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Salou / Information / Tortosa, city of three cultures

Welcome to Tortosa, the city of three cultures


Tortosa is the capital of the Baix Ebre. It is located in the lower valley of the river Ebro, near the mouth. Now is a major shopping center, agriculture and industry. It is a city with an ancient past, providing an important historical and artistic heritage, but stressed especially during the Catalano-Aragonese Crown.

Tortosa is a city with a special charm that stands out the remnants of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures that have marked its history. Renaissance festivals, which recall the glorious past of the city in the sixteenth century, are also interesting.

In Tortosa you can visit:
  • the cathedral and the permanent exhibition of the fourteenth century. Gothic Cathedral, Baroque facade, with three naves and cloisters. The exhibition helps us learn more in detail the history of the city of Tortosa.
  • Royal Colleges and the Renaissance Interpretation Centre (CIR): buildings founded by Charles V for the education of the Moors in 1564.
  • Jewish Tortosa: visiting urban places have witnessed Jewish presence. This is the Remolins neighborhood, which still contains the Jewish essence.
  • Prince's Gardens, museum of outdoor sculptures Santiago De Santiago. Romantic Gardens Porcar ancient spa where the museum of sculptures.
  • Interpretation Centre of Easter Week are the most representative of the Easter Week of Tortosa.
  • Fortifications: different route through the city's historic sites, such as walls or Suda Castle
Concerning the feasts of the Renaissance, this 2014 will take place between 24 and 27 July, when it becomes Tortosa 500 people dressed in period and recall historical facts of the municipality, in addition to offering a full program of shows, medieval market, exhibitions and so on.

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