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Salou / Information / Parking

Free parking in Salou

Free parking in Salou is not easy

If our goal is to park for free in Salou during the tourist season, we must bear in mind that it is a difficult mission, but not entirely impossible, as long as we are willing to walk.

Salou has more than 1,600 parking spaces, distributed between 9 paid car parks and 3 free.

Where to park in Salou
The main areas to park in Salou and the surface parks are the following:
  • Paseo Jaume I: it has 522 spaces and you can park for free all year round except between March and October. It has two accesses and monthly subscriptions can be contracted.
  • Between Major and Balears streets: small area with only 25 places just behind the Municipal Tourist Board. Also blue payment zone.
  • Calle Torremolinos, at the end of Avenida Carles Buïgas: here is one of the largest car parks, with 280 spaces. Regulated with parking meters.
  • Calle Paris, number 26: there is a surface car park with more than 150 spaces.
  • Avenida Pompeu Fabra: we find a dissuasive car park with 190 spaces, regulated by parking meters. You can park for 4 euros all day.
  • Calle Carril con València: there is also a regulated and paved area dedicated to surface parking next to the train tracks, near the old train station.
  • Calle Berlin: regulated car park with 173 spaces.
  • In all the streets that connect with the Llevant beach you have to pay for the blue zone in summer, while the rest of the year it is free.
  • The streets that lead to the Via Roma are paid in winter and summer.
On June 1, the Salou City Council activates the blue zone of the different regulated parking areas of the municipality, which operate every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 2pm and from 5pm to 9pm. In the Llevant and Nord car parks, the hours are from 10am to 10pm from Monday to Sunday, although in July and August the hours are extended from 10am to 4am.

The standard rate in 2022 is 1.25 euros per hour, although in the park and ride car parks on Pompeu Fabra, Joan Fuster, Berlin and Torremolinos streets you can park for 4 euros per day. These schedules are in operation until September 30.

The most convenient way to manage payment in the blue zone is to use the Parking application, which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play for Android devices or the Apple Store for iOS.

This app can also be used for electric vehicle charging stations. This load has no cost to the user.

Where to park for free in Salou:

In summer you can't park for free in Salou near the center of Salou. The only free parking areas are 2 and 3 km from Ponent or Llevant beach. These zones are:

  • Elisabeth school area, with access from Camí del Cavet: dissuasive parking, free, unpaved with a capacity for 410 cars. This area is not very built up and for this reason it is also easier to find parking on the streets. From the Elisabet school to the monument to Jaume I there is approximately a 25-minute walk.
  • Emprius Zone: dissuasive, free, unpaved parking with a capacity for 320 cars. This area is not very built up and for this reason it is also easier to find parking on the streets. From Emprius street to the monument to Jaume I there are approximately 22 minutes on foot.
Underground car parks:
  • Via Roma - Municipal Market. Car park with 178 spaces that combines the surface area with the underground.
  • Plaza Corona d'Aragó, s/n. Underground car park with 126 spaces.
  • Calle Logronyo: 286 underground parking spaces.
Charging points for electric cars
Salou has the following recharging points for electric cars:
  • A double semi-fast recharging point on Vía Roma street, in front of the Municipal Market. It has 22kW and the charging time can be from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the vehicle. To use this charger it will be necessary to have an RFID card to identify the user of the electric car and use the charger. This can be requested at the Salou Town Hall or at the Local Police. RFID cards from other municipalities also work.
  • A 50 kW fast charging point on Balears Streetbehind the Salou Tourist Board, allows 100% charging in 30 minutes and 2 cars can be charged at the same time. Works with the Parking app.
  • A fast charging point on Pau Casals street in Salou, at number 14, in front of the Atenea building. Also 50 kW and allows 100% battery charging in 30 minutes. It also works with the Parking mobile app.

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