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Route to Foix's reservoir

Route to FoixŽs reservoir

 Circular route around the Foix Park, located between the Baix Penedès and Garraf, which leads to more Vilanova Artís by the torrent of the trough, the plane goes up and down at the Foix reservoir back to the coast Cunit and by Puigdetiula, Cubelles down and return to the starting point. Foix Park was created in 1993. Covering an area of ​​2,900 hectares, this area hosts a highly humanized remarkable variety of natural areas where they are still well preserved and secluded corners. On a limestone relief of colors red and gray, lies a mantle composed of irregular vegetable crops, and oak forests, sailed close to the water, reeds and woods. Crops, before widespread, have been reduced to the most favorable leaving traces everywhere of the former activity as terraces, terraces, stone walls and cottages. The reservoir of Foix, built during the third decade of the century Century, has been integrated into the surrounding countryside giving a point of distinction and bucolisme. The starting point is in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Garraf Sports Park, located on the NE side of town, next to Round Peninsula. Vilanova Artís of the house will be the white and red of the GR 92, and from there to return to Vilanova, the white and yellow of the PR C-143. 0.00 km (22 m). Sports Park of Garraf. Taking its facilities to the right (N), is out for the bike lane Round Iberian toward the west, crosses a roundabout, Avenida de Villefranche, Square Moixiganga. 0.93 km (27 m). The bridge crosses the stream of the trough. On the other side, turn right (NW; signpost) taking the path of priests and following the white and red GR 92. The torrent is still on the right (E). It passes under the road C-31 (1.74 km, 41 m) and continues up stream (O / NO). 2.46 km (59 m). Branching (signpost). Continue straight towards the NW, leaving the road to the right, where is the variant number 4 of the GR 92 from Sant Pere de Ribes. Continue along the main track and a little above, is passed across the stream. It rises slowly leaving the sides off one side. Reached the C-32 (3.91 km, 106 m), where a track comes from the east. It crosses under the highway and continue back towards the N. Before the Artís house, a path leads to the track where the route runs PR C-143, which joins the route of the GR 92. 6.08 km (179 m). Mas de l'Artís. Leave the path to the farmhouse on the left and continues climbing. 400 m above, left two deviations to the right. Beyond, the trail enters the tomb and the NE of Olives deep into the OS drawing a curve in front of an electric line. It leaves a wide detour to the left and then abandoned a few yards signs GR 92, which go right (NO). It still makes the PR C-143 on the road that follows the bottom of the stream. Above, left a deviation to the left. The road gets worse and has some sections with pedruscall and bare rock where you may need to get off the bike. 8.70 km (271 m). You leave a trail to cross the ridge of the Sierra Bonaire, called a pass plan activity. Signpost. Turn left (S) to the court and, after 40 meters, take a detour to the right that descends sharply towards the bottom of the Garsosa. It runs under the forest. 9.36 km (203 m). Fork at the confluence with a stream that descends from N. Continue to the right (or) strong and short climb to overcome a hill, on top of which again leave a detour to the left. It zigzags down to the bottom of the Mosque. It continues into the OS and onto the bottom of La Pineda, which is a track (10.43 km, 153 m) that continues to the left (S). 11.79 km (85 m). It passes under the bridge that connects BV-2115 Vilanova Castle. 150 meters later, it falls to the left and come out on the road where you turn left (N). It passes through the viaduct, it falls to the S and leave the reservoir of Foix. 12.50 km (98 m). Dam reservoir of Foix. Leave the road and crosses the dam. On the other side, turn right (O). Continue along the path, following the profile of the reservoir, access your bank O. It comes in small development of Lake Foix Bladet be left to the right, in a bucolic place, and leads to a trail. 