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Salou / Diary / 4.Reus

Museums, magic and tradition

26 June 2013 20:00

Festival of Sant Pere Reus 2013.

Festival of Sant Pere in Reus 2013

On the third day of the festival include theater and works magic, and the traditional route correbars. See the complete program for Wednesday 26 June, full of events:


  • 10:00 to 12:00 pm at the Museum of Reus, in the space Llibertat Square, Casalet the festival! From 25 June to 28 individual days or every day. Each day a different activity and especially for all who wish to join, around the exhibition now we PARTY! It is essential to book in advance on 977 327 362.
  • 11:00 am at CARRILET MARKET , Kitchen aromatic, healthy and economical: Workshop cold soups, by the agritourism farm farmhouse Caret.
  • 13:00 am at Garden of Casa Rull, vermouth concert with students from the classroom Sons, we offer a sample of their students and interpretation of stable set and percussion. Is presented in concert format, where a large formation of pipers supplemented with all kinds of percussion, perform a repertoire that stands out as original and unusual. We hear from the original soundtracks of films known adaptations of popular themes, large format compositions and a suite of body percussion. With the collaboration of vermouth Miro.
  • At 18:00 am and 19:00 pm, the Museum of Reus - SPACE SANTA ANNA, guided tour of the Fortuny Exhibition, myth. For the general public. For more information and prices, the Museum of Reus Phone, 977,010,660. No need to book in advance.
  • 18:30, from the Casa Rull, out of the Canyon Festival parade. Music and pipes announcing the party!
  • 18:30 am at the Evaristo Fabregas Square, children's show, because if Maku, in charge of the company Picarols. Entertainment show that combines several disciplines, theater, live music (accordion, guitar and percussion), dance and games. Through music and the characters that appear, the audience will explore various funny situations.
  • 19:00, the town center, the Ox correbars Reus, with the Giants and the Cuban Duesaigues Giants Giants Institute Pere Mata, with musical accompaniment. Once the correbars in the market square, and delivery of the verses of Cap Carrier and droppings of the Ox. The correbars happen by following establishments: Despertaferro Tavern, Campus, Absinthe, caffeine, and end at Port Tavern Despertaferro. They can buy the tickets for drinks to the correbars.
  • 19:30 pm in the auditorium of the Reading Center, Presentation of the book Crisis of 1929 in Reus and region, Josep Bertran Cuders. Number 125 of the Publishing Center.
  • 20:00 am at the market square, the bodies, the third game tournament between teams of traditional festive elements of the city. The games that will be part of the competition are bowling, sack races, racing tapes, soaped the right. Thus, Reus and gets created or racing bodies, one of the most characteristic that had the Feast of St. Peter in the nineteenth century.
  • 21:00 pm in the Priory of Sany Peter, concert festival, Around the Juan Domingo Vidal (1735-1808), composer of concert works Reus, a performance by the choir Reus, NW Cor, Cor Calíope, Tempus Choir, and soloists and the orchestra of the Music Reading Center. 
  • 21:00, the gardens of Casa Rull, St. Pericu variety. Bravium Theatre presents a show featuring various exhibitions music, dance, theater ...
  • 21:00, the Fortuny Theatre, Papagnini performance of the play, of Yllana and Ara Malikian. Pagagnini together on the same plane, humor and madness of the company and a wonderful musical performance. Prices: 25 euros, 15 euros, 10 euros
  • 22:30 pm in Llibertat Square, humor, magic, dance and music in the magazine. This year, the show "In the entire 13 ... CRECE." If you want to spend an evening, do not miss this show that are sure to captivate you.

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