Road Cemetery in the section of the main fa├žade (between traffic lights at the junction with Avenue Rovira i Virgili - TP-2031 and the roundabout junction with the new parking deterrent) shall be heard only in the car park to the roundabout dissuasive. The parking lots will be as follows: A. The forecourt parking in front of the main entrance of the cemetery will be reserved for the stalls selling flowers and a parking area for disabled people, taxis and unloading of passengers of advanced age or disabilities. B. The road tunnel that crosses under the highway A-7 ring road between Les Arcades (back of the tank cars) and the new roundabout parking deterrent, it will allow parking for 4 lines visits to the cemetery. C. Obviously, you can use the parking deterrent. This special scheduled for November 1 will be applied on 29, 30 and 31 October if the increased number of visitors to the cemetery has been made to open the side door. MUNICIPAL TRANSPORT COMPANY - EMT As for the municipal bus service on Tuesday 1 November the service will double the L-6 during visiting hours at the cemetery.

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