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From Montbrió del Camp to parc de Samà

From Montbrió del Camp to parc de Samà

 Pleasant journey between fields hazelnuts, almonds, olives and vines typical villages of Baix Camp and Camp Montbrió, Riudoms, Vinyols and Arcs and Mont-Roig del Camp village linked to the life and work of painter Joan Miró. Among Vinyols Monroyo and passed through the park of Samaria, a garden created by the Marquis de Marianao to play the exotic nature of Cuba. Should inform themselves of opening hours and prices, as it is a private site. The journey begins in Montbrió Camp, facing a landscaped area at the confluence of the street with the stream of Corralot ,Montbrió. To get there, take the road T-310, between Reus and L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, up to kilometer 15. You can also access the road from Cambrils T-312. Since S Montbrió at the roundabout at the junction of Route T-310 and T-312, entered the village following excerpts from the Hotel Termes Montbrió Corralot the street. Before crossing the bridge over the stream Montbrió, you can park your car in a parking area on drums. 0.00 km (128 m). You leave the village from the aforementioned garden, a playground and a fountain in the street Corralot SE direction. 0.18 km (129 m). It is left to the right access to the road and continue straight (SE) for an asphalt road. 0.42 km (129 m). The road T-310. It continues straight (SE) for the asphalted road that continues on the other side. 0.64 km (125 m). Branching. Leave the main track and it takes another left (NE) that immediately stops being paved. It still makes the PR C-28 (white and yellow). Leave clues secondary access to farms and crops. 1.55 km (116 m). Reaches the stream saddlebag, left the tracks on each side that flank, is a zigzag up and down and it continues straight in the same direction (E / NE) passing by a farm . 2.39 km (120 m). Crossing. Continue straight on the road just NE of Sardana paths leaving tracks on either side. Soon, the track was paved again. 3.16 km (129 m). Crossing. Continue straight (NE), leaving a turning on each side. Leave the PR and continues to be the main track. 4.16 km (124 m). Roundabout access to the people of SO Riudoms. It makes the roundabout and take the third exit, which continues in the same direction it had (NE) entering the population. 4.67 km (114 m). Entry to St Vincent Riudoms street and turn right onto St. Pere´s Square. To the right leads to the church square and the streets come out of Antoni Gaudi, located in the SE part (straight on the left side of the square). Cross the main street and get to the Beat Bonaventura, it takes right turn lane from the first left towards SE. After crossing a street, you are in Calle San Sebastián, take the left. Immediately turn right to take the street of the Virgin of Montserrat. It crosses the Gorg del Portal and continue in the same direction Foranell the street. Take the right path, following even in the same direction (SE), leaving behind the last houses of the village. 6.11 km (108 m). It passes under the road T-310. On the other hand, it leaves a trail on both sides and continue straight (SE) for the main left the house leaving Manaus. 7.00 km (95 m). Cross the road T-314 and continues on the other side in the same direction (SE), leaving the boxes to the left Parsley. 8.87 km (78 m). Leave the main track to take the right (or) the way Vinyols. 10.99 km (91 m). Shortly after crossing the ravine, Barenys reach the road, take it right (NO). Vinyols enters the village. It follows Catalonia Avenue, the street adjoining the road Barenys until Pere Clariana Square. Continue along Calle de las Cruces, it falls to the left, without crossing the ravine of the Fountain, turn right to follow the first street on the left that crosses the gully and out of town in SW. After little more than half miles, the asphalt ends and continues to track. 12.32 km (91 m). Soon, the stream of saddlebag is that we must cross and follow to the other side left in the downward direction (SE). Soon you reach a bridge on the road T-314 that crosses over the creek. Take a detour to the right (SO) that climbs up the road, take it to the right (SW). 13.37 km (88 m). Park of Samaria. The park entrance is on the right (NO). Once visited, go straight (SW) to a roundabout, which intersects to find, on the other hand, a fork. Must turn right in direction (NO / O). It crosses the torrent in January and continuing for the main track. 15.89 km (87 m). It leaves a wide track, which continues to the right (NO). A few feet, forks and take the turnoff on the left (O) by a bridge that crosses the ravine of Francina and goes to the Teixell house, near which, at the age of S, you can see the monumental Teixell of pine. Must get around it and continue on the main track after two bends, which had resumed SW. 18.80 km (88 m). After the Olivera, reach an industrial estate on the outskirts of Mont-Roig del Camp. Following it, we come to town, where you enter the Catalonia Avenue after crossing the stream of Vilanova. Soon the entrance is a municipal park, which crosses diagonally out to the stairs at the opposite end. Se is a bridge on Avenida de Reus, which is still left. After turning right, leads to the Plaça Joan Miró. It passes through the portal and Down, the main street, you get to the church of San Miguel (20.33 km, 125 m). It gets back to the Plaça Joan Miró, which falls to the left descending stairs carrying a channel located at the base of the wall. Turn right to follow other steps that descend between walls, to the stream of Vilanova, where, even between walls, continues right up to a bridge: one is back on Avenida de Reus which continues to the left (NE) all out of town. 20.99 km (98 m). Having crossed the stream Vilanova, taking a trail on the left (NW) there is still low and the upstream (NO) to its left. They are signs of a road bike from the center of Mont-Roig. 21.72 km (113 m). After leaving some branches that deviate from the creek, crossed it and took a track that n'Alluny in NE. Soon, it is a crossroads and continue straight (NE), leaving a turning on each side. 22.33 km (118 m). The road T-321 and continue on the other side to the N to a paved path. 22.84 km (121 m). Branching. Leave the left to access Arbocet and followed to the right (NE / N). Somewhat later (23.20 km, 118 m) in front of the farmhouse Palomera, leaving the wider track to make another lift to the right. Then you cross the gorge leaving tracks on either side paths to go straight (NE). 24.17 km (121 m). In crossing a stream, is a crossroads. It leaves a trail on each side and continue straight (NE) signs of abandoning the path of the mountain bike center. 26.43 km (128 m). Whenever the main track, and in the same sense of motion (NE), left detours left and right to return to Camp for Montbrió Avenue Capelleta. Turn left (N) on New Street until it meets the church of St. Pere. To the left (O), come out to Main Street, turn right and ends at the Town Square. Take the St. Jordi Street and, soon, right by the tomb is of St. Nicholas, which runs parallel to the creek. In just a few feet is the bridge that crosses the street and becomes Corralot, start and end of the trail (26.98 km, 128 m). Landmarks Miro Centre Mont-Roig del Camp Portal d´Avall Mont-Roig del Camp Park Samà Mas dels Teixells Counties: Baix Camp Distance: 26.98 miles Climb Slope: 100.0 m Descent Altitude: 100.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 1 hr 25 min Topics: Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 21/12/2009

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