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Calendar of Christmas programming in Tarragona

Calendar of Christmas programming in Tarragona

Tarragona. Costa Dorada. November 27, 2012. Then we detail the main events organized by the city council and / or promoted through various departments, with the celebration of Christmas. FAIRS Christmas Fair · Traditional fair stands and Christmas items · Location: Rambla Nova. Section statue Castellers · Dates: 24 November to 23 December · Hours: 9 am to 21:30 pm Craft Fair Location: Rambla Nova. Section Balcony Dates: December 6 to January 6 Hours: 10 am to 22 pm CHRISTMAS LIGHTS Party-switching on Christmas lights - Date: Friday, November 30 at 18pm. At 18.30 the lights switched on - Location: Rambla Nova. Tram to the Centennial Fountain. Next to the Christmas tree. - Show for children with Mag and Struc snack cake with chocolate (Count-1 Bakery €) - (Enclosed poster) · Opening dates and opening lights: Will be lit on Friday 30 November to Sunday 6 January. 17 to 24 · We have installed a total of 441 figures of 63 city streets. 100% of the lights are LED technology. Cribs   · Dates: December 21 to 6 generInfo · Place: Entrance Plaza and Amphitheatre Tarragona Torreforta · Hours: 10 am to 22 pm                      PARK CHRISTMAS   · Place: Exhibition Hall of the Palau Congress in Tarragona · Time: December 26 to January 3. · Doors open: 26 December at 11 am. · Opening hours: from 11 am to 14 pm evenings from 17 to 20 h. On the afternoon of December 31 and January 1 in the morning the park is closed   TREE OF WISHES   · It will be on December 15 at 11 am the door of the council. More information     Pastorets   The Shepherds La Salle   · Venue: Teatro Metropol · Date: Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 December at 18.30 · The Association La Salle led a remake of the classic Catalan Christmas. It does, as usual for more than fifteen years, with the help of Professor La Salle, Josep Maria Rota. The performance of the play at La Salle has its origins in the 20's of last century, when the brothers played at the La Salle school. A few years later, namely in 1952, the Shepherds came out of college and the show was open to all Tarragona. The texts Josep Maria Folch i Torres back to life in the hands of actors Tarragon this company, which continues its line of tradition, keeping absolute fidelity to the words of Catalan playwright and presenting a stage and costumes very accurate. · Tickets: 5 € (under 12 years) and € 7 (adults) to be confirmed   The Nativity of the CIA. The Attic   · Venue: Teatro Metropol · Dates: Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3 January at 18.30 · Cia. Metropol the Attic returns to his Nativity Joseph M. Folch i Torres. Under the direction of Ferdinand Vidiella, the Attic is a classic Nativity tarragonització proposal, revised and improved every year. Since 1984, the Shepherds have continuously in the city of Tarragona, in the tradition of the Catalan playwright, based version of Josep Bargalló. Thus, the evil forces gather at Devil's Bridge, in front of two young wide-eyed in Tarragona-Lluquet and rusting have been strangely abducted from his bed on Christmas Eve. The adventures of two RABADAN of Folch i Torres move to the city, without losing the essence of the original story but keeping the attention of parents, grandparents and children in the misdeeds of Satan, the irony of the dialogue (by passing, a review of the current status of the city) and the struggle between good and evil with a more predictable end. · Tickets: 5 € (under 12 years) and € 7 (adults) to be confirmed     Man of Noses   · Place: Plan Headquarters · Date: December 31, from 12am · Directions: Plan of the Cathedral, Father Churches, market, Coles, Major, The Ship, Fish, Beef Body, Place de la Fuente, Portalet Rambla Vella, Augustine, Rambla Nova, travel to the other side Union Street, Apodaca, Barcelona Fairgrounds.                    KINGS     Collection of letters by the pages of Their Majesties   · Place: Courtyard James I to the City · Dates: 2, 3 and 4 January 2013 · Hours: 18 to 20h     Ride of Their Majesties

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