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Castles and rural roads around Valls

Castles and rural roads around Valls

 Sports and hiking tour to the countryside of Valls in the county of Alt Camp, through traditional villages and ancient paths reales. Castles like Rocamora to Montferri, the Rodonyà and Vila-round, and the Roman Columbarium of the latter population, the cultural supplement of the journey. In case of heavy rain, needed information about the flow of water in the transition to ford the river in Gaia Montferri. The route begins in Valls, the regional capital, where it leaves the station walk towards Tarragona. 0.00 km (228 m). Square Estació de Valls . From the entrance of the train, it is based towards the Paseo de la Estación OS. At the end, there is a roundabout: crossed it in the same direction, turn right and take the road down the Vapor Mahon (new OS). It flows into the Wall Street of the Castle, the grave to the left (S), passed by the square of San Francisco and leave the center of the city across the river Catllar and taking the road toward the C-246 SE. It passes the N-240 and below, immediately after, take a footbridge that crosses the roundabout connecting road above. When you are on the other side (1.74 km, 224 m), turn right (S), it borders a small garden and follow the trail that goes to the SE leaving before a the other left. Advancing to the main track, asphalt, which runs between crops and homes for the neighborhood of the pump. 3.43 km (222 m). It definitely goes outside of Valls . Continue along the road that goes to SE. 360 m further, it falls to the left (NE) to walk around a field and leads to a trail that follows the right (SE). It crosses the stream on a bridge Fonollosa (4.16 km, 198 m), turn left (N) and come out the way Vallmoll, marked with white and red GR 172, which is continues to the right (SE). 4.47 km (208 m). Fountain Hospitalet. Branching signposted. Continue to the left, towards the SE, following the signs towards Nulles GR 172. A little later (4.58 km, 210 m) is passed along the Mine Archbishop. It continues to rise, crossing the line from Lleida to Barcelona FFCC above (5.04 km, 238 m) and reached a fork should go right (SE) on the way to Vilabella Valls. Faced with a stand of forest, called the Luke, there is a marked crossing: leave the right footpath GR 172 (OS) and continues towards SE across the forest. 6.83 km (253 m). Crossing. Continue to the SE. 7.77 km (255 m). The road TP-2031, is a zigzag path and continue beyond (SE). 9.28 km (236 m). It flows into the TV-2032, next to Vilabella. It falls to the left (NE) and entered the village street from the Fountain, continue along the Rosary, left the church of St. Peter on the left and leave the village towards N Street Sant Magi. Already on the edge, it continues to track the path of Hortet or Montferri, which describes a zigzag. 11.98 km (237 m). Crossing. Continue straight (NE), leaving the trail to the right of the Way of Hortet. It is down to the NE, crossing the stream of Hortet by a wooden footbridge in the middle of a riparian forest and the road narrowed. On the other side, it twists north, leaving the right a large irrigation pond. 13.12 km (202 m). Crossing. It leads the way to the shrine of Loreto Montferri. It falls to the right (E) crosses the river to ford and Gaia back to Montferri. 14.00 km (225 m). Se in the middle of Montferri. It is left to the right (SE) access to the castle Rocamora and cross the village street in the direction of Major E. At the exit, turn left (N) and exit at the roundabout to access the town by road T-204. It happens to the other side and take the road to the left (NW) for a short stretch using the hard shoulder width. Front has left access to the modernist shrine Our Lady of Montserrat. 14.88 km (230 m). Abandoned the road and take the paved path that rises to the right (NE). 17.75 km (310 m). Entry to Rodonyà by Way of the Valls , it falls to the left (NE) Photograph of the street and leave the town in the direction N of the Virgin of Montserrat. It ends well, at the roundabout on the C-51, which will be left (NW) comprises stopping traffic. 19.95 km (313 m). Leave the road and turn right (N) to the asphalted road that crosses the AP-2 by a bridge. Immediately thereafter, on the other side, it twists left (O) by a dirt road that once made a zigzag, looks at NOT to go to Vila-round. Leaving the main track ahead turnoffs side on both sides. Near the village, the road tomb to the west, runs along the cemetery access to the center. 23.47 km (261 m). Vila-round. It flows into the street Vilardida, which continues to the right (N). Turn left off the first (O), and Henry Benedict Avenue Road or TP-2003, he leaves the village crossing the river by a bridge Gaia. Continue along the road to the roundabout at noon with TP-2002-2004 and the TV. Must cross it and, on the other side, turn right (N) for the TV-2004 towards the Plan de Santa Maria. 25.22 km (304 m). Abandoned the road and turn left (OS) for a track that crosses the AP-2 by a bridge. On the other side, turn right (NW) and follow the trail that runs parallel to the highway. Leave a turning left signposted as Alió Trail (26.60 km, 313 m) and, later, come out to another track where it runs the GR 172. 27.00 km (297 m). Track to Alió and GR 172. Continue to the left (OS) for that track, indicated by the GR, to Alió crossing at 29.12 km (268 m) is another track where the path C-PR 4. 30.53 km (260 m). Entry to Alió the street, crossing the town and follow signs GR, passed under an archway and down the street to leave the village of Pozo (NO / O). Continue along the path of the Way of Old Valleys, which is oriented towards the SW and leads to a bifurcation (31.15 km, 251 m) leaving a trail to the left (E), where it He GR, and a few meters further, there is another fork. Now it falls to N Way of the Clot. Further up the road turns left and looks to the west. The 32.71 kilometer (254 meters), is left to the left (E) a track that leads to Bovera and continues to the west. 33.12 km (253 m). A track joins the road to the left of the Clot. It falls to the right (N), is a big NO to the lacing and joins another track coming from the NE (34.00 km, 259 m). Take it to the left (OS), cross the road N-240 below (35.35 km, 235 m), the main track, to make Valleys, where it enters the 36.35 km (225 m) down the street from the Waterfront Station. Turn left and cross the railroad tracks below. On the other hand, it falls back to the left (OS) and now you are the starting point. 36.77 km (228 m). Square Station Valls. End of tour. Landmarks Church of St. Bertomeu Church bells of St. Bertomeu Way of Montferri Castell de Rocamora Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montserrat Montferri Counties: Alt Camp Distance: 36.77 miles Climb Slope: 445.0 m Descent Altitude: 445.0 m Signage: Partly 3 h 30 min Topics: Sport | Nature | Culture     Criteria of usage of these routes   See restaurants here See hotels here Source: Government of Catalonia. Directorate General of Tourism / Data Update: 24/03/2006 

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