14.92 km (128 m). It falls to the left (E), a few feet left a deviation to the left and undertaken an ascent through the forest that covers the mountainside Cal Bladet. Above, left to right (15.54 km, 186 m) where a road goes to the local path of the Source of Horta. It continues at noon. 16.11 km (226 m). You leave the paved path that connects the development of Costa Cunit with the BV-2116. Turn right and follow the track towards the N. Half a mile beyond the trail falls to the west. It passes in front of the old guesthouse Mas de la Cruz, and then left the road. 16.60 km (224 m). Take a path to the left (SW), turn east, leaving a turnoff and turn left again down the bottom of the OS in Blai (some maps call it the Bolitxo) which, below, turns south. It follows the main track is always the bottom of the valley. 19.60 km (96 m). It appears in the urbanization of Rosers. Cross the road and continue on the other hand, towards noon, the following street Rosers and leaving the right of the Olive Tree. Just before flowing Street Gardens (20.24 km, 80 min), it falls to the left and go down the path that follows the stream of Borges. You leave a trail and continue down stream. 21.36 km (52 ​​m). Branching. Leaving the creek, turn left (E) to the asphalted road that leads to the development Cunit Coast. It must pass Jover, which is the right of the road. Immediately after you leave the pavement and falls to the right (E) for a rocky road that goes hard to Puigdetiula. 22.70 km (129 m). There is a fork before the track turn left. The PR C-143 goes right (SE) along a path that climbs to the ridge (not stretch ciclable) follows for 1 km and then descends to Cubelles, where he was reunited with the itinerary ciclable (this variant, but more interesting and hard technique, described at the end of text). Therefore, the court continues to be grave to the left (NO) and entered the Coast Cunit urbanization. At 100 meters, turn right following the street that rises sharply along the houses, crosses the ridge and down hard turn to the northeast. When you are in the header in the Fondo d´en Salvi, turn right (SE) left descending slope of the valley. 24.48 km (30 m). Branching. It falls to the right (OS), it leads to another track and follow to the left (SE) always gently down the main track. 25.84 km (16 m). It goes to another path in front of the C-32, is a zigzag, crosses under the highway and continue downhill to the SE. 26.64 km (13 m). Cubelles. Turn left (NE) by Calle Raval del Torrent. In finding the first side, it falls right down the street Cunit. It continues until the height of the church of Saint Anthony of Padua, is a zigzag turning right and then left (E) and is out of the way Old Cubelles Vilanova maintaining the road C-31 to the right. Beyond (28.93 km, 27 m), crossing under the road and continue along the other side in the same NE. 29.21 km (35 m). Entry in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Square Ocells. On the other hand, begins Round Peninsula. Continue to the NE at all times to return to the starting point of the trail (bike lane).     32.74 km (22 m). Sports Park of Garraf, starting point and end of the trail. Ranging and Cubells Puigdetiula the PR C-143 At kilometer of the route leading 22.70 at the time of entering the housing Puigdetiula, there is a fork. The PR C-143 goes right along a path towards S, crosses the torrent of Puigdetiula and extended high-voltage electricity (0.21 km, 134 m) and turn left going strong towards the east (section on foot). Reached the ridge, next to one of the towers of the power line (0.36 km, 154 m), where there is a way. It follows the right (E) by the thread ridge. It passes through a mountain pass leaving a turning left (0.48 km, 151 m) and continue towards the south back to the ridge. It passes under another power line and reach the top of a hill (0.73 km, 173 m) to leave the ridge road and turn left downhill to the east by a road that runs E back by keeping up the hill near the power line. It leads to a track and continue descending to the S to a fork (1.32 km, 120 m) in which we turn left (SE). Continue down side turnoffs leaving both sides to the C-32 motorway, which passes over (2.90 km, 26 m). Reached Cubelles (3.80 miles, 10m) hit the road C-31 or Catalonia Avenue, which is taken to the left (E) for 1 km. On leaving the town, in a roundabout, leaving the C-31 N toward crosses and then to take the old path of Vilanova (4.91 km, 9 m), where again the main route this route. Landmarks Fondo d'en Blai Foix Reservoir Bridge to deep Coma Pineda Dam reservoir of Foix Dry stone hut in the torrent Pastera Counties: Alt Penedès | Baix Penedès | Garraf Distance: 32.74 miles Climb Slope: 620.0 m Descent Altitude: 620.0 m Signage: Yes Duration: 2 h 55 min Topics: Sports | Nature   Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 30/09/2010

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