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They begin dramatized visits in the graveyard general of Reus, coincided with All Saints

El Morell
They begin dramatized visits in the graveyard general of Reus, coincided with All Saints

Reus. Costa Dorada. Within intended acts for All the Santos this Friday 30 of October you will be able to visit the enclosure former of the Graveyard, following a dramatized itinerary that an unknown vision will give in history of the city. The more than 160 squares that were offered in these visits were quickly sold out. The visit is free. At the request of Serveis Funeraris Reus, the group's "members The From Madrid Gunwale» write and they perform the characters' dialogs that will accompany to visitors for the General Graveyard of Reus. The From Madrid Gunwale is born the summer of 2008 thanks to a group of students of the Theatre Schoolhouse of the Reading Center, that after having fulfilled several interpretation workshops are decided to give a step more and to create an own company. Guided visit The visit begins near the graveyard. Received by the god Time-trial stages and the reusense Peret of the Dalla, that with his hourglass and his scythe, he wants to remember the elusiveness of the time, visitors will be able to tour the part former from the Graveyard to the light of sails. Will Be strolled accompanied by improvised guidances that go explaining the history of some many funerary monuments. The Graveyard, in addition to saving important works of art, with neoclassic pieces, neoGothic, neoegípcies... that give faith of a recent past esplendoroso, with architects' works as a Luis Doménech i Muntaner, Jeroni F. Granell, Leandre Albareda or Josep Oriol Mestres, and sculptures that sign Placid Zuloaga, brothers Venaco and Agapito Vallmitjana and the reusenses Joan Rebull and Joan Roig, is a history source of the city. The Graveyard, is also a park of the city, where the recent art and history are mixed before the visitors' eyes. Dialogs of the guidances offer pinceladas of the architecture and in history of the cement. A made history of great feats, as which tell the General's mausoleum Prim, or those of anonymous soldiers of the heroes' chapel of Vilallonga and the Morell, of the industrial past as those of the pantheon Yglesia-Odena, of mausoleums as those of the Boule, Houses Bley, Abelló and Pratdesaba; of sepulturas of politicians and professionals as the Evarist Fàbregues, Joan Rebull, Macià Vila and other distinguished children of Reus. Of the monument to Sardà and Cailà that does possible the current graveyard thanks to the legacy of the fields in his will. A history, also, that remembers felt episodes in the life of families reusenques as the chapel Margenat or the mausoleum of the Xola, and of anonymous lives, that leave shelling during the route, as those of common graves, those of the pit of the civil war, relocated remains of the Graveyard of the Rosario or the sad figure that sits down in the middle of the pine tree forest.  

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