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From Pratdip to Mont-redon

From Pratdip to Mont-redon

Very interesting journey, full of diverse attractions, scenic, sporting and natural-the bone marrow of the Sierra Llaberia, an area of great interest, showing the natural systems of transition between Prades massifs, located in the N and the Cardó, further S. It houses a remarkable representation of the landscape of limestone mountains of the Principality of S, with some corners where the relay offers features unique shapes. They are outstanding vegetation and invertebrate fauna. Stand some rare plant communities (gatelledes, weeds, Pradella, rocky endemic populations ...), rich faunal species associated with forest environments in the presence of some exceptional cases. The natural area of the Sierra Llaberia was included in the Plan for Areas of Interest in Catalonia (PEIN) in 1992. The route starts in Pratdip. You can get from Reus, the regional capital, by road T-310 and its continuation, the T-311 (28 km in total). Another option is accessed from the SE to the T-310, which connects with the C-44 and exit 38 of the AP-7 (L'Hospitalet de l'Infant-Vandellós) through T -318. Finally, the T-311 west connects the town with the C-44 neck of Fatxes (12 km long winding path). 0.00 km (222 m). From the entrance E of town, opposite the sports complex, began to walk inside Pratdip (O) towards the castle. In front of sinks, turn right (N) of Catalonia Avenue, continue along New Street (also clockwise, NE), is out of town and get on the road. 0.50 km (230 m) 0 h 08 min. The road. On the other hand there is a signpost. Take the paved immediately turn left (NW). All up, left several entrances to the houses around. At about 0.74 miles (247 m) giving the main runway and the GR 192 to the right and continue to the left (N) is also a track that goes firmly cemented. Follow the yellow trail signs and white short-distance PR C-96 to the turnoff to the Mont-Redon. 1.21 km (302 m) 0 h 20 min. A little house where he died before the court, take a path on the left (N) that leads from the margins, now covered by shrubs and young forest. Although damaged by the passage of time, there are still retaining walls in this way that leads to the neck of Falset Chalk. 1.78 km (399 m) 0 h 35 min. The trail ends at the Coll of the plane Marinoni, or path of the Carabassa, which will go straight (N). Shortly beyond, the trail turns to the E and reached the height of a great field of almond, which is right. 1.96 km (415 m) 0 h 38 min. Leave the track to break the path goes left (N) following the indication of Mont-Redon and blue paint marks that accompany the route, until the fall, they reconnect the PR. Then return here to the same track. The road heads north through a stretch of scrub and scrub bushes of rosemary. These occupy a large area of vegetation, especially in the southern sector of the Sierra, much favored by the recurrence of forest fires. The route is designed to crests Silk, arising from the Mont-Redon, although not visible, addressing them by their side O. Gradually, the road is at the edge of the ridge and quickly gaining altitude. 2.95 km (656 m), 1 h 16 min. Leave a detour to the left that goes to the abyss of the Star and continue forward (N) passing by the pine called Silk. Further up the trail a wall bar. The step can be directly cross variant of such Siscu equipped with a chain, or more easily to the left. And reached a mountain pass. 3.27 km (700 m), 1 h 30 min. Collet and fork. Although you can continue straight up, this route goes along the path on the left (NO) which, slightly downhill, is directed to gate the channels, which allows cross the line of cliffs. Leaving, therefore, the crest, it flanks the western side of the mountain passes following a pillar of rock and horizontally across a cairn. On the other hand, the path turns left and then right to go to find the gate over which is overcome by an easy climb (strings and handrail). 3.68 km (745 m), 1 h 45 min. Gate the channels. You leave the balcony of Mont-Redon, wide tossa rough, rocky desert on which it rests, in stepped mode, the relief encinglerat Mont-Redon. It continues north for a stretch blurred, leaving the left (or) an abyss and right (E) of the curious rock Morral Silk (4.00 km, 764 m). On the left (or) sinks the ravine Dòvia well populated forest and crags closed for long. It passes the source of Mont-Redon (4.15 km, 760 m) is left to the right of the yolk and the rock, flanking the western slopes of Mont-Redon, Madrocs reach the gate. 4.90 km (816 m), 2 h 10 min. Madrocs gate, where the tall grass and pines twisted by the wind draw a suggestive landscape. He turns sharply right (SE) to address the summit of Mont-Redon across the neck of the same name to be located on the eastern side of the ridge. The road runs due to rock for about 100 meters until a broad channel to the summit without any difficulty. 