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Cal Tomàs

C/. Caseres, 13
43875 Bot
Cal Tomàs - Bot

Before the nineteenth century, the house was actually a crowd of several yards out of bounds and lots of the old. The need for the town to expand beyond these, so crossing the formerly existing portals (used to close the population and that they remain in place until the Second Republic), setting up new urban extensions , including the current street Hamlet, emerged in the early nineteenth century. Which today corresponds to Cal Thomas were originally two houses, one of which and guiding us to the dating of the gate that remains today was erected in 1853, on the other hand believe that it was built in a period similar prior to 1860, and we know also that long was a butcher. This period can stand the old "chimney" (fire) that can be seen even today, going up the stairs. But it was after the Civil War when the fate of the two houses was decided: on 2 September 1938, in one of the darkest episodes of the war, a projectile coming from a plane that looked a magazine located several streets above, struck one of the houses, destroying it partially. It was in this way, and during the war, both houses were reformed and became one, becoming what was known for a long time as Ca Benito. On 8 August 2002, Thomas bought the house with the idea to make that call to a rural Cal Thomas. Then the house was much work to be done and how the reforms are never easy work, had to squeeze his head. To try to find that work almost perfectly Pharaohs, restored house typical elements of traditional architecture of the area by adding an exotic touch with others (the wood of the wooden house is "Scotch "(tea) comes from the rafters of the roof of the Church of Waldo dating from the early eighteenth century, this presupposes the existence of the ancient wooden house to the size of the" Jacen "used as such in When pruning had to be at least 600 to 700 years). Finally, all efforts to give its fruit, and the house opened its doors at the end of 2004

Tags: costa dorada, el milà, farmhouses, rural tourism
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