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Tossal de Comalats. Patrimony of Conesa, Forès and Passanant

Barberà de la Conca
Tossal de Comalats. Patrimony of Conesa, Forès and Passanant

 The hill Comalats is located NW of the Conca de Barbera, near Urgell. It is a very wooded area, where you can enjoy magnificent landscapes in a natural environment of great beauty. The itinerary of the visit points of interest terms Conesa, and Forès Passanant. This route can be from or from Belltall Conesa, allowing breakfast and lunch at the starting point of completion. Thus, it is the visitor who can make it regardless of the itinerary proposed here, even Forès can be chosen as a starting point. Fennel has been acquired by a nudist association and summer months are nudists. To get from Montblanc Conesa, take the C-14 N towards, the Meadows Guard of breaks right (NE) C-241d, and Rocafort de Queralt, left (N) the T-230. 0 km. Conesa Conesa is one of the most interesting medieval area. It preserves part of the ancient wall and two gates, the Santa Maria and Real (XVI century), unique access to the walled enclosure. The church (XIV century) is goticoneoromànic style. In the square, beneath the basement of the City Council, we can see a bakery dating from medieval XIV, very well maintained and operated until 1924, and includes a small museum of traditional folk stuff with objects that have been depositing the neighbors (old balances, fees, tools, utensils mowing, etc. .) Conesa A, can also be seen in perfect house collecting delmera of the Barony of Mountain Santes Creus monastery, which belonged to the population from the s. XIII. km 7. Ermita de Sant Pere de Savella To access it from Conesa, take the paved path that leads west towards Forès and, after about 5 km, it follows the right (NO) by a way that leaves a very closed curve. About 2 miles later you are in the old deserted from the Abadiat Savella, where a hill is the Romanesque hermitage of Sant Pere de Otros century XII. It was declared a historical monument in 1977. Once there, surrounded by a gentle landscape of forests and crops, can be heard in silence and be swayed by an absolute tranquility. Resumes at the track turn left and takes into Forès. 12 km. Forès The population is very scattered Forès. The Romanesque church of San Miguel, built in s. Twelfth-century chapel has two XIV and is nailed to the top, on top of a hill. The view of the Conca de Barbera Forès since there is splendid, a true natural viewpoint of the region. On the way to Passanant, we turn to admire the magnificent silhouette of the population that draws on the fields and mountains full of margins. Take the road to the right T-222 (N). Shortly before Passanant must turn to the left (SE) along a trail that leads to the room Comalats. 17.5 km. The Comalats Small medieval village of unique beauty. Keep a defensive tower dating XI and the houses of the Castle and Knight (XV). Nearby, there are megalithic remains. 19.5 km. Glorieta A road linking the roundabout and Hall, located at the center O, which also retains a defensive tower dating XII. It has a bakery century XVI. From the roundabout, again the T-222 by a paved, and access, followed by another track that leads to the opposite direction Fennel E / NE. After 1 km turn onto the right. The road, about 4 miles is not too good, and although can be reached by car, is not advisable in the rainy season. 25 km. Fonnoll Beautiful town located at the bottom of a ravine that was abandoned and is now used as a naturist area. It is located near a creek and surrounded by wooded mountains. There stands the parish church of San Blas, which retains a unique window of stone in Catalonia. In Passanant, you can get back up and returning to the right (NOT) the T-222, or going to seek the asphalted road that also connects to Vallfogona Riucorb: both tracks are almost equidistant. 30 km. Passanant Passanant is quite interesting medieval characterized by their stone. There are remains of a castle dating XI. The Baroque church dedicated to St. James was built in s. XVIII. 31 km. La Pobla de Ferran Following the path towards the cemetery NOT come to this small town by the castle lord. Then again Passanant needed, where to take a paved path that leads west to Belltall Located at the foot of the C-14. 38 km. Belltall Having entered the path ends at the Sierra del Cortado. Belltall is famous for its garlic. You can visit them Romanesque church of St. Peter, dating from XIV. End of itinerary. Landmarks Church of Sant Pere de Belltall Serra del Tallat Castillo de la Puebla de Ferran La Pobla de Ferran Church of St James Passanant Remains of Castle Passanant Church of San Blas Fennel Tower defense and bakery of Glorieta Holiday Castle and Knight's Hall Comalats The room Comalats Belltall Counties: Conca de Barberá Distance: 38.0 miles Signage: Yes Duration: 24 hours Topics: Nature | Culture Types: Cultural Heritage   Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 15/04/2010

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