5.22 km (863 m), 2 h 20 min. Mont Redon. Wonderful view on the environment, which highlights the Miranda Llaberia (N) and the building of the meteorological radar. Beyond, to the right, separated by the neck Chalk, is Colldejou of the mill, where the tower stands on defense and, even further, the windmills of the wind farm Argentera. Further to the right (E), on the other side of the slope, stands the lofty spire Horse Bernard, where the intended route, along the ridge to the main gate of the Rock Mitjanera, then the valleys and the lush forests of the east, the plains of Lower Camp and Tarragona, Reus and Tarragona, and the bottom, and closing the horizon, the coast and the sea. They are very significant formations of scrub and scrub that indicate the scope of the great fires of 1994 (2.380 are forested, of which the term Pratdip 1253) and 1981 (8041 ha). It gets back. Just before crossing the neck (5.45 km, 820 m) is the right path that leads to horse Bernard. The route, however, returns to Madrocs gate, where he rediscovers the path of return, and continues to the right (NE) in the direction of Miranda to the gate of the Ivy. 5.90 km (827 m), 2 h 30 min. Portell of the Ivy. Leave the road to Miranda (NO), turn right (E / SE) and crosses the neck. Since the shade is low for a rocky stretch, and turning right, to locate the base of the cliff that forms a cave. It also surrounds the main ridge and turns to climb back to the divisive, very flat here. Continue to the SE leaving left a hill, the rock Mitjanera gate, and down, now the west side by a rocky stretch in going for the horse feed Bernard. The ascent to the needle, although easy, has two sections where air must climb. Halfway down is on the right (E), the path that comes from Mont-Redon, where it will later. 6.35 km (785 m), 2 h 40 min. Horse Channel Bernard. Before the reddish cave that forms the basis of the needle, where it was the continuation of the path, it twists left (NE) and rises through the bottom of the channel, but easy right until s reaching the hill top to its right side. An easy way to climb to the ledge to place the base of the summit. Turn NE and with another step of hands, you are on top (6.45 km, 840 m). It turns back, goes back on the road, paying attention, take the left (E) off the Mont-Redon (6.61 km, 787 m) that has been before. Should be careful because a little further down to turn onto. 6.75 km (790 m), 2 h 46 min. Leave the path to the neck of Mont-Redon (SO) and twists to the left downhill towards the broad S E side of the cliffs of Mont-Redon, rocky and shrubs at the top. The road, blurred in some sections, but marked with blue signs and landmarks, towards S and runs just stick to the base of the cliff. Leave the left to lead several scree toward the penultimate one, the largest. At 250 meters from the spur-shaped bow of the ship that closes the cliff S, a huge specimen of palm on the right side indicates the start of the scree where should fall. 7.40 km (685 m), 2 h 58 min. It twists to the left (E) and descends directly from the scree paying attention to targets located at the base, where the road tomb on the left and then right (SE) to enter the forest. In the middle of dense forest, leaving the cave to the right of Tobacco (7.62 km, 615 m). The path continues downhill towards the SE and decidedly more down tilt attenuates when the valley becomes a wide path. 8.41 km (441 m), 3 h 22 min. Plan of buckthorn, crossroads signposted. It rediscovers the PR C-96, take right (SW). From there follow signs to the PR Pratdip. It passes the source of the pumpkin (9.53 km, 451 m) and provided to noon, ends at the runway to the plane of the neck Fill Marinoni (10.26 km, 436 m). Turn right (O) and 10.94 km in extent (415 m), the deviation is met on the crests of the Silk route and the first leg. Disposes the way already known. 12.90 km (222 m), 4 h 20 min. Pratdip. End of tour. In Pratdip to visit the old town center, the church, turn Gothic Romanesque apse and facade, and the castle ruins perched on the towers, especially the Capet, with the arch of the portal, and mill above, with a defense tower attached. On the outskirts there is the sanctuary of Santa Marina, where in 1918, built a resort that unsuccessfully attempted to exploit. Landmarks Forest east from Mont-Redon Miranda Llaberia from Mont-Redon Sierra Llaberia More Top Mill Tower of Capet Pratdip Horse Bernard of Llaberia Corner Dòvia Crests Silk Sanctuary of Santa Marina Church of Santa Maria Remains of the castle Counties: Baix Camp | Ribera d'Ebre Distance: 12.9 km Climb Slope: 810.0 m Descent Altitude: 810.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 4 h 20 min Topics: Sport | Nature | Culture                                         View hotels here                                   View restaurants here Criteria for use of routes Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism. Date of Update: 19/12/2008

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