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Surroundings of Montagut and Puig pf Formigosa

El Montmell
Surroundings of Montagut and Puig pf Formigosa

 Promoted route, signposted and informative brochures published by the Regional Council in the Alt Camp, the collection "Paths of the Alt Camp, which begins in the church of Sant Jaume de Montagut, century old church XIII restored recently, follows the Sierra Ancosa for the sunny, slightly below the crest to the coll of the Costa del Pinar and climbs to the summit of Mount Formigosa the other side. A trail pass power back to the right of the Wind to close the route. Most of the route goes through forest tracks, sometimes very rocky, and a small section of trail. The route starts at the church of Sant Jaume de Montagut. It can be accessed from the TV S-2441 to kilometer 11, and Pontons between ceremonies, where you take a paved path toward NO. To get there from N must be placed in Querol, at km 34 of the C-37 from Igualada and valleys, which take the same asphalt track, but towards SE. Whether it comes by N and by S, the track leads to a plateau where, in the extreme NE, takes another paved path that runs along by the N Montagut access to the church of St. James, where you can park the car. 0.00 km (861 m). Church of Sant Jaume de Montagut. Leaving the yard in front of the temple to the asphalted road that led us there. 0.13 km (855 m) 0 h 02 min. Neck near the Church of Montagut. We leave the paved road and turn right (NE) by a dirt road. We will be accompanied by red and white signs of long distance walking route GR 172, which in our direction and targets Mediona in opposite ceremonies. We also find the white and yellow short-distance footpath of PR C-2. 0.42 km (848 m), 0 h 06 min. Esplanade where several tracks are based, basically designed to prevent fires. We continue our (NE), which is much wider and fressada, following the broad ridge spine esclarissat by a forest of pine trees. 1.50 km (867 m) 0 h 21 min. Leave a detour to the right and also on the same side, another sign of the way we see a bit further and apparently leading to the lake Formigosa that a little glimpse below. 1.73 km (862 m) 0 h 26 min. Branching. Follow the left (NE). The rapidly turning the right branch and we come back, the path of right, Formigosa Lake, a large artificial pond that collects water to supply residential environments located at the foot of the mountain. On the left would do to the road T-244 at the beginning of the urbanization Mas Red. 1.84 km (866 m) 0 h 27 min. Formigosa of new houses. Through the midst of the few remaining remnants of corrals. We pass to windward. Continue to the northeast. The track is full of shifts, as in times of rain formed big puddles of water that lasted several days. To the left behind the debris, which are the most physically preserved house, next to a magnificent specimen of solitary oak, is a path that descends to the village wheelwright of Esblada. 1.93 km (867 m) 0 h 29 min. Follow the track and we left (N) a path that was created between the forest and stops (fields) of crops that occupy the hill and that faces the sun, climbs to the top of Formigosa. The use of down, once we have surrounded the long ridge of Mount Formigosa, which uphill slope N slope softer. Soon the trail makes a sharp turn, where the cars have a shortcut to avoid it. Immediately find a fork and turn left. The forest is now much more varied, with Rojals pines, black pines, oaks, junipers, junipers, etc.. 2.70 km (891 m) 0 h 41 min. Fountain Jovany, located in a square on the left, near the road. Continue on the track, past 50 m forks: take the ramp on the left (NE), which climbs up the Coll. 3.88 km (908 m) 0 h 59 min. Col de la Costa del Pinar. One hundred meters before we left to the left a path of desemboscar little trite. In the middle of the pass are a crossroads: we choose the left, which, NE, begins to descend. Here we abandon the GR 172; accompany us, but the white and yellow of the PR C-3. 4.24 km (879 m), 1 h 04 min. Crossing. Take the flat road on the left towards the OS by changing direction. From now leave the road markers, which follow straight on N. About 200 meters later, we find a similar fork and proceed the same way: we track down hard to the right (NO). We are the shady side of the mountains, where we find good specimens. 4.97 km (887 m), 1 h 14 min. Confluence of roads. Take what amounts to the left (OS). The other continues to slope down towards Esblada. We started a fairly steep climb that, within 400 meters, will take on the spine of the ridge. As we gained altitude, the forest was changing the look wet to dry and become more rough, with the presence of oak and Kermes oak. Also, the soil we walk is increasingly falling behind the rocky dirt road, and sometimes clay, traces of easier and more convenient. 6.02 km (991 m), 1 h 29 min. Summit of the Formigosa. After carenejar about 300 meters down the track surrounded by thick vegetation that covers almost the view, top of the hill of Formigosa of 991 meters. Shortly before arriving there, we must turn back to see the beautiful silhouette of the mountains of Montserrat on the horizon cuts. If not for a metal bar on top of which there is placed a crib, it would be very difficult to know exactly where the highest place, since no survey point you wish. In fact, Formigosa hill, though somewhat higher than its neighbor, Montagut (964 m), not far from enjoying the same good prospects. Continue the thread of the mountains about 100 meters later, towards the OS, to where the trail ends. Now it opens us a panoramic view: to the side of noon, the head of the stream Marmellar, with developments in the first place, beyond the castle and the mountains of Montmell Selma, and the background the Mediterranean Sea. To the west, with the unmistakable of Montagut behind him, and the Prades mountains, between the great plains of Tarragona. 6.11 km (980 m), 1 h 31 min. Path. The track ends in a little square, where we go up a few feet of the rocky ridge to the S by a path marked with paint marks a milestone and green and white, left mounted in a manger the rock, which at first is quite right. The trail, marked with signs painted in white and green stones and trees, is very trite and opens up between a dense thicket. Occasionally, there are some landmark stone. So we lose altitude, the trail smooths the slope. Some stone walls that we leave behind show that we are crossing ancient cultivation terraces, now reclaimed by the forest, which is becoming increasingly thicker. At the most it simply, walk among the woods and stops growing occupying the pass of the Wind. 6.55 km (868 m), 1 h 37 min. Tennis. Flow into the track where we discorregut before you take the right (SW) undoing the way you came, passing through the Houses of New Formigosa, to return to the church of Sant Jaume de Montagut, half an hour way. 8.49 km (861 m), 2 h 05 min. Church of Sant Jaume de Montagut. Starting point and end of the trail. Landmarks The Montagut Puig Formigosa New houses and mount Formigosa Counties: Alt Camp Length: 8:49 km Climb Slope: 210.0 m Descent Altitude: 210.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 2 hr 5 min Topics: Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 19/12/2008

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