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De Tarragona a Salomó

El Catllar
De Tarragona a Salomó

 Travel between Tarragona and Salomon through the basins of Francolí Gaia across the industrialized area of ​​the metropolitan area and goes to the rural north-eastern region, where it maintains a significant agricultural activity is characterized by cultivation of hazelnuts, olives, almonds, vineyards and orchards, and livestock of pigs and poultry. During the journey we will visit historic sites such as Devil's Bridge, Tarragona, and towns that retain the traditional look as Pallaresos the Secuita the Argilaga, Peralta, and Renau Vilabella. After a period of heavy rain, we find out if practicable way to ford the river between Gaià Vilabella and Solomon. You can return by train to Tarragona, undoing the way you came or, better yet, follow the directions' From Solomon to Tarragona (Palau Robert) for Vespella of Gaia and Catllar. 0.00 km (60 m). It departs from the Camp de Tarragona Mars. In front of the auditorium, take Cami del cementeri in NW and reach the roundabout to access the ring road or street of the Arcades. It happens to the other side of the Avenue (0.28 km, 53 m) and continue towards the verge NOT a separate circulation, crosses the AP-7 and below leads to the roundabout in front of the cemetery. Turn left (W) along the road and TP-2031 borders the cemetery, which is right. When the tomb N, left the road crossing the left and up the avenue of Puig i Valls, making a zigzag. In the second bend to the left when the road turns west (O), we continue north along a path that crosses the town of Mount St. Pere . 1.63 km (100 m). You leave before the installation of the water company Tarragona EMATSA: it falls to the left (NW) and ends at the traverse of the Way of Saint Peter, who takes on the right (NE). Further, there is a small roundabout: turn towards N / NO and take the street in the cami del pont del diable. It crosses the district of St. Peter and St. Paul. On leaving the town, follow the path of Devil's Bridge, that leads to NO. Leave a detour to the left (or) the 3.24 kilometer (91 m) and, via the control house side of the water supply of the Ebro, began a sharp decline for a uneven and rocky terrain that will force the bike down. As to the AP-7, the tomb to the left (O) and continue descending. It crosses the gorge. 3.59 km (54 m). Underpass of the highway. We crossed the fence protecting a revolving door, you descend stairs and cross the motorway tunnel. On the other hand, it goes under the Devil's Bridge, the Roman aqueduct which is right (E). Se Ecohistòric Park within the boundaries of the Pont del diable. Continue north towards a path that descends, crosses the bottom of the ravine again, making a zig-zag towards the E and crosses the aqueduct under heading east. Cross a track (4.47 km, 51 m) and continue to the northeast. The trail to the hill in the forest, left to right two detours on the road and leave the house Arcs. Turn right (E). 5.62 km (83 m). Mas dels Arcs in ruins. It continues along the path marked with white and yellow of the PR C-159, that goes NE, and let rise in a deviation to the left. It flows into the bend of a track and continue to the left (NE) across another few feet later. 7.01 km (132 m). You leave a trail that is on the right. Continue straight (NE) and beyond 100, turn left (N) to take the path (PR signals) that, in the middle of the forest along the cliff above the cave or cliff club, where you cross a power line (7.40 km, 121 m). The path to the tomb and leave NOT on the western side of urbanization Hostalets, which belongs to the municipality of Pallaresos (7.73 km, 130 m). Turn right (E) down the street from the Camino Mas Flare to a fork where the tomb to the northeast street taking in the forest decline. It passes through the bottom of the valley and continues, now rising, the streets of the Empordà, first, and the Old path, then. You leave the path of urbanization of Mas in Friar NE / N, a slight drop, to head the Pallaresos. 10.01 km (113 m). The Pallaresos. It enters through the side of the house and follow the Bofarull Barcelona Street to the intersection of roads TP-2235, which goes to San Salvador, and TV in 2236, to Perafort. Continue along this latter direction towards N Perafort. At 50 meters, leaving the road and take a right (NE) that borders a slaughterhouse. Leave a detour to the left and continue straight (NE) towards the house of the cap across vineyards and fruit crops. It leads to a trail, it continues to the northeast and 70 m later, turn left (NW). 11.68 km (161 m). Under high tension towers, it falls to the left and leave the path of the Pallaresos Secuita, it takes the right (NE). You leave the track serving the high-speed rail line (the building is the station of Tarragona Secuita it to NO). Continue to the right (E), cross over the tracks and follow the track that, turning north, to make any resulting Secuita before the TV-2231. 14.53 km (157 m). The Secuita. It runs through the village towards N streets of San Cristobal, and the Victoria Cross, following the urban layout of the road and continue until the junction with the TP-2031. You pass the roundabout towards the E and reach the Argilaga (16.34 km, 170 m) on New Street to the plaçaa de l´Esglesia. The street of San Roque continues to the N / NE having a wide track and in good condition that runs along the cemetery. 18.00 km (170 m). Peralta. Cross the access track to this small village, where stands the belfry of the old church. It continues to the northeast leaving ruins to the right. Access to the shrine of Our Lady of Lloret after spending close to a source (18.75 km, 152 m) and goes back to the TV-2033, it takes the right (SE). 19.20 km (160 m). Entrance to Renau (signaling). After visiting the town is still going to the NE along the path Vilabella. The railway line crosses the Lleida-Barcelona (21.01 km, 206 m), continuing the climb, you enter the street Vilabella Castellvi (21.96 km, 250 m). At the top, it falls to the left of Down the street, it passes in front of City Hall and turn right onto Rose Street. Going down, it leaves the village to the SE and take the path of the old Walk Valls Vendrell, asphalt toward Solomon. It goes down to the deep valley of Gaià. 24.56 km (188 m). Cross the river Gaià and cemented back to the OS slender viaduct near the railroad, called the Seven Bridges. Making a zigzag track to the grave and then looks again N at noon. Leave a detour to the right (25.51 km, 236 m), turn east and reach the edge of the mountains, where there is an intersection (25.84 km, 238 m). Continue straight (NE) and start the download. The trail to the grave and makes S into an intersection where the road comes to lie up mas Catllar by the Cardinal (26.90 km, 205 m). Turn left (E) and follow the paved path in the direction of Salomon, which entered the suburb of Cal Toni. Cross the river and down the street from the Fountain, we reach the center of town. 28.69 km (164 m). City of Salomon. End of tour. Landmarks Pont del diable and the Aqueduct Ferreres The Pallaresos Ermita de la Virgen de Lloret Peralta Church of Santa Maria Salomon Counties: Alt Camp | Tarragona Distance: 28.69 miles Climb Slope: 640.0 m Descent Altitude: 536.0 m Signage: Partly Duration: 2 h 15 min Topics: Sport | Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: Data d'actualització : 30/09/2010